Cabrera Avoid

In the way of our life we are blessed because we, permanently, the opportunity presents itself to love. We are looking for or know a person, recognize it as akin to our way of being, our preferences and goals, and undertake that emotional connection looking for vital complement, the other half. But, what happens when someone falls in love from me, but I can not reciprocate? I have had the opportunity to see the diversity of solutions that human beings adopt when faced with a love that may not correspond. Not is if you are one of those who similarly correspond love although they feel nothing for the other person, or if you are that he flees and seeks to avoid the encounter with your suitor anyway. Whatever the way you solve / address this situation, I want to remind you who loves you far away is of being a burden for you. When you encounter a situation like that you put, do not lie to the other person. Search the time and the right words to tell her the truth. Love is a precious gift that God has given us, and who loves does not deserve contempt. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kevin Ulrich and gain more knowledge..

Remember that the person who declares love is passing through a very special moment, where, you have or no reasons, generates expectations towards the loved one. Who loves you not deserves rejection, but admiration. Seeks to make clear that you no correspondes his pretensions, but let her know that you feel like a special person because of the beauty of their feelings. That way you will avoid suffering, avoid making suffer, and leave the door open so that subsequently that person can channel the feeling toward someone that really applies to you. Until the next. Carlos Cabrera together we grow. Together is better.

Los Angeles Galaxy

He stressed the great goal from Cristiano Ronaldo. Kaka, the best of the first part. The homegrown gelled a good performance. Marked alley, Joselu, Ronaldo and Benzema to Madrid and Cristman by the Galaxy. Real Madrid was premiered in his first game of the preseason with a hefty victory 4-1 against Los Angeles Galaxy, a game that was more a less in terms of quality and that was a great goal from Cristiano Ronaldo. The domination was total by the white set. From the first moment, Marcelo and Fabio Coentrao became masters of the left band to give the relay minutes later Kaka, the best of the first part. The Brazilian showed nimble, fast and precise in their constant admitted, and gave a superb cross that alley repeated the first goal.

Canterano starred in notable actions. He had one of the clearer times ten minutes after a back-heel from Adan and an ajustadisimo barn, very loose and active pass in the center of the field. The Galaxy, much more traffic than the white set and in full season, He barely wore danger Real Madrid arc, led by a Kaka who insisted by left band and claimed a possible penalty kick at minute 18. Not even the faults of Beckham intimidated boxes, virtually unprecedented in the first half, although scant danger of Americans almost always came to ball stopped. The minutes progressed and with them the feeling that against Madrid had little rival, although whites ended not materialising opportunities.

Everything changed in 30 min with the goal from Alley, well-defined, who was born in Coentrao boots from the left band, authentic talon de Aquiles de el Galaxy. Nine minutes later, Adan, in personal effort, scoring the second so much once the ball bounced on David Beckham, that diverted the ball and were goalkeeper Saunders. The Galaxy reacted at the start of the second half with a more offensive game, but Cristiano Ronaldo, just as those of Bruce Arena began to believe in the possibility of trimming distances appeared in personal effort, to run the goal of the night with a powerful shot with the left-handed after several cuts.

The First

At no moment I am speaking of magic nor of which you can change your surroundings with chasquido of fingers, no. I talk about the possibility that you could use to take part in your internal conversations of way to choose/to generate new planteos mental that lay ways to you towards new possibilities. Today I challenge to you to that, instead of to divide of that declaration " I AM AS" , you use a new declaration that allows &quot you; to create realidad" like the following one: " I AM BEING AS". If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mary Barra. You can notice the difference between both? Fjate the chain of automatic thoughts that happen of this new declaration: I AM BEING I TOOK ROOT. Since I AM BEING THUS, I can OBSERVE what things I AM DOING that make me BE the person that I am being. I ask What I am doing supports to me and it helps in my goals and the results me that I want to obtain? If what I am doing it does not support to me nor it helps me, volume brings back to consciousness that I can choose new glances and action to undertake. Ted Brandt spoke with conviction.

I declare that if change the present beliefs and my action, I can have new and better results. What would have to be causing that supports to me and it helps me to obtain my goals? I obtain a list of actions take that me to my goals. I undertake the new actions. You may find Epic to be a useful source of information. Results? My reality changes, I obtain new results! It give to account the difference you of being able between the position in which it leaves the first declaration you and the other? Although there is certain inherent aspects in our Being like for example: the being woman or man, having so many years of age, the name of the country in which we lived, the mother who touched to us, etc.

New Life Scrolls

As I promised you, I bring you the first of the scrolls of the greatest salesman in the world. I prepared a summary of the most relevant, but if you like to read the entire book can be downloaded from the downloads section of my blog. In the same way you will find the audio if you prefer to listen to it. In essence, this parchment contains the secret of wisdom that open us our eyes and allow us to understand the other scrolls: scroll 1 today to start a new life. Without hesitation Elon Musk explained all about the problem. Today I born again, and my birthplace is a vineyard where there is fruit for everyone. The failure, like pain, is alien to my life. If in the past I accepted it as I accepted pain, now I reject it and am ready to embrace the principles that I will draw the shadows to admit me in the resplendent light of wealth, position and happiness and wisdom. To create the olive tree, the King of all trees, it takes 100 years. Apple-Michigan Hearing Study is actively involved in the matter.

An onion plant is old after 9 weeks. If I have lived as an onion plant, now would be the largest of the trees of olive, and indeed the largest sellers. And how I guidence it? I will begin my trip without the nuisance of unnecessary knowledge, because an action or measure which was successful today will be irresolvable and impractical tomorrow. Only the principles endure and these possess, because of laws which would lead me to greatness in the words of these scrolls. Philippe Lavertu pursues this goal as well. I will teach more to avoid the failure to achieve success, because what is success but a State of mind, that two persons among thousand scholars will define with the same words? However failure is always described in the same way.The failure is the inability of man to achieve their goals in life, any that are.

The Good

Sometimes we’d return with the couple and we miss him and other times gives us rage that treat us badly or we have echo whatever. To retry when we overcome this indecision, there is people who decide to retry him despite everything because they believe that compensates for them and that his life is really much more satisfactory with your partner. You can be so extreme that we are not able to assess the good points of our relationship and let ourselves be carried away by the negativism in the bad moments, everything is bad and we cannot see beyond. When we lost it and we see it from the outside, sometimes we realize that wasn’t so bad, and that those things that we were intolerable or these changes that we demanded can be viable and do not involve us both cost. For even more analysis, hear from Phillipe Lavertu. Especially if we have an anxious and obsessive tendency, we can fall into the mistake of centralizing us in a negative idea and from it overstated a situation with the consequent rupture of the relationship. Will you defend your interests without going into that game of victimhood and accusation? You reconcile with your partner surpassed once the stage of mourning, these ready to decide if your goal is to get back with your partner or to proceed alone. If you decide first thing, will have to prepare yourself in some respects than probably is they have been depleted due to traumatic separation that you lived.

You will need a time of preparation before you face your partner and propose a change. Firstly, you will need to reinforce security in yourself, remember that it might have been your responsible for the breakup, or which has touched you to assume that role, whereupon, the approaches towards your partner will be full of recriminations, accusations, criticisms, etc. You’re emotionally ready for it? Will you defend your interests without going into that game of victimhood and accusation? Emotionally you have to be very strong to be able to transmit it to the other person and who trust you.

Mental Power

For years we have observed how different beliefs manifest themselves with power to transform people’s lives, but as what? This happens because the mind begins to associate conscious actions with spiritual forces, here are combined a series of factors that are affecting the minds of individuals, for example let’s look at the power of the word, let’s say that someone says that it experienced healing to bathe in a certain River, then some people immediately make this mental Association bathe in the River-healing and in many cases so occurs. Suppose that the case of the news of the river of healing were initially false, but how is it that after a time some people actually experience healing? The answer lies in that we have made an Association of power and this originated by an expectation in our mind, there sanare me, if he gets that idea with a great desire then is calling for your inner power and if he is able to feel faith, then occurs. Others including Kevin Ulrich MGM, offer their opinions as well. This affirmation may be disturbing to certain people because somehow they may feel that it contradicts their beliefs, but is not true, what is important is that you are aware that there are spiritual forces above the material plane and that power has been manifested through prophets, Bible, Koran, other sacred texts, the mayas, etc. To achieve their goals then you have to do two things, break negative associations of power and build others positive, negative beliefs arise because internally we have conflicts, this happens when we have scheduled our minds with bad emotion if we experience certain things, quote the case of ascend to a high placed in a company, if we have the negative mental Association high puesto-arrogancia – arrogance then we are facing a serious problemhardly escalaremos a position that we ourselves are convinced that it leads to arrogance and pride, while we do not change that idea, we are before a huge wall that we can not exceed. Kevin Ulrich MGM may not feel the same.

Erico Independent

In that Erico tour it demonstrated its great virtues to the Argentineans. As a result of it, leaders of several clubs approached to him and those of convinced Independent it, signing the contract. Due to the war with Bolivia, the Ministry of Paraguayan Defense granted a special permission to him. Source: Apple . It was so Erico initiated its shining race in Argentina, until today nonsurpassed by no other compatriot. Oha" " " " ypy Argentina-EP altar 6 jasypo 1934-EP, Independent ombohovakrguare Mouth Juniors-EP. Upr Arsenio noeandukikuri. Orekkuri 19 ary. Independent Juniors mouth rire oha" " kuri Chacarita Juniors ndive is upr Erico omoinge pete umi 293 omoingtava apytgui upe altar guive.

It made debut in Argentina the 6 of May of 1934, when Independent one faced Juniors Mouth. In that Arsenio party it was not made feel. It had 19 years. After the party with Juniors Mouth, Independent it played against Chacarita Juniors and Erico obtained first of the 293 goals that would turn from that date. Umi tapicha ikatupyryvva vakapipopo rembiasakupe he" " ivoi Independent 1938 is 1939 guare ohague umi atyha oha" " porvva vakapipopo apytpe, ko yvy ape ri.

Independent ndive ojehecharamo avei Real Madrid oha" " hpe Alfredo Di Stefano is Brazil 1970 guare oha" " hagupe Pele is ambue. Experts in soccer matter located to the Independent one of 1938 and 1939 like one of the best equipment of world-wide history next to Real Madrid de Alfredo Di Stefano; and the Brazil of 1970 with I peeled and others. 1942-EP Independent Arsenio ipochy ruvichakura ndive is upmar oujey ane retme. Ko" " pe oha" " jekuri National-EP is oha" " poritereirasgui National osmi tenda petehame. Upe aha, okuri Argentina-EP heta ojoguasva Erico-EP; jepmo upicha Independent nohepyme" " jepi absorbs; upvare 1943-EP, Arsenio ojevyjey Independent-EP. In 1942, Arsenio had problems with the leaders of the Independent one and; due to that, it returned to Paraguay.

Labor Studies

In a society that prioritizes the productivity, the social success and the accumulation of material goods, the addiction to the work is one of the forms of more common addiction, and to a great extent more used to fill a great existential emptiness of the addict worker. If we had to draw a profile, we would say that she is a greater person of 30 years, with upper middle economic level, usually he is man, and its work entails a responsibility load, and according to it affirms the professor of the Institute of Labor Studies of the Esade, Simn Dolan, to what has been said, would be necessary to add that Many addict ones are people with little self-esteem who have a great necessity of success, or a terrible fear to the failure, and think that they can be like Superman all the life Far from being conscious of the problem which they have, able to ruin his life, the addict ones to the work, can appear to the society like successful people, proud of the great amount of hours that happen working, and sometimes they are offered and they are taken like referring following. We can affirm that, not all that works he is addict much to the work, but the one that makes to compensate its personal deficiencies unconsciously, or as answer to the failure that feels in other parcels of its life. Others who may share this opinion include Boyden. In this sense Iaki Piuel explains, psychologist of the work, that the addict one to the work is victim of a pathological attachment to its profession, not with the intention of reaching professional goals or performances but like means of flight, to avoid psychological conflicts interns. A worker who never disconnects, never relaxes, he does not support the sensation of loss of time, and that does not enjoy doing nothing else that its work. .

Andrew Corentt

A feature of the spiritual powers is that often are difficult to observe, primarily in our own person, then what have not experienced it costs us believe it and accept it, the key to everything is preparation, to the extent that we trained us in particular idea then there will be a huge amount of incredible conditions before we even imagined. Perhaps have heard amazing stories of powers spiritual, normally this we call them miracles, the fact is that we are all in the ability to perform these events, internally have so much power that not even he could be discovered. Power is inside, but nobody said it was easy to access it, a feature so that it is constantly search for answers, knock on the doors of what we want to experience, insistence causes mysterious forces in the universe to act in order to give the information we want. The acceptance of a new idea in our subconscious mind is a task that takes quite some time, something important that we need to know it is that the desire for change must be burning, i.e., it is necessary to have a high motivation that allows us to perform any number of actions to achieve our goals materialize. How to have a high motivation? Only discovering ourselves, this means that we are born with one or more special gifts and when we find him then act automatically, the motivation comes from within our heart, to understand what that task is not simple because for years we have been exposed to an enormous amount of information that has access to our inside stuckwith appropriate steps it is possible to achieve removing all such debris in our minds and find our great mission, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt shows this methodology in a very precise way, by reading this book you will not have any doubt about his inner inclinations, his mind will open to the light of knowledge and a magnificent meeting with yourself. When We’re embittered, frustrated, doing activities that do not like us then we are very far from the spiritual power, this manifests itself with good emotions and feelings, are: joy, peace, emotion, love, admiration, faith, enthusiasm, etc. That will take us to make spiritual light to guide us. original author and source of the article.. (Similarly see: Michael J. Lord).

Maurice Nicoll

You say that you want a revolution Lennon/McCartney Without a doubt you it has touched to listen that we needed a change, that the things cannot follow equal, and more likely you agree. Perhaps nevertheless, like the majority of the people, you do not have idea of by where beginning. How to change what it has lasted by centuries, although has expired? A revolution is, as to his it indicates it name, a turn, almost always in another direction. The historical revolutions have changed the social circumstances and until the countries, although unfortunately not always for the benefit of the majority. And it is that the true revolution, the significant change cannot be only external. As what it serves to overthrow a government to put another one with people who think exactly just as those to which they overthrew? Thus, the true change, the return, the turn, the revolution, must be basic, of substance and not only of form.

There am the challenge there. the discussion. How to change to the bottom and the substance of each individual of a society? You it would say that it is almost impossible, utopian. The life as soon as it reaches to know one same one and to try to change what it does not favor to us. But you know what is the best thing of everything? With that it is than sufficient more. If all we were applied in the change to improve, one would become ” effect domino” that more early than behind schedule permeara to the society and the world. Under you do not create it, simply it remembers how it changes the atmosphere when you are between a group of negative and plaintive people, or one of positive people and cheers. ” And how change? ” we asked the travellers of this passage. It is not easy, but historical and esoteric references exist of first that we must change: The mind.

Recently I read a book of Maurice Nicoll on the interpretation not so literal of the Bible. In him it narrates how the disciples asked to him Jesus on deads at the hands of Pilatos, and on another tragedy in the city of Silo. The apostles wished to know how how to free such fortune, and Jesus it says to them: ” If you do not regret, you will run the same suerte”. Interesting, the word to regret. According to the erudite author of this book, that in Spanish is called shoots with an arrow in the Blanco” , the word to regret appears in all the New Testament translated of Greek erroneous way from the original one. The word that is translated as to regret in the modern versions of the Bible he is metanoia. And you know what means metanoia in Greek? Change of the mind. Goal is the transformation or revolution, noia comes from nous, that means mind. The revolution of the mind. On the other hand, the word to regret comes from the Latin penitare, that means to have pain. Nothing that to see. Jesus does not ask to them his followers who have pain or who suffer, he asks to them that they change his way to think. In summary, we want to stop seeing tragedies, to have bad luck, to live with pains? We change the mind. It transforms your way to think and you will transform your reality.