Internet Business

Get conversions conversions is to convert prospects to customers. J.P. Morgan may also support this cause. Or that people who have visited our site and have subscribed to our database, then, we can sell you a product. It is estimated that every 100 visits specific conversion. If we consider that we can generate 100 visits per day and we specify the sale of a product that leaves a profit of us$ S 50 would be winning by month U$ S 50 x 30 = U$ S 1,500 degrees. Why is it advisable to dominate conversions? It is very important to learn all the techniques to position itself with a product but only that we pursue is the CONVERSION. The conversion is ultimately the fact of winning money. In addition, when one dominates like converting prospects to customers, the secret or technique may apply in any activity in any product in any country. On the internet having success in the art of selling, means to have power, and this generates more money because business with others who want to take advantage of our spread in the network are presented.

Success on the internet = Technology + psychology this formula is key on the internet. It is as important one factor as another. Technology is everything that represent tools to reach people. Psychology is to learn to understand the needs of people and how to get to convince them that our products will end up being of help for this problem or that desire that needs to reach. Considerations when selling do not SPAM the first rule which must not violate is the carry out SPAM. In addition to not serve for anything the fact of sending unsolicited mail, we can be penalized by search engines and by the same people who want to sell you.

Do not try to sell the second is wanting to sell to people. Although our objective is the sale, we must never do so forcibly because we get the opposite results. We must gain the confidence of people and indirectly, sell our products. We create custom sales letters do not can rely on the page of the author in the case of an affiliate product sale since those pages have them also our competition and not would be attractive to anyone visiting it. We need to create strategies to make people buy from us before that to others. The conversions there are three main components 1. Our Web pages 2 sales pages. Own blog post content 3. Contact permanent original author and source of the article