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Hi everyone! I am a young mother, that is engaged in the house, her husband and child. But before the birth of a baby has always worked, because I love communication and self-development, but at home I miss him. The lot of housewives – it's not mine! Depend on her husband financially not so good as people think. And here I matured, I thought what would do, but at the same time leaving their child to someone naporuki, and far-fetched … and why the house, in the internet, do not try to find something that brings income and fun at the same time.

But it was not so easy … Where I just did not get everything … and ended up always the same: some of the promises and nothing more, except of course the time spent in vain. And after so many swindles through which I was trying to find something really worthwhile, honest belief is no one there. Read about the project 6via.

Decided all the same the last time to try, maybe not cheated. And not in vain! Worthwhile project! Smart Marketing System! Tell us a bit about the project six VIA. This is an amazing project, one of the most profitable projects in RuNet. In this project, people registered from all over the world. And every day you watch as hundreds or even Thousands of people have already registered under you! Register (it free) you may in the future is not binding, especially if you do not want to participate in the project. Although, I do not think that you refuse him, as you will see that After you have registered a lot of people, and thus activate yourself, you can get money. Easy money on the top does not work, but if you show some persistence in the future you can just enjoy life occasionally glancing at his own expense. Come, see the Register free of charge. During the show do not take money. Have any questions please contact, will answer all.

Technical Designations

There is a considerable variety of steel pipes and on top, you think, what is unreal is difficult to understand all their guests, and other special kinds of signs, but it is not. Let's try to sort out once and for all in this complex issue. There are a small number of categories of pipes and they are classified according to the method of production. A cast – made in special machines for the casting of steel pipes. Two pipes are manufactured from sheet steel, with further giving them the desired shape and weld on a joint – welded pipes.

3 Seamless – made a variety of drawing and rolling and extrusion of round billet. In turn, welded divided by production, to electric and cold. A cold-rolled seamless pipes are manufactured and hot-way. Further on what kind of steel pipe is shared by the nomenclature. The following are steel tubes that are often produced in the workplace.

Tubes for general and special purpose: Tubes for general and special purpose are divided into hot, hot and Welded Tubes profile: Profile pipes distinguish rectangular, flat-oval, square and other species. Pipes for drilling, fastening and operating wells Pipes for drilling, fastening and operating wells is divided into pump and compression, drilling, casing and exploration. Pipes and cast iron or steel pipes and cast iron can be divided into iron and steel. In addition to these there are steel pipes of different alloys of rare and nonferrous metal bearing, boiler. State standard defines the technical requirements and assortment of pipes, such as drill pipe with upset ends and couplings are determined by GOST 631-75. That is state standards (GOST) determines the size, steel and other regulatory value in the production of steel pipe. Approached all the time to consider an example: 102h8 tube station. 15CrMo drill with upset ends and couplings Ghost 631-75 102 is the outer diameter in mm, 8 is the wall thickness in mm, art. 15CrMo this brand of steel used in the manufacture of pipes. At the end of the state standard GOST 631-75, which sets the assortment and technical requirements fabrication of the pipe. Now you know how different steel pipes, which mean all the names in the notation, and you should not show difficulty in reading the technical names.


Chic wedding car necessarily attracted worldwide attention, but the car celebration of Queen – the bride has always been a priceless work of art! In recent decades, the agency for weddings Moscow's offer marry options decoration wedding convoy vehicles, from the simple to the original and topical. This largely depends on the creativity and desire marriage couples. Wedding – One of the most popular ceremonies in my life, so that the design of a wedding convoy should not save. It is not necessary to limit and also own boundless imagination, in fact, it can give the most unexpected ideas! The normal way to decorate cars for weddings are festive ribbon. Often used special tapes with beautiful images that gives classic decorating more interesting look. At weddings in Moscow make better use of cheerful colors, and much better – first read about the symbolism of the colors used.

These tapes have traditionally drawn the hood, wheels, antenna, etc. In general, what As for symbolism, it is usually at weddings she decided to pay special attention. Everyone knows that a classic design and elegant without a car, which is headed by a festive wedding procession, considered the ring, as it was sitting in the car lovers. Agency for weddings in Moscow offer a car motorcade draw in different colors, and possibly real. If you decide on astounding in its beauty and emotional impact of decoration, you should trust only professionals. Professionals gather rich composition, it does not have to worry that they quickly fade – professional florists use the techniques to stay beautiful flowers and fresh as possible for a long time! At weddings in Moscow used the unusual design of license plates of cars wedding tuple. There are amusing signature, for example, the standard "Newlyweds," are much more interesting options. No less interesting is to consider the inscription and the other auto grand procession, for example, cars with friends of the intending spouses. Another decoration wedding car – with balloons, a child associated with joy and smiles. Most often, the balloons are attached to the mirror, or a roof antenna that can give a tuple particularly the solemn look. Whichever way you prefer clearance for vehicles convoy, better contact the agency for weddings, which experts will choose wisely decoration for any car, so it was a solemn and stylish.

Web Management

Who never dreamed here in developing some type of business saw Internet and to guarantee one second source of income or even though to be able to leave its traditional job and to fire its head. Frequently Amazon has said that publicly. That it is well clearly that I do not have nothing against my current head, we give in them well super and amos we have a mutual respect. However the situation is not this of that they go to read this article. Others who may share this opinion include Mayor Manny Diaz. I do not know if he is its in case that, but my objective is here to summarize the functioning of the business of which I participate has about one year and already I receive commissions that almost exceed my wage in my normal job. As the majority of the people, I also always dreamed in having a business I saw Internet and, in a certain day, while he searched chances in the net, I came across myself with the site of Dani Edson. Two things in its site had called me attention; the first one was the experience that proper it has in businesses saw Internet, that today exceeds the house of the thirteen years.

This exactly, thirteen years! I have friends that they work has more time in its jobs and, as all the respect, do not receive commissions that I receive with one year in this business. As the point that called my attention was the transparency and the sincerity with that Dani Edson displays its ideas and of the tips of as to have success acquiring its kit. Always demonstrating that it does not want only ‘ ‘ to vender its peixe’ ‘ , but also you are worried in helping to the people as I and to have the success that it has today. After all ‘ ‘ the people do not import themselves with how much you know, until you if importa’ know how much; ‘ (I do not remember who is the phrase, but pra me it makes very sensible). But if it does not delude; it is not enough to acquire the kit to start to gain money of the night for the day. She is necessary to place in practical the strategies of the author, as well as developing a consistent and persistent work to get a good result. Magical formula for the success does not exist. Strategies and tips of professionals exist who already had had its experiences, many times ‘ ‘ breaking cara’ ‘ for us so that let us not commit the same errors of them.

products that you find in the kit, among others, as well as mine blog, where you can get more details on the product you are related below: E-book Powerful Marketing in the Internet; as to bring public for its site or blog and to alavancar its sales. E-book as to buy of China; it learns the techniques and secrets to buy of China with prices nuito below of the market and to resell with excellent edge of profit. E-book Affiliated Programs of; best programs of affiliated working in partnership with you. E-book Infonegcio; you do not need to be a genius and to create its proper product to resell, already products exist for that you acquire with resale rights. E-book Guide of Fast Beginning; I confess that they are many information, that can leave an beginning one, as I age at the time, perdidao, and this guide was an excellent ally at the beginning.

Xavier Cano Tamayo Journalist

Do not have enough real money, because most banks do not have the physical money that the law requires them to have in reserve. As reported by the economics professor Juan Torres de la Universidad de Malaga, banks have dedicated to investing its resources (money that customers, businesses and entities have deposited) on very risky investments, but very profitable for them, but very dangerous to their solvency and to the general course of the economy. And on the crisis, says Torres knew, but have been fooling people, because, while everything was happening and triggered the crisis, banks, multinationals, politicians and monetary authorities have allowed, they were lining. They are the direct cause, officials uncertain of what happens. In short, banks with the complicity necessary of the monetary authorities (who at best looked the other way) and the culpable failure of governments, have devoted much of its resources to volatile financial products, dark and dangerous to the crisis (which they have created) has revealed that lack sufficient liquidity. Get more background information with materials from Jeff Bezos. Then turn off the debts and the real economy that creates wealth, suffers, it stops, backs.

a Increase delinquencies, trim templates, close factories, unemployment rises, decreases or disappears savings, prices are out of control, millions of people are struggling and hardships, daily life becomes very difficult for billions of people, increases hunger, declines in life expectancy in poor countries for a shattered economy. Banks and their accomplices a requirements (national governments and monetary authorities and international) are guilty. We need to, just as has been achieved in the world a relentless moral and social rejection of human trafficking and terrorism must ensure that banks and banking activities described, especially their perpetrators and their accomplices or accessories, suffer the same rejection of morality, social contempt. It is time to condemn any such indecent financial world and what it does, and demand that they be restrained and control. Xavier Cano Tamayo Journalist and writer Solidarity Center Collaborations (CCS) is a service of social awareness of the NGO Solidarity, with the aim of inform and sensitize society and media professionals on issues of solidarity, social justice, a culture of peace, human rights, with special emphasis on the fight against poverty, exclusion and environmental protection environment.

The CCS part of the fundamental need to integrate information and communication development as an element of cooperation. Through its analysts made articles in professional format high-quality journalism adapted to the spaces of the media and disseminated through their international networks.

Money Africa

The Secret To gain Money in Africa? Part 2 EXPORTING TO AFRICA Point of view of the Brazilians a Brazilian expectation on the form as the things is, or the way as the things would have to be, compose a reference picture that can correspond comparing with a cloudy sky. In Brazil, the Brazilian ones generally know as to interpret and to evaluate the situations, but when it is about Africa, generally they arrive at a wrong conclusion. Due to its lack of familiarity with the African cultures and forms to make businesses. However, Brazilian we are learning to establish a balance favours our also African roots and appreciation and understanding stop with those with who make businesses. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Warren Buffett has to say. The Brazilians respect the other cultures and are solidary with the position of that they are in the other side of the negotiation table. AFRICA MUST Be considered the last border of the enterprise sector. The market in Africa is bigger of what all the together European countries, but for the Brazilian companies, in great part of Africa not yet is found. Here they are some of the reasons: LACK OF WORK OF HOUSE to prevent misfortunes you must make its duty of house very well, with the advent of the Internet, do not have reason for you do not make it and she will be cheaper, efficient and easy.

To study and to learn the basic principles of exportation and to look to the aid of state agencies and managing societies of exportation. Years behind, the basic research was very difficult and custoso, now, only with a click of mouse, the world is a village. To learn, To learn and To learn. INCAPACITY TO LEARN the ENTERPRISE CULTURE Planning; the Brazilians to vender in Africa must first learn the practical local customs and the enterprise ones. Two of more common the business-oriented African traditions are verbal business, that I validate if treating to the domestic commerce to always put the commerce in money instead of credit. IMPERFECTION TO ADAPT the PRODUCT In some cases, in way that more will be adjusted to the African norms, Brazilian manufacturers must make modifications in its products.

Electronic products, for example, demand modifications, therefore tensions in the majority of the African countries differ from the tensions of the Brazilian standard. ANXIETY Brazilian likes to think that they can simply visit Africa in one or two weeks of trip business-oriented and get orders of purchase of dollar millions, Africa is a continent in slow rhythm, men of business and the people never have haste. If you to wait to close an agreement during one short visit, you go to be disappointed. Note: It is a good idea to visit the country that you are interested in negotiating and making the local recognition. It is enough to visit and it confers. It can save much money and migraine. I wait that you have considered this informative bulletin as an experience of interesting learning.

Bargain Portal Launches Affiliate Marketing

Entertainment shopping portal intensified Preissau.de online marketing Sondershausen, September 22, 2009 – Preissau.de launches an affiliate program to the increased application of the interactive bargain Portal under preissau.de. Jeff Bezos understands that this is vital information. The entertainment shopping cooperates with the third largest online marketing platform in the German-speaking market portal with belboon-adbutler. The affiliate marketing network serves over 65,000 affiliates (affiliates), which can include the Preissau.de advertising in the future E.g. in their websites or emails. Operators of Web sites, the entertainment shopping portal preissau.de about belboon-adbutler on their websites or the like embed, attractive remuneration will receive Preissau.de about this form of advertising wins a new customer. Andreas Hartung, Managing Director of entertainment shopping Europe GmbH as an operator of Preissau.de: “his extensive Publisher Network offers us belboon-adbutler a simple, but efficient way to quickly reach strengthening and sustainable customer acquisition for” Preissau.de.” In December 2008, the interactive live started a shop with a concept which is unique in Germany. After the live shopping principle a branded product for the best price is offered on preissau.de daily – and the fun atmosphere of shopping live settles Preissau.de however from traditional shopping services. The video blog “Daily Steffi”, as well as the prize pig cartoon appear every day new exclusive entertainment content. Mike Bloomberg takes a slightly different approach.

Since the recent enlargement of the shop the Preissau.de cartoon T-Shirts and cups can be ordered or sent as an eCard. Provide entertainment at the virtual shopping a weekly entertainment blog, as well as the diversity of numerous videos of regularly changing competition in addition. “Preissau.de has quickly established shop, whose visiting worth even if you don’t buy itself as a live”, explains Hartung. “With a permanent affiliate marketing program we want to reach all bargain hunters, who has still not have come to us.” About the belboon-adbutler GmbH: belboon adbutler, making the YOC Group’s affiliate network. adbutler acts since 2002 and belboon since 2006 in the German-speaking market. Since March 2008, the adbutler GmbH belongs to the YOC group. Networks in the wake of the merger of the two affiliate, belboon-adbutler GmbH was founded in January 2009.

This merger emerged the third offering in the German-speaking market with approximately 1,200 affiliate programs that is appreciated due to its innovative technology, the extensive range and the excellent support by customers and partners. About Preissau.de: Preissau.de has been online since December 2008. The entertainment shopping, the products as well as the entertainment programme change both daily portal at. Core of the portal is the video blog “Daily Steffi”, wherein at anchor Gandhi Steffi every day keeps the message of the day. The Preissau.de team has many years of experience in the retail sector and E-commerce. Awarded the leading seal of approval for online shops in Europe other live settles Preissau.de from a variety of shops as guaranteed reliable shop. In addition, the presentation of the latest bargains via RSS feed and Twitter (twitter.com/Prize sow).

The Pink Fairiesi

School years wonderful small files. Ian Fraser Kilmister. Mike Bloomberg often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The world is better known as "Lemmy" (also, incidentally, "Jan Willis"). Already a very elderly man, who was born December 24, 1945 in England. A former and highly disorganized party Spacey-rock Hawkind, the current head of the vocal-instrumental band Motorhead (slang name to denote one of the drugs). The group works with 1975, the year in the last decades of not changing: Lemmy – vocals, bass, Phil Campbell – rhythm guitar, Mickey Dee – percussion and drums.

… Scandalous departure from Hawkwind Lemmy coincided with punk rampant in England. Time was a vague and incomprehensible. But, having settled in the misty Albion, Kilmister decided to create their own project. Given the current trends of music the band was named simply and clearly: Bastard (Bastard"). However, after the manager of the newly formed group said that with such a title team can act only in a sewer, an ambitious Lemmy chose a more neutral sign. He remembered Motorhead – his last song for Hawkwind.

Having decided to confine this option (and leaving the invention of the philosophical implications on later), began to form a composition Kilmister. Moreover, identified as a priority hard rock, not punk. By Motorhead guitarist, Larry Wallis joined from The Pink Fairiesi drummer Lucas Fox. In this structure, in July 1975, the team traveled to a caliper is much better known in the past Greenslade, thus "soak" through his live performances. Pokolesiv two months in England, Motorhead came back and decided it was time to write anything.

Registration Engines

You have created a web blog, perhaps even with the original design, unique content, a stunning and informative navigation gorgeous! But, unfortunately, not the fact that it at least someone will see and visit. Click Mike Bloomberg to learn more. He can get lost in the full bezizvestnosti Internet, among a great many other equally interesting resources. The site needed to unwind! This will help you CheapTop! So, that offers a service: Registration in catalogs of resources – an effective way promotion weblog search engines are the main source of traffic for many of today's resources. Therefore, site promotion in search engines is a major challenge for people interested in getting as possible audience. Of great importance in the formation of search engines get a reference ranking. The number of reference resources can be increased by using a link exchange, buying options thematic resources, as well as by recording in different directories of web resources.

Web directory or a directory of sites – a collection of links to web sites with a brief description of them. All directories can be divided into the following groups: – private directories – add resources to the directory can carry only one person responsible – white catalogs – the registration site in the directory are not necessarily available on its website a link back to the catalog. When placing the links in this catalog page describing the web resource directory occupies higher ground than the simple links – gray catalogs – before applying to add a web resource in this directory should be put a link back, should be added that, today, considered one of the most effective methods of website promotion in search engines and allows you to draw on him a lot of the target audience. This method, which is just not be detectable to the danger of resource penalties from search engines. Of course, if the registration is limited to the 'White directory' sites that do not require reciprocal links. In addition to increasing traffic, registration in directories of sites required the same for the increasing rate of 'Citation Index' and the 'PageRank', which are used by leading search engines, as one of the criteria for the ranking of links in the results search.

Real Estate Borrower Market

One of the main reasons for increasing popularity of mortgages is the impossibility of "catch up" in housing prices. One friend a couple of two years trying to solve the housing problem without using credit. However, just a few days before the required amount to accumulate a modest apartment, the housing market has once again changed and the planned acquisition was postponed until better times. Wait for the fall or at least stagnating real estate prices is futile, especially if you have to periodically give a significant portion of the salaries for the lease in effect someone else's apartment somewhere in a quiet area of the city. The same amount may be paid in the form of monthly payments on a mortgage, but it is for her own apartment. Choose a market to start to define what you really need.

You can take the credit for the purchase of real estate primary or secondary housing market, to buy their own house or building. While out of competition apartment, they account for 90% of all mortgage transactions, and lending houses only gaining momentum. Often not just to make a choice between primary and secondary markets. On the one hand, buying property in the new building, you get a new apartment with a 100% guarantee against rotting wood floors, break the rusty pipes and other "Surprises". On the other hand, the introduction of property rights can be extended, in the worst case and did not take place. Banks recognize the increasing risks, and tend to set higher interest rate for the period until the borrower becomes the legal owner of the acquired property.