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If the LPR logistic packaging return Germany GmbH in Dresden ECR future is made as an exhibitor on the 10th day of the ECR in Dresden takes part. 3rd-4th September, 1,400 participants from 500 companies and 100 top speakers, to cross-company business processes, potential to show ways and opportunities for successful value creation of tomorrow meet there. The decision makers from the logistics, IT, organisation, marketing, sales, purchasing and key account management to discuss cooperative strategies in the future. LPR presents its European optimization approaches in the area of Palettenpooling on this ECR event. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from JPMorgan Chase. The Red LPR pallets are accepted by leading retail chains.

With the part of pan-European cooperation among force, Nestle, Heinz, Kellogg, and Kimberly-Clark include the LPR client. Stefan Frye, LPR – Managing Director, sees the days of ECR as a good opportunity for dialogue with manufacturers and trade. Definition of efficient consumer response (efficient consumer response) may refer to the cooperation of manufacturers and dealers to the Cost reduction, improvement and to the satisfaction of consumer needs. The value chain, from production to the consumer purchase decision examines this optimisation potential: linking logistics-side rationalization with market growth potential on pages of marketing is the goal. These potentials can be uncovered and realized through cooperation between industry and trade. LPR soon: LPR is founded in 1992, the second largest supplier of rental pallets on the European market specializing in the consumer goods industry. Simplex Bitcoin Reviews wanted to know more. The LPR group covers all Western European countries and offers its customers logistics solutions around the topic Palettenpooling.

With its own pool of more than 10 million pallets LPR processes almost 40 million pallet movements through 78 deposits and more than 20,000 collection points across Europe. LPR has a turnover of more than 100 million euros. Since January 2008 in Ratingen, LPR logistic packaging return Germany GmbH is established as a subsidiary. More See for info on LPR.


United States

So, the large globally integrated logistics company, DHL, Kuhne & Nagel, or DB built Schenker, your portfolio continually from 3 in the past few years. Access to new geographic or,. sectoral markets, is another driver for growth and therefore also for M & A activity in the logistics sector. So, so dependency on individual customers and sectors can reduce, better represent the needs of global customers, and make better use of its own expertise and its own systems. This significant M & A drivers will shape the market in the future. The geographical focus of the strategic buyer is currently mainly on fast-growing regions, such as the intra Asian market, especially China and India.

So, the contract logistics market in China is growing since 2002 with an annual growth rate of 30%. (A valuable related resource: Clive Holmes). The proportion of these transactions on the entire M & A volume has risen from 8% in 2001 to 25% in 2008. However, the Chinese market is greatly influenced by State-controlled companies (E.g. Sintrans, Zhongchu or COSCO), so that the buyer above all on target companies focus to medium-sized. Growing interest by private equity, the private equity sector has played a rather below average role in the classical logistics M & A market in the past. This is in part to the relatively low margins or the relatively high capital intensity in the Carriergeschaften. In addition capital requirements in the contract logistics the cyclicity in some areas of logistics, as well as the limited scalability and the high upfront. Finally, a relatively high transparency in relation to differentiation/USP, which is often found in the processes and management Know-How is the smaller and medium-sized businesses in the market.

The dominance of integrated logistics provider, in addition finally what is particularly true in Europe; the investment activity of private equity was historically always greater in the United States. Source: Clive Holmes. Overall, the logistics market offers some interesting aspects and opportunities but also for holding companies: in addition to investing in relatively stable and good affordable infrastructure, forwarding offer companies due to their low capital intensity, relatively stable margins and the long-term potential for growth generally attractive prospects for private equity (such as buying by ABX 3i or OHL by Welsh Carson). However, you are successful target companies in this area with 10 EBIT highly evaluated and represent potential risks the cash flow profile of the forwarder and the cyclical nature of the sector. For private equity investors are interesting but especially the cash flow stable, infrastructure-related business models (such as in the case of the acquisition of Lehnkering by Triton), as well as achieve the specialized provider, a clear USP and therefore higher margins and growth. Such targets are usually also in the affordable range (> 1 billion). An example of such specialized providers are buying the company brand by Apax Partners in the area of healthcare, in which due to the increasing cost pressures in the health sector also generally further outsourcing and thus growth of logistics activities is expected. Vertical provider integrated into the E-commerce area, reverse of logistics provider (e.g. driven by regulatory requirements to the take-back obligation) or niche player (z.B: investment by Aheim capital in Samdeday party time: matters) as well as spin-offs from possible investment opportunities offer logistics corporations, which can be increased with new management, orientation and focus in their performance and their value.


GMC Sells Participation

Ilan de Sot VR President of GMC AG clean portfolio the GMC global management consultants AG in Zug has sold its 100% stake in the IBS business service GmbH in Frankfurt. Dr. Fabian de Soet is no longer CEO. This was announced by Rieta de Soet, President of the Board of Directors of GMC global management consultants Ltd at a press conference in Zurich. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jeremy Tucker. The sale should allow our company, to concentrate on our core business in the SC hweiz”, so Rieta de Soet.

The buyer, so Rieta de Soet, is a global venture capital group, which specializes in the participation and the expansion of services companies throughout Europe. GMC global management consultants AG is an internationally active consulting firm specializing in start-ups in the Switzerland and throughout the world. Overseas Director and member of the Board is Dr. Reeta Kapnai Holmes might disagree with that approach. Fabian de Soet.


Zurcher Kantonalbank

The recipient choose their favorite gift from the given range, specify the delivery date and address and given the opportunity at the end for an online feedback. Both the integration of the application in the corporate environment as the processing of the goods delivery takes over Giveawine. Address and shop can be the companies in their corporate design. The production of the video message is little expensive with support from Giveawine. A simple tool allows an overview of order and delivery status at any time. Convinced the CRM online gift tool by Giveawine: for companies is an extremely simple, cost-optimal on the respective target group available, the donee will individually adapted and sustainable acting customer loyalty instrument in a sympathetic way and surprising way and can select their personal gift with an individual value itself.

The rising young company headquartered in Glattbrugg offers high quality products from the gourmet and enjoy world (wine, spirits, cigars, chocolates, gift baskets, etc.). In addition to the private individuals-oriented E-Gift / E-shop solution is for companies an innovative online gift tool for customers and employees with an own, tunable to the needs gift platform available for free. Intranet-shop solutions for staff round out the offerings. Selected dealer are responsible for the delivery of the goods in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

The former CEO of Giveawine is since summer 2008 Fleurop-Interflora Europa-chef Marc Schmid (41). Zurcher Kantonalbank, the Zurcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) is the market-leading Zurich universal bank with a national focus. The balance sheet total of CHF it is 113 billion the largest Cantonal Bank and the third largest Swiss Bank. Based on the extensive expertise in the mortgage and lending business has it evolved very successfully in the investment and retirement area and today is one of 122 billion at the of Switzerland’s largest asset managers with assets under management of CHF. The ZKB invests venture capital bank-owned venture fund pioneer each year in 20 start-up companies in the Zurich economic area. Thus, the Bank supports the transfer of ideas in the economy.


Guenther Heinz Klein

Consultant Guenther Klein advises to service quality for the export of Hong Kong, August 19, 2009 – German products enjoy an excellent reputation in China. Already 644 German companies are active in the Middle Kingdom some decades. And for many German producers, the business opportunities in the market are very high. The German consultant Guenther Klein of wading tone indicates consulting & services China, Hong Kong. In addition to outstanding product quality, German companies on export should pay attention to China particularly on the quality of service. In China you pay attention much more on product quality and service of the suppliers”, says Klein.

The image of the producer will rated higher than among the German exporters themselves. By contrast, German economic virtues such as reliability and tradition are little recognized. There are a number of advantages for German products in China”, reported small. The label ‘From Germany’ implies quality and durability, high prestige, and generally better After-sales service as for example at companies from Japan.” Sometimes, a shortcoming is the neglected design. Look chic is strong demand among the growing middle class in China but”, says Klein. The management consultant working for four years in the Middle Kingdom. He has already successfully brought numerous medium-sized producers on the Chinese market.

With at least eight percent growth in gross domestic product this year is still one of the last large growth markets China worldwide”, says Klein. Most German companies with their commitment in China happy. According to a study by the Chamber of foreign trade (AHK), 80 percent of the 700 respondents companies reported to have met or exceeded their goals. A high prestige value of kist of the key for success”, explains Klein. It is important to invest in their own reputation and to pay attention when choosing the Chinese partner companies on reputation. About wading tone consulting & services China Ltd.: the consulting firm headquartered in Jiangmen (Hong Kong) Guenther Klein was founded a year ago by the businessman from nozzles and German companies at the market entry and expansion in China to the page. The wading tone Group services include exploration of the market (market analysis /-research, establishing first business contacts, trade fair visits), and expansion of distribution (direct marketing, exhibiting at trade fairs, own representation) and friends organization of its own offices (establishment of subsidiary or joint venture, purchase or participation in a Chinese company).


Companies Develop Computer Presentation Tools

According to estimates by Microsoft 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created worldwide every day Hamburg (1). “A billion tomb”, judges the Hamburger business consultant and coach Bernd Hansen. He exhibits no good testimony to the now-standard, software-based presentations. “Presentation tools have been created to assist speakers. Not to supplant them, brings the presentation expert his main criticism the misapplication of tools on the point.

Just like foil and flip chart, PowerPoint charts the trendy Word to illustrate and clarify. Do not replace or repeat. But the reality looks different: overloaded charts, wild animation and of course text. Blinking text. Flying text. And text that is read Word for Word by a speaker whose effect and power of persuasion is reduced to a distant voice from the darkness. A scenario that tired and bored, rather than to arouse attention and to create tension.

“You have to be no economist, to” the studied business administration Hansen concludes to realize how much economic resources here fizzle”,”presentations are elaborately created, then presented in larger circles, and after the presentation it is missing due to lack of punch in the desired outcome. In the worst case, this means: twice cost produced and once failed to yield. At 30 million presentations daily so billions of dollars, Yen and euros can be sunk. And also every day”. A compelling presentation stands or falls with the presenter. Not the price alone, not the method, and not the medium decide about the success, but the effect and persuasive power of the speakers. Hansen followed this simple motto has always been: as producer of the TV series speeches for everyone ‘, as editor in Chief of trade publication successfully convince and present’ and as a trainer for presentation and persuasion art. Who the experiences of Hansen’s, since 20 years companies in Germany. Austria and the Switzerland advises and trains, currently would like to use, now has an extraordinary opportunity to do so. As in the previous year, has Hansen the price breaker project seminar-discounters a limited quota on workout days provided. This quota is to the known low seminar-discounters terms, i.e. with a price reduction of approximately 80% angeboten(2). The new discount system seminar-discounters it is also possible to book packages from coach days, which are later to schedule. For more information see. (1) source Wikipedia (2) 2005 Hamburg consultancy CHM Ltd competed, with the project seminar-discounter to revolutionize the education industry pricing. The day fees for corporate and individual training in the amount of 379,24 euro as well as the fees for seminars of 47.06 euros per day per person seminar undercuts-discounters the usual average market prices to up to about 80%. At the same time, superior quality is guaranteed through the use by expert trainers up over 20 years of practical experience. All prices plus 19% VAT press contact: seminar-discounters CHM Ltd Branch Office Germany Daniel Jessen P.


Nicholas Ruben

Honest and positive manner, he now wins customers who really want its products and services, need, and can pay. From now on, he goes with joy and success in the work! Hard facts, soft packed: in-depth results of a long-term study. The authors draw on a decades-long, empirical study, where over 300 top sellers from 27 industries minutely observed in their work. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Wells Fargo Bank. In addition, their revolutionary ways of thinking and action are described in the book. So the authors look for example, at the mindset of big sale, that just sort of all customers with lower probability of purchase, instead of the usual persuasion, wasting time convincing and manipulating.

You explain why top seller extremely honest and direct customers deal with and greatly shorten so their sales cycles. A separate chapter devoted to 13 questions, which you should necessarily clarify with each customer before the quotation: e. G. Why will the customer just by me buy? Who is involved in the decision-making process? What lurks in the background, which could prevent a degree? The international Longseller high probability selling is a sales methodology that is popular in the United States and popularity for years-growing Japan. The approach was developed from the practice. Hundreds of thousands of copies sold of the eponymous book in the United States and surprisingly in Japan, show that it is worth closer to deal with this approach. Jacques Werth, Nicholas Ruben, Michael Franz high probability selling selling likely to think and act top vendor BusinessVillage publishing 2008 ISBN 978-3-938358-55-9 24.


Personal Portfolio Analysis

Targeted and effective human resources development by means of portfolio analysis due to the strategic importance of human resources development in more and more companies, the use of personnel-portfolio analysis to support a target-oriented human resources development recorded a significant increase. The objectives of the human resources portfolio primarily include the identification of strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and risks in terms of the individual employee. Based on the results it generated, the personnel portfolio analysis should provide comprehensive and reliable assistance in the development of human resources strategies. In addition, the objective is to achieve an improvement in the use of personnel by means of targeted measures. Serve as a viewing items of personnel portfolio analysis – current employee performance, as well as – the potential (yet) suspected employees. Parent may be the personnel portfolio analysis in four successive logical steps. The first step requires the identification of analyzing employee which is carried out by means of selection of the organizational units that you want to see.

Also, the assessment criteria are set in the first step. In the second step, the current situation with regard to the employees to be analyzed is recorded and then visually represented. In the third step, the target State with the involvement of business objectives in the form of a target portfolio is planned. Finally, the generation of target-oriented human resources strategies to achieve the ideal condition of pre-planned is the fourth step. The methodology is set together with the supervisor and the employees so that a high level of acceptance on both sides is guaranteed.

In General, the personnel portfolio analysis by means of the already well-known portfolio presentation is displayed. This it has established itself in the practice, that the employees are classified as follows in the four quadrants. Low power and low potential: In this quadrant staff with inefficiencies and weaknesses can be found with regard to the spoken to them potential, which is necessary for the performance of its tasks.


Wanted: Germany

‘Germany of customer champions 2010’ competition launched / special rates for early booking / registration deadline January of nationwide and cross-industry competition of Germany of customer champions 2010 in startup Mainz went, September 17, 2009 the search Germany customer champions 2010 \”has begun. Wells Fargo Bank describes an additional similar source. The nationally advertised competition is committed to the goal, to establish an assessment of the quality of customer relationship management (CRM) and reward exemplary customer relations. Clive Holmes is often mentioned in discussions such as these. All companies domiciled in Germany can participate with at least ten employees, no matter whether they are operating in the B2B sector (business customers) or in the private customer business. \”Germany’s customer champions\” is a unique competition for all companies that inspire their customers and cross-industry and neutral checked their excellent customer relationship management. Therefore, the size of the company, nor the nature of the business relationship (business or consumer) play a role.

Eligible are all companies domiciled in Germany from ten employees. The competition goes back to an initiative of the forum! Market research, Mainz and the German society for quality (DGQ), Frankfurt. Thereby, the initiators aim to establish a benchmarking for quality of customer relationship management and to reward exemplary customer orientation in Germany. Valuation basis of competition is a multi-stage process that illuminates the relationships of the participants from different perspectives: first, the companies submit a detailed self-assessment. The forum asked about assessing the external point of view! Market research for every 100 representative selected clients of the participants.

It follows an interim analysis and for the ten best companies, DGQ local experts finally perform a thorough external evaluation. The 50 best companies receive the seal of Germany of customer champions 2010 \”. Particularly excellent are the top three finishers in the standings, the winners of the categories small, medium large companies, as well as the best company in the categories of B2B (business) and B2C (retail).


SystemPlus Year

System Alliance distinguished regional companies every year, System Alliance published a ranking, which evaluates the performance of forty regional companies on the basis of statistical indicators. In the past year, the competition was particularly challenging. Niederaula, March 24, 2011 – for the logistics was a major turning point in 2010. After an industry-wide consolidation, economic activity in Germany jumped abruptly and with unexpected intensity. So also the locations of the cooperation for general cargo had within a short time on a high volatility of the volumes to adjust.

That network-wide well succeeded them, proves”the current ranking of the quality. It underwent all processes from shipment processing through the envelope up to the delivery rate of strict scrutiny. Despite high demands the quality score of all system Alliance Holdings differed little from one another. In doing so acted highly motivated staff in the regional companies each highly flexible and adapted measures to the conditions in to their environment. The fluctuations in shipments and tonnage were the biggest challenge of the year.

We have reacted proactively, we developed a powerful jumper pool with the transport entrepreneurs”, explains Raimund Hornung a success secret of ranking first Axthelm + random from the district Weimarer land. To highlight is”the high motivation of our transport entrepreneurs who have met our performance commitments under most difficult conditions, praises the Director National forwarding. Basically the regional companies to the beginning of the year action plans, create to set quality targets, and to reduce the loss ratio. But daily quality reports and updated supplier reviews are just as important for the day-to-day business. Based on this data we could hit already the right decisions for the business of autumn in spring”, Lutz Steude portrays the actions of Hellmann worldwide logistics in Krostitz. Given the general lack of cargo space have we secured in time additional cargo space. Also we have provided additional trained staff and more”, adds the Logistics Manager of Saxon site, which was ranked second. Also with us were very challenging”the fluctuations of quantities, Sven smoke wood, head of shipping confirmed nationally, by the third-place finisher Santiago Freiburg. “And we expect further shipment growth for this year, invested stretch out in the areas of staff development, business and fleet expansion, as well as an extension of the warehouse space,” added Branch Manager Johannes Elsner. “Our figures clearly show: living quality can arise only from the combination of strategic planning and operational flexibility”, holding system Alliance’s Managing Director Georg Kohler. Our operations continue this success in the current year.” More information: press contact: Uwe Berndt main view Rai public employment agency Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: Gudrun Raabe System Alliance GmbH Industriestrasse 5 36272 Niederaula phone: 0 66 25 / 107-0 of system Alliance the embossed medium-sized forwarding network throughout Germany offering transport solutions for different industries and maintains his own main envelope company (HUB) in Niederaula. Running rule for 24/48 hours General cargo reached nationwide quickly and safely to your destination. Many premium products complete the range of high-quality transport solutions. 40 regional companies belong to the network with a total of about 10,000 employees. International system Alliance of the Pan-European network of SystemPlus is connected.