Plasterboard Ceiling

Most people believe that the finishing work – a lot of very professional. Others thought that the dust and dirt associated with the repair work against their intelligent nature. But from the third hand is not really there are growing or they are just busy with more important matters, such as such as earning money. This is all very well, but will not be a master of carefully and meticulously to approach every inch of your apartment space as you can make yourself by investing in this process all my love and soul. Some people will not begin to repair their own hands simply because they do not have enough knowledge, but it's all fixable. Take, for example, ceiling of plasterboard on the Internet, there are many articles and video tutorials, lots of kinds of instructions on how to properly collect plasterboard ceiling with his hands. You only need one thing from all this set of information to choose a grain of truth, to decide your desired material and power tools, and begin to repair their own hands. It's so easy.

Any suspended ceiling consists of a frame and cladding. Frame consist of directly guiding and supporting elements. Guide elements define the shape of your ceiling, and take on the load-bearing and uniformly on all hanger raspredeoyayut all load and weight of the ceiling. Boarding the ceiling may be different. Sheathing may serve various types of plastic decorative panels, or simply frame sheathed with plasterboard sheet.

It seems at first glance, the ceiling of Drywall is not that difficult to do with their hands. Sheets of drywall with screws attached to a frame of metal profiles for gypsum board. Significantly easier for you to Rabat knowledge of the materials, there is in mind not only knowledge of the material from which it is mounted ceiling of plasterboard, but knowing where and under what conditions should apply this or that element of design. And, of course, knowledge of tools. The better crop metal profile? Of course, scissors, metal will answer you. As for me, for cutting profiles best fit the so-called angle grinders machine – Bulgarian. Unlike scissors, it is not the oppression of the edge profile and cut much faster. Thus, having at its disposal some knowledge of working with elements of the frame, mounting the ceiling with his hands could even become an exciting adventure. After all, suspended ceiling is only constructor, and its capabilities are limited only by your imagination, here you can realize your most ambitious designs. You can create multi-tiered masterpieces of the drywall ceiling, applying it to highlight the most a variety of lighting fixtures. The design of the ceiling plasterboard will hide the pipes, all kinds of electrical communication, ventilation, and hide all the flaws of the existing ceiling in the room.

Old Lion Sheep

Suddenly a person disappears, and it causes fear. The death of a person's identity is scary. We are not going to kill personal, we will transform it to expand and consolidate. Now we have to open everything again, and perhaps for the first time, to answer myself, who am I? We remember the many things that we can become a walking encyclopedia and remember library in the world. This is an external memory, it is correct. The real one memory, it will come when you will remember myself. Forget oneself is the only sin out of all possible, the rest of the darkness, the investigation forgetting about yourself is true. In ancient times, the lioness quickly, jumping from one hill to another.

The lioness was pregnant and gave birth in mid-air. Place of birth was between two hills. At that time, between those two hills, the flocks pass sheep. Born lion fell into a herd of sheep and raised him. Naturally he began to consider himself a sheep. Once, an old lion approached the sheep flock in search of food. Leo could not believe my eyes.

He saw a young lion among the strong sheep and those not afraid of him. Old lion remembered the food and began to hunt and it's more than enough, the young lion started to run away from him, along with the sheep. Trying to catch the young. He cried and cried, begged to let him go to his relatives. But, the old lion dragged him to the nearest lake and helped him to see their reflection in the clear water. The young lion saw its reflection and reflection near the old lion. It was an instant transformation in consciousness, and he gave a great roar of the king Nature. All nature is reflected young lion's roar. The young lion had never growled because he considered himself a sheep and never doubted this. Old Lion did his job, and now everything depended on the young lion. To the question you want Do you now return to the fold, has caused much laughter among the young lion.

CMS Waters

No less important reserve resorts CMS was a unique deposit of thermal carbonate water type Essentuki, near the village of Naguty explored. The discharge of water treatment, there are three million liters per day. We built a strong deposit mineral water bottling plant and a separate spa for 5-6 thousand people. A draft submission of the excess water to the resort Essentuki. After years of work received world-wide CMS resorts known for the abundance and diversity on the composition and the therapeutic action of mineral waters. Today time is conventionally allocated several distinct fields: Kislovodsk to the adjacent plots – Olkhovskaya Berezovsky Podkumskim; different deposits assumed Pyatigorsk, Essentuki, Zheleznovod-mechanical, Lysogorskaya. Independence is also Kuma, or Krasnovostochnoe and Nagutskoe field.

Different deposits are genetically related and interdependent. Total reserves of mineral water district CMS evaluated more than 10 OOO m3/day. Among the well-known mineral water carbonated, water-sodium-calcium karbonatnosulfatnye water such as Smirnoff and Slavyanovskaya water Zheleznovodsk. These water have been widely used in the treatment of digestive diseases and metabolic disorders. Essentuki and Railway Vodskaya water standards are healing waters, as their physiological and therapeutic effect is well studied. High efficiency and high medicinal properties are known Kislovodsk narzans. Apply them to resorts for bathing and for internal use. Especially valuable are radon waters of Pyatigorsk.

They are widely used in diseases of the movement and peripheral nervous system. Relatively rare and highly efficient are the sulfate-chloride sodium-magnesium water with a salinity of 19-21 g / l – Bata Linsky and Lysogorskaya water. These waters are successfully used as a laxative and choleretic agent. The Institute also developed and theoretical problems of hydrogeology: the origin, the conditions of circulation, the mode of mineral water and mud deposits. Of great importance is created by CMS thermometric method of hydrogeological investigations, the methods of hydrogeological research in core drilling, and recommendations for the most rational kaptazhnym devices, methods of gas and geophysical exploration. Conservation of physico-chemical and gas composition of medicinal waters in carbon capture, transport, pumping and heating them for great research and long-term observations, since the losses of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and radon reached 25 – 40%, and as a result of loss of salts out of the building pipelines and technological equipment. Experimentally The conditions of submission and storage of mineral waters. These recommendations were the first in our country and taken on all the resorts. Compiled geological, hydrogeological map of the area and prepared detailed research reports. Good geological, hydrogeological and hydrochemical study of the area allowed the exploration of mineral waters forecast and the method of drilling targeted to open new reserves vysokokonditsionnyh waters. In near Kislovodsk explored Verhneberezovsky, Olhovsky, Podkumsky sites carbonate deposits of water. Exploration was on the distant outskirts of the resort. 45 km west of Kislovodsk, in the upper Cumae, near the village of Krasny East found vysokokonditsionnye cold water carbonated with total mineralization of 8.6 g / liter. Special theoretical and practical importance acquired research on which the scheme is developed and technical conditions transportation of gas-saturated water treatment to tens of kilometers in difficult terrain. The world's first resort practice was carried out transportation of carbonic mineral waters. As a result, hydro resources Kislovodsk doubled, ensuring its continued development.