Ukrainian State Agency For Investment And National Projects Starts A Roadshow

with the primal goal to improve the investment image of Ukraine and to allocate the direct foreign investment why should investors be interested Ukraine? Currently the potential investor knows little of Ukraine, less of its market benefits than challenges. The aim of our media campaign is to turn the tables with such disproportion in information and to deliver the essential messages both to the key business elite representatives and the wide – ranging public. Ukraine is a transition to market economy state, with a significant investment potential and the highest rate of GDP growth in Europe in the last 10 years, caused by the favorable external conditions, increasing demand in the internal market and steadfast development of macroeconomic factors. The key advantages of Ukraine in the market are as follows: the beneficial geopolitical position, with granted access to the 3 strategic regional markets of EU, Russia and Asia. Moreover, via sea lanes Ukraine has means of connection with the Middle East region and 4 out of 10 European transportation routes pass through the of Ukraine territory. Ukraine is the 4th country with the highest Council of educated population and 5th in the rate of certified IT specialists, employed in the intellectual services. Which means that Ukraine owns vast labour resources paired with a lower-cost market of labour.

Yet another advantage of Ukraine is its potential in the agricultural industry approximately one third of the world’s fertile soils belong to Ukrainian territory, with 56% of the land mass having been determined as suitable for the agricultural use. Ukraine is a dynamically evolving consumer market. And by direct actions the state shows its determination to embrace the investors’ involvement in that given market and to promote such participation – in the first place, through number of legal initiatives. In Ukraine, investor has to opportunity to purchase a business, real estate, or any other child object of ownership (with on exception of farm lands and lands in agricultural use).