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This time we will carry out the process for resetting counter on a Canon Printer IP-8500, one of the characteristics that we see of these printers is the simplicity to perform these tasks. That we can see from the models iP1000. Let's start. Turn off the printer, I'm sure you already knew that =) Now you hold the button RESUME / RESUME then you press the button POWER / POWER. Continue pressing the WRITE RESUME / RESUME sii now release the button POWER / POWER.

At that point releases and press the POWER / PODER "So far is very simple truth" At the same time release both buttons now Pointer LED color will be green and will remain so. (Entering function) then you must press the button RESUME / RESUME four times. And ready If you want to perform some of the following turn off your printer. And follow the steps again, to the point where you are (Login Function), what you should do is replace the number of times to press RESUME / RESUME to perform the procedure you need: Service test print – Press 1 sometimes "orange LED" Information service EEPROM – Press 2 times "green LED" Service start EEPROM – Press 3 times "orange LED" Reset Counter Service ink tank – Press 4 times "orange LED" (This is the function we enter) Deep Cleaning Head – Press 6 times "green LED" Fix-Push left margin 14 times "green LED" Remember that you can find many mini tutorials


Resume Tips

Resume Tips Some basics about job search … First, no one owes you a job! This obvious fact is often overlooked by the eager job hunters – at least for a couple of months – when he or she gives up looking for a job! Many people think that employers should hire because of his winning personality. Donald Gordon has many thoughts on the issue. You have to have a little something to show for itself, in addition to his beautiful smile. The simple truth is, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd for their potential employer really hear what they have to say. A great resume is the best place to start. Action statements about what they have actually managed to excel in a curriculum. Vague statements can really hurt your chances for a position.

Your resume is the first opportunity to impress an employer. Do not ruin this opportunity with silly spelling errors and information cloudy. Employers love concise, well thought out curriculum. Your resume is the map employment. It should lead to a job and not in the trash. Write it as you spent last year perfecting it. It should never sound like it was shed together in an hour. A good way to stand out from the competition is expressing its desire to work with a little extra effort.

There are ways to depart from the convention and there are still the norm. A summary paper is the norm. Resumes can take any form your imagination takes you.


Article 358

SECTION TWO. The right of accession in respect of immovable property Article 358 I built, planted or sown in alien lands, and improvements or repairs on them, belong to the owner thereof, subject to what is stipulated in articles following. Article 359 All works, sowing and planting are presumed made by the owner and at his expense, until proven otherwise. Section 360 The owner of the land who makes it, by itself or by another, plantations, buildings or works with foreign materials, must pay its value, and, if there acted in bad faith, will be obliged to pay compensation for damages . The owner of the materials will be entitled to withdraw only if it can do so without detriment to the built work, or without necessarily perish plantations, buildings or works executed.

Article 361 The owner of the land on which it builds, sow or plant them in good faith, shall be entitled to take up the work, sowing or planting, after the compensation provided for in Articles 453 and 454, or to oblige the person who built or planted to pay the price of land, and which sowed the corresponding income. Article 362 Anyone who builds, plants or sows in bad faith in the land of another, loses what built, planted or sown without right to compensation. Article 363 The owner of the land on which it is built, planted or sown in bad faith may demand the demolition of the work or to start planting and sowing, replacing things to their original state at the expense of who built, planted or planted. Article 364 Where there has been bad faith, not just part of who built, sown or planted in the land of another, but also by the owner thereof, the rights of both are the same as they would if they had acted both in good faith. It means having bad faith by the owner provided that the act was carried to his view, science and patiently, without object. Article 365 If the materials, plants or seeds belong to a third qu


Emperor Alexander

After he was counted among the Kherson Province. Finally, May 17, 1817 Highly approved by the Committee of Ministers Kryukov position on all parts of control attached to the province of Poltava. In the city of Kremenchug and Kryukov not kept any of the ancient historical sites and even no more buildings have existed since the 18th century in order. So what can be considered as the oldest commissioned the construction of City Council in 1801 as well as the Cathedral of the Dormition church, start construction in 1801, the plan and the facade of which are recognized by the Emperor Alexander I by the elegance and taste is very commendable." This church Postoev part of the means of the city, and part on donations from individuals and grants to be sent from the towns comprising at that time is running malorosiyskogo general – governor of Prince Kurakin. The whole country is now occupied by the catholic church, the present area and was built in places philistine yards, which were torn down and replaced them identified other urban places. The current Church of the Transfiguration now arranged for the residents of the place of the old church of the same name, in that as seen from the papers' permission was sought for spiritual team.

" Place occupied by this the church purchased from the city coffers in 1800 godu.Evreysky bits and pieces, currently at almost half the population of most of Kremenchug, as is evident from extant data, in the last century has lived in Kremenchug "In small numbers," and in 1780 had there property and its special "hospital" in 1801 and renamed the hospital. By a decree dated September 27, 1798 Jews were allowed to establish in Kremenchug "Kahal and allow them to urban elections and if the public agree that izberat in office. "From the recent past and the larger events were memorable for flood Kremenchug was 1845. And the fires in 1838, 1848-1853-1855. Ruined many people to the fact that the Government was forced to give loans to benefit from the treasury with razsrochkoyu payments for several years. Finally holding the railroad through the Kremenchug in 1870 and the construction of an iron bridge across the Dnieper River in 1872, given the Kremenchug opportunity to have a direct bearing on stalitsami, Odessa and other commercial cities.

The holding of these pathways in the existence of navigation on the Dnieper River, in addition to private comforts and benefits should be very important to development of active trading in Kremenchug and profitable marketing of products Pridneprovsk impurity region, rather bogadymi natural products of their own. In 1873 in Kremenchug, proceed to the device artileriyskih warehouses, which is assumed to concentrate all the military supplies the Odessa District. Thus Kremenchug okazyvaetsya not only trade but also a strategic point. However, with this you can not not pay attention and do not regret that Dnepr representing so many conveniences and benefits of trade – in recent years more and more suzhivaetsya and shallower, and now more and more frequently heard complaints about the increase in indirect and shoals that make it difficult steamship message and timber rafting. PS Translation from old Russian language, tried to save the style information transmission without changing the words, so the text vstrechayut old Russian Cyrillic words without translation.


CDT Audio

For many years, CDT Audio combines European and American high-tech and advanced design technology in the field of car audio and car audio. CDT Audio Research does not actually advertise in the program to create high quality design, using engineering technology to other companies – manufacturers, specializing in acoustics, Car Audio & Home Audio. Beginning in 1996, CDT Audio has ceased to lead the development for third parties (Design and technology to deliver the speakers according to the scheme OEM). Regardless of the rate of growth, the company has always CDT Audio primary purpose: to unite the best minds in Europe and America in the music industry and to create the world's best automotive sound systems – speakers, designed and made by fanatics with overcoming resistance to corporate conservatism, which usually kills all sorts of changes and innovations. CDT Audio products are now produced and stored in both Europe and the United States, to expedite their delivery and customer service anywhere in the world. Currently, CDT Audio products based on three series.

This series of CL – classic series, a series of HD – higher quality sound, and finally leading a series of ES – with an extraordinary name Euro-Sport. Connect with other leaders such as Donald Gordon here. All three series are designed for exceptionally natural, neutral and clear sound, with unique developments and details of interior design, providing high dynamic performance acoustics. The main theme in the development are filters (crossovers), which have no analogue in the world. Professional journals around the world, repeatedly called CDT Audio unsurpassed master in the field of car audio (audio technology). Of course, the products of this quality needs a professional distribution, so with CDT Audio Car audio only deal the most prominent distributors and dealers. Perhaps for this reason CDT Audio speakers are not so widespread in the consumer market. However, CDT Audio is fairly well known for its professional qualities and does not serve low-grade car audio market of mass consumption. Benefits of CDT Audio products are passed from mouth to mouth rather than through expensive marketing programs.

Strategy CDT Audio: play music without too much hustle and bustle. The key to success is a clever design which, in conjunction with engineering technology gives excellent results of high quality sound reproduction. Our shops major brands are represented, American manufacturers in car audio systems, such as: Power Bass, Zapco, Bazooka, Lanzar, Planet Audio, OZ Audio, Boss Audio. Just do not ignore remained brands are the sales leaders in the Russian market automotive electronics, namely, Kenwood, Alpine, Sony, Pioneer, JVC, Supra, Mystery, Infinity, Helix, Fusion, Audiobahn. In our Installation Centre (Studio Sound), you can order the execution of skilled assembly bought from us autoelectronics, get advice and explain our professionals, as well as by prior agreement, we set the auto-electronics you bought in other shops. On all types of work we provide a one-year warranty. In addition to car audio and technology we offer, a wide range of security and the security and retrieval systems for your car. Such leading manufacturers as Pandora, Cobra, Star Line, Sentry, Alligator, Mongoose, Sheriff, Challenger, Sky. Our specialists carry out installation and adjustment (setting) of any complexity. Addresses of our stores St. Petersburg, North Prospect, 7 Trade Center Marshall, section number 11, St. Petersburg, Prospect of Power 59A, Block 1, section number 20 Installation Center, St. Petersburg, street Chemists 2 building 16 (921) 942-35-48 Sales department 8 (950) 041-72-72 8 (911) 259-74-94 8 (906) 273-48-18 CDT Audio Speakers Car Speakers



While the usual ad, you can simply turn over or miss, from olfactory effects to avoid possible. Filed under: russell reynolds. Today aromatization in advertising finds its application in areas such as printing fragrant, aroma marketing, advertising items flavored (advertising flavors). The use of aromatic substances in the printing industry makes printed materials more attractive and interesting for each individual consumer. Aromatization promotional printing products (aromapoligrafiya) allows you to: identify the advertising appeal, among others, paying attention to him the recipient, to extend the contact time with ads, causing the recipient to learn more about a promotional offer, to increase memorability of advertising, but also promotes positive attitudes towards the advertised product and motivating consumers to purchase it. All of these factors at times increase the efficiency of print advertising. Aromamarketing includes such areas as: aromamerchandayzing dealing deodorizing air spaces of commercial premises and the surrounding areas, as well as the application of the flavored POS-materials; aromabrending, responsible for developing and implementing aromalogotipa company or brand; aromadizayn offices, exhibition stands and space for negotiations and presentations. Today in Ukraine offers a range of promotional gifts including pens, lighters, flashlights, and much, much more. Technology can deliver a modern print advertisement or logo on any item that is potentially interesting as the advertisement.

Of these gifts will not give up, but for the most part, with mass advertising campaign – it's not expensive, and sometimes very cheap products. (Not every company can afford to let thousands of expensive 'VIP' gifts as advertising) They do not throw, but will use them? After all, every smoker has their favorite cigarette lighter, and each has its own coffee lover privychnaya cup. Which (for example) will use a pen man when he had them for several handed to as promotional gifts? Likely to be used by its own, not as a gift from advertising and purchased as needed, comfortable and liked the subject. Therefore, aromatic Souvenirs (flavors, fresheners) have the advantage of other promotional gifts. Sponsored flavors will be used for legitimate purposes, as it were, a lot of you were not handed! In this case, as shown monitoring, high-quality promotional flavors continue to decorate cars and space for a long time after it no longer function as a flavoring.


Interior Designer Services

Before beginning repairs virtually all raises the question: "Where to start?" Let's make out in the order of this issue. If you have formed a clear idea of his future house or apartment, and you with a full understanding cases can be explained foreman, what should be the interior, where to place the lights, outlets, plumbing, what would be ceilings, walls and floors, it does not mean you have to ignore the services of a designer or architect. Firstly, what is the design project? Translated from the English language design – the idea, drawing, design, sketch. In our case, this album is the technical documentation with sketches, with which builders are making a reality of your interior. Any experienced builder before starting the project will need to identify the level of work at the facility, taking into account all the nuances and details of construction and finishing materials, as well as the exact cost of the work of your repair. The structure design of the project include:-The layout of premises with furniture-three-dimensional color images of space with accomplished finish and straddling the furniture, fixtures, accessories and Civil Part (Reconstruction of the walls)-scan on the walls, floor plans and designs, plans and sections of ceiling-Statement-finishing specifications of materials and products, Power-binding plan heaters plan binding plumbing appliances plan binding the acoustic instruments (cinema) forced ventilation of premises Supervision: Made from the start of construction and until full completion of the work envisaged by the project and is to oversee the compliance of work performed design decisions, as well as identifying the need to adjust, informing the Customer. The selection of art materials finishes, furniture, fixtures and accessories. Architectural support construction: It is a range of consulting services and includes: correction of design decisions on the Client's request, consulting and information and marketing services at the conclusion of contracts with suppliers and contractors.

As you can see, this is serious work that takes a lot of work and time, and most importantly it must perform qualified person who puts on his shoulders the whole process. Secondly, how to determine the choice of the designer? The first thing to ask: what kind of education is your designer. Because should be remembered that there is a strict grading experts: architect, designer and decorator. Any layman understand the degree of skill and range of capabilities of each of them deals with the renovation, remodeling or designing a new home. And if you have a choice, the preference is to give a certified architect, design project for which is an integral part of its services. Important detail for you to be and experience architect. Can not qualify for much, if you're dealing with yesterday's graduates, and more so with the man who finished 3-month courses in interior design. We strongly recommend you look at the level of previous work of the architect.

As a rule, it must be not only 3D visualization, and interior photos. Fundamentally important issue to be considered cost. Extremely clear that high-quality goods are not be cheap, and sometimes may cause suspicion about the quality of a thing. Is directly proportional the same applies to the cost of services of an architect.