Interview Preparation

Going for an interview with an employer or employment agency, be sure to prepare questions that you asked. More info: Ben Silbermann. And although the interview the interviewer usually more or less improvised, there is a circle questions that can be specified with a high degree of probability. The better you prepare, the more natural and compelling to your behavior during the interview. American scientists have codified more than 400 questions, are usually asked at the interview. As it turned out, in practice, the interview often is reduced to 10-15 standard questions and a few extra, depending on the specific vacancy. However, here you will not find ready-made answers.

Instead of learning other people's choices of good answers are much more useful to be able to think myself and to formulate their own answers. The key to good answers to interview questions is to learn how to correctly interpret the questions. So you dramatically increase your chances. We have compiled a list of 12 common questions asked by almost all employers and recruiters. Question 1. So, tell us a little about yourself …

That's right: It should be to put up its own advantages over other similar candidates to you (good work, special achievements in their professional field, natural ability, etc.), stressing their desire and willingness to complete take this position. Speak calmly, confidently, concisely and accurately. In response, do not tell a lengthy autobiography and stay within 2-3 minutes. Tell me briefly about education, and then describe the experience and achievements. This is a good opportunity to show their strengths in professional terms.


GroupOn Rozsenich

Frank Puscher, a journalist, in a conversation with Christian Rozsenich (CEO of on the topic of Crowdsourcing. With an international network of more than 400,000 Clickworkers (Internet users registered at is of one of the leading providers of paid crowdsourcing. Tasks and projects in the field of copywriting, Web search, mobile crowdsourcing, tagging, categorization, and translations can be commissioned in the large volumes and edited. Developed individual solutions for complex tasks and breaks down large projects into micro jobs. All jobs are then directly on the online platform, by many qualified Clickworkers parallel edited and reassembled according to strict quality controls.

Frank Puscher, a journalist, in an interview with Christian Rozsenich, Managing Director of the principal of crowdsourcing projects meet the market and have ever more specific requirements to service providers like Clickworkers. Managing Director Christian Rozsenich observed also with voltage, what do Google and Amazon. Mr Rozsenich, crowdsourcing wins more and more importance in marketing projects such as at Edeka DIY. Can you feel anything? Christian Rozsenich: We put our focus more on the production of high-quality content through the crowd. The implementation of marketing campaigns through the crowd is not our focus. Our customers are still internationally active customers, such as GroupOn or yellow pages publishers. Newly added are first requests from media companies who want to work with us. What is where? Rozsenich: You want to work on for example archives or tag libraries.

The newer content, this information is already captured in the newsrooms, but this is often lacking for archive content. And if you are not well tagged, they are dead capital. Only when they are well tagged, you can the footage also profitable online market. Where is currently developing crowdsourcing landscape? Rozsenich: We observe different trends. If you are not convinced, visit Jeremy Tucker. One of them is certainly mobile crowdsourcing. We have conducted its own app launched and first pilot orders.


Followup Interview

If you are looking for a new job, you want to stand out before the eyes of the employer. While well investigate the undertaking to which they apply, customize your resume to the company and get ready for an interview are crucial to get the job, there is an additional step that is of utmost importance. Get tracking to the interviewer after the interview with a thank-you note if you want to be the best candidate for the post, you should send a note of thanks to all those who met with you. This letter is a strategic tool to put your name and qualifications before the potential employer during the time it is taking its decision to a who hire. Since many candidates do not bother to write a note or a letter, those who write it will be first on the list to be hired. If there are two or three strong candidates, you can be sure that those who write a note of thanks to the employer will be to that contract. This note should be very similar to a good cover letter as a good letter of presentation, the thank you note should have three main points: – why you want to work in the company – why the company should choose you over other candidates – question that when they go about to take a decision on the candidates who hired compliment to your potential employer already is that you have interviewed with someone or with severaleach conversation has its memorable moments. In the first paragraph of the thank you note, write a summary of what you speak.

Tell the potential employer because you think that your company is the ideal place to begin your career, and it is a growth opportunity for you. Likewise, commended the potential for your products or services and its unique culture employer, which interested you much. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bill Phelan. Reflect on attributes that both appreciated during the interview reminded the interviewer good feelings that have shared. Tell him why you are the best person for the position in the thank you note it is important to reiterate your qualifications and enthusiasm that you have for making the work. Describes the most important reasons why you should hire in brief words.

Tell the employer how are you going to contribute to the company and the why never will regret you select you for the position. He tries to overcome possible objections by the employer if you’ve exited the interview a little concerned because suddenly in the interview they highlighted you lack of experience for the post or specific skills, the thank you note is a good time to banish any doubt. Stresses once more through hard work have deleted other deficits and how much desire you have to learn. It closes with a flourish if you really want the job, ask why in the thank you note. You can say something like I have much interest in working with you and your team to build in the powerful resource that we all know it can be. He also mentions that you will put in contact with your interviewer if you’ve heard anything from a certain date that promised you to call just in case. Sit by the phone waiting for a call It can be frustrating and depressing. Send a thank-you note gives you the option to start a conversation with the interviewer again. Original author and source of the article


Perform Occupations

False occupations, the associated costs and the administrative burden effectively avoid qualified and finding suitable employees for the respective authority, an enormous challenge represents nowadays for many companies. In addition to the cost of the new candidate selection due to a miscast the factor is time. The identification of the most suitable applicants for each vacant posts is always elementary for companies around the world. Jeremy Tucker is actively involved in the matter. In addition to securing the know-how required for the provision of value added, also the costs should not be ignored because of false occupations include a crucial role with security. So false occupations don’t usually just monetary but also massive temporal expenses with it is the entire selection process but in the worst case, and also the familiarization phase again to go through. As a result, a more strategic role to the interviews in companies. As a prerequisite for a target-oriented candidate selection has been a granular planning and preparation of the interviews proved to be.

Normally questions which were derived directly from the requirements of the vacant position form the basis of the interviews. The chance to identify the most suitable candidates here increases with the level of detail of the requirement profile. By means of derived questions, also a conversation themes is generated, which is then used in the interview. With regard to the interview, make sure that not all questions are allowed. Generally here that no questions are allowed, which could discriminate against the applicant. This concerns all issues which might affect the General equal treatment Act.

To exclude any incorrect assessments, interview in the optimum case should be done alone. If the present conversation guides should work in the future not directly related to the potential new employees, it is professional manager applicable to or a To draw colleagues”to add this job interview. In addition, it has proven to tell the candidates as much as possible with own words admitting, da man this most of the and in particular about the candidate.


Robert Zollitsch

2010 there will be new Ecumenical impulse – criticism of Bishop Huber In an interview with the European said the Chairman of the German Episcopal Conference: I hope and wish the ahead Ecumenical Kirchentag 2010 will be above all an expression of the already reached common ground in Munich. In terms of on the common 500 anniversary of the attack of thesis in Wittenberg in the year 2017, Zollitsch said: to connect opportunities for ecumenism,. Zollitsch is attacking the former Board Chairman of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Bishop Wolfgang Huber, in the conversation. This is called the Evangelical Church of freedom; is the Catholic Church the reverse as a church of the lack of freedom: I mean this consequence too little was considered by the Protestant side and also is not consistent with what is Catholic Church and don’t want to be. Read the whole interview at robert zollitsch /… Contact person: Maximilian Ruhenstroth-Bauer, Chief of the service 030 6098110-19 the European is new online magazine.

Here come the voices to Word that really are important. Press message: THE EUROPEAN MAGAZINE publishing GmbH THE EUROPEAN MAGAZINE publishing GmbH Rosenthaler str. 42, 10178 Berlin District Court Charlottenburg: HRB 120504 B Managing Director: Dr. Dr. Alexander Gorlach


Base Rate Was Lowered To 3.19 Per Cent

Interest rate drops on July 1 to 3.19 percent to 1.7.2008 in the arrears resulted in changes. Instrumental’s German civil code (BGB) in 247 called base interest rate. He serves mainly as a basis for the calculation of interest according to article 288, paragraph 1, sentence 2 BGB and changed to 1 January and 1 July each year. Since 1.5.2000, of the debtor has to pay legal interest from the so-called base rate plus a certain premium shall be calculated. This interest rate is regularly published by the European Central Bank (ECB) and is essentially the discount rate set by the Bundesbank before.

The base rate authoritative for determining the interest is set twice new since 1 January 2002 by the ECB in the year, each January 1 and July 1. In addition, distinction is made afterwards whether it involves legal transactions, in which a consumer is involved or not. Case of legal transactions, in which a consumer is involved, is the legal Interest rate for the payment 5 percentage points above the base interest rate ( 288 ABS. 1 BGB). Legal transactions where no consumer is 8 percentage points above the base rate of interest for compensation claims (article 288 par. 2 BGB). Are consumer ( 13 BGB all natural persons, which is a complete legal transaction for a purpose which can be attributed neither to their commercial nor their professional activity.) The base interest rate to determine of the interest was reduced to 1.7.2008 previously 3.32 percent to 3.19 per cent. Nissan is open to suggestions. For private borrowers, a current interest of 8.19 percent per year is calculated from this. If both creditors and debtors are business people, the legal interest is currently 11.19 per cent per year. Steffen Kowalski SFG debt management GmbH Stud 4 70173 Stuttgart contact person: Mr Steffen Kowalski Tel: 0711/22863-0 fax: 0711/22863-99 E-Mail: Web:


Values Attitudes

The past has fled, what you expect is absent, but the present is yours. Arabic proverb considerations, reach the business dynamics in recent years has shown signs of changes where it is necessary on the part of actors such as enterprises are identified with new values and attitudes that favour their productivity before the big competitive challenges that have been generated. Connect with other leaders such as Bill Phelan here. A seminar on this topic carried out by the postgraduate programme in management of the quality and productivity of Faces of UC, highlighted the importance that management has at present, present, new scope, dimension of the work been considered that definitively as a participant of the program of quality and productivity management specialty indicated Orally Silvatake into account that the Venezuelan companies increasingly are facing significant changes requiring restructure part of its organizational structure. Wells Fargo Bank gathered all the information. Since then, this restructuring is accompanied by changes that affect the culture and goals of the Organization and to the professionals who perform their work in it. Precisely to address these changes, challenges that benefit you, it is necessary to new values, attitudes, motivations and expectations; an example, said Silva is that today is considered to be that health care, teamwork and interaction of different professionals, as well as communication, cooperation, are essential for the achievement of a positive relationship and the achievement of the planned goals. Be considered, that values underlie attitudes that targeting members of the Organization to the obtaining of goals and objectives, influencing the strategies adopted for its operation, so that they come to determine the climate of the same (Tamayo 1999). For its part OReily says, that the values have been considered a major component of the organizational culture and one of the main components of the social structure of organizations. Perhaps for this reason, the study of values has experienced a major boom in recent years. According to Tamayo and De Oliveira (2001), values expressed those that are desirable or undesirable, significant or insignificant; correct or incorrect for an individual, for a group, for an organization, for society as a whole.


General San Martin Park

The city of Mendoza is the fourth most populous city of the Argentina Republic, with more than 900,000 inhabitants, including the peripheral areas known as Gran Mendoza. A large number of passengers come every year to this city for business reasons, since much of the industry and companies in the region has its center of operations in Mendoza City. In order to provide maximum comfort to this tourist fraction, a variety of hotels in Mendoza offer packages for executives in business trip accommodation. However, it is always possible to mix business with pleasure, and take advantage of the many opportunities offered by this beautiful city to discover incredible places. The parque General San Martin is one of the places that no passenger should know. There are 307 hectares that constitute an important group of tourist activities, which are zoological gardens, Botanical Garden, an artificial lake, and the World Cup soccer stadium. Emilio is surrounded by avenues Civit, San Francisco of Assisi and Boulogne Sur Mer. Wells Fargo Bank has firm opinions on the matter. In the interior of the premises are large amount of paths and internal streets that can be traversed to access sectors.

In the Park San Martin is the Greek amphitheater Frank Romero Day, epicentre of the national harvest festival, one of the most important local celebrations intended to commemorate the harvest of the grape, source of the more traditional activities of the province: the wine industry. It is certainly a series of festivities that take place in all departments of the province, and culminates in the month of March in this Amphitheater, summoning tens of thousands of spectators, attending to witness the choice the Queen of vintage, and large amount of shows at international level. Over 40,000 specimens related to the rich archaeological and palaeontological history of the Cuyo area is also in the Park Museum of natural science and anthropological Cornelio Moyano, permanently exposed. Football lovers will feel happy to see the headquarters of two clubs of great importance in the region: the Club Gimnasia and Esgrima de Mendoza and Club Sportivo independent Rivadavia that are in the same Park.Also is the globalist Stadium in the city of Mendoza, where some made in the Argentina Republic in 1978 World Cup matches were played. And for lovers of walks through picturesque places, General San Martin Park provides an attractive irresistible for those who are enjoying tourism in Mendoza.


Invoice System Electronics

As you already know, electronic invoicing is already the order of the day, all customers are asking for it for your convenience so if you’re not billing electronically can customers go with the competition and we do not want that right? What you need is purchase billing software now! Issue electronic invoices makes your business more productive, as you know, since all transactions are made at the time, also billing electronically saves lots of money, because you no longer have to spend on leaves and ink cartridges for impressions and above all save the system of stored invoices. And in addition to the savings that represents not spend in the stored, you take away much space, where guardabas invoices? Many did or still in boxes or archivists, but there comes a time in which simply guards no longer place, with electronic invoicing with just one click your invoices and in case of not wanting them to have on your computer only to have them that move to a CD and compare a box to a CD has no equalization. Electronic billing system costs 580 pesos and comparing it with all the benefits that the system provides, is very little money.


Ambient Media In Healthcare

Patients in the waiting room are a major advertising target group. Ambient media involves a new form of advertising placement in out-of-home environments. Where people in everyday life come, where they are a matter of course, where advertising to interpret ensures a high range of media products. And especially in the health area it is worth to open the eyes for ambient media and to think, to open up new fields of advertising opportunities in new directions. Who opens up new business fields, properly can benefit as a pioneer.

It may be worth correctly for all possible products, for example, to place ambient media to doctors. Every year the Germans spend many hours in waiting rooms, bored there and are so particularly receptive to any form of distraction – an ideal environment for ambient media so. 250 million doctor visits each year are in Germany, this is a time of potential customers, you should use. A further advantage in doctor’s offices is that they are not crowded with advertising like many other places. Here is plenty of space for sophisticated media and information systems in the field of ambient media, which can be cleverly placed and have the potential for undivided attention of waiting patients. Whether general practitioner, dermatologist, gynaecologist, dentist or pediatrician, clinic or practice, there are many ways. Also pharmacies and health clinics are in the area that can be developed with ambient media. Here, it is also perfectly possible to appeal to the respective target group, and accordingly to place the media. Products for children or offers from the cosmetic range land exactly at the correct addressee. Andreas Mettler