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simple & fun inspires with its newly designed website wishes for freedom and adventure in Bolivia in time for the beginning of the international tourism fair of the 11 March 15, 2009 in Berlin the updated homepage of Spezialanbie ters for travel goes online after Bolivia. Simple-and-fun.com interested see everything worth knowing about the exceptional travel deals of the young company. We offer a program that you can book to nowhere lead our guests to places that would otherwise not see explains, and crowned it with a visit in our own camp on the outskirts of San Pedro in the Bolivian jungle”, Maximiliano Dorgathen, operational Director of simple & fun, born in Argentina and raised and an intimate connoisseur of the South American continent. One thing is however always clearly in the foreground”, he adds, and the fun of the participants and the shared experience of unique, authentic experience nisse in one for many Europeans mysterious and fascinating land.” It is exactly this enthusiasm for South America, which one is connected across the Internet simple & fun. Russell Earl Reynolds may not feel the same. There, ne-ben will find general information about Bolivia, comments on current tour offerings, and we have a colourful image gallery with the company Beiteke can win from Witten a partner for the implementation of our ideas at the highest level”, explains Christoph Fischer, who is responsible for marketing at simple & fun and editorially supervised the Internet page. “From the conception of the creation up to the extensive testing, we have a product made of a cast and using typo3, we are not only state of the art”, but also all way for extensions to keep us “, said Fischer. “We can respond with the new website soon to all eventualities and easily and quickly with our audiences are uni-adorn”, explains Reinhard walk, Managing Director of the Aachen-based travel company. We have entered into not only a commitment to our customers with our commitment, but also our employees and partners to in the word!” So far the travel were only privately organized and conducted followed by Bolivia (Argentina), but the general interest has grown so that the three leaders decided on establishing a separate a company. For more information, see

Marketing Director

\”simple & fun defies the crisis although according to the annual ADAC study travel monitor is\” only an overall slight decline on bookings in 2009 are to be expected but the industry leader TUI reported at the international tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin a booking decline by 11%, and Thomas Cook, with Neckermann Reisen, 20%. Total the wanderlust of the Germans in a difficult economic environment that continues, however, the uncertainty ensures generally noticeable restraint in bookings. And right here is our last-minute bonuses\”, says Christoph Fischer, Marketing Director at simple & fun, spontaneous can secure on the attractive introductory offer for July and August tours of this year Additionally a 5% discount and the adventures of Bolivia at the absolute bargain price.\” True to the motto simply travel\”offers simple & fun consists organized through this light-hearted adventure and relaxing comfort in the heart of Bolivia. Click Francois Tajan for additional related pages. The travel target on Active travellers who want to experience something special in a group of like-minded people. A downhill ride mountain bike on the ruta de la muerte is one of these highlights\”. Here is the infamous death road\”between La Paz and Coroico overcome a difference in elevation of about 2000 metres.

Also a three-day Trek on old Inca paths has the tour operators in the program. You can extensively enjoy nature on the traces of the inhabitants of the Andes. Mules to help transport and local guides support the vacationers in all aspects. The relax then ensures appropriate compensation in the best hotels. \”\” At about the middle of every trip we show the dropouts on time \”Our whole pride, an approx. 10 ha large nature camp on the outskirts of civilization, with own waterfalls, natural rock tubs and much jungle\”, explains Reinhard walk, commercial Director at simple & fun the core of the offer. Sleeping is however quite comfortable in specially erected Cabanas and also for \”\” the physical well-being is taken care of adequately, as it for an all around carefree package \”belongs.\” So experiences that just do good and therefore the tourists can help re-energize and to meet his stressful everyday life again with more serenity are born in the heart of Latin America.

Adventure Travel

The sights of the superlative exercise an enormous attraction for Dubai travel from the Dubai trip an adventure of superlatives a journey to Dubai takes on stunning way to the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf. Relax on the private beaches of palatial hotels such as the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai round trip to a lasting experience. About ninety percent of the Emirate’s population lives in the desert metropolis of Dubai, which is ideally suited to a package. The BoomTown exerts an enormous attraction. The tallest buildings in the world such as the Burj Khalifa and monumental glass and aluminum facades lined up here. The city becomes the playing field of international tourism. Dubai’s entire economic, social and political life takes place here.

A stroll along the Dubai Creek, a natural inlet which crosses Dubai city, is a traditional experience with impressions from the old trading tradition of the Emirates. The Creek is approximately 12 kilometres long and tells Dubai in two large parts of the capital: Bur Dubai and Deira. You have to drive Creek Dubai so who you want in the other district over the. The water taxis or via one of three bridges, such as, for example, the Al Maktoum bridge. As the tradition of water taxis typically is Dubai Creek for the ride the water taxi should not be missed at a Dubai travel. However the ultra-modern impressions with Dubai increasingly outweigh travel: huge shopping malls and shopping complexes such as the Dubai Mall are a temptation for themselves.

Next to the Burj Dubai can be day-long shopping experience and dabble in various amusement parks. In the Dubai Marina you can see sharks and other amazing creatures of the underwater world up close. Luxury yachts, style and extravagance are strung tight here. The Dubai Marina is considered a mega project of the city of Dubai, which will be one of the most modern districts of the world for one hundred thousand people. The artificial peninsula in the Persian Gulf Palm Jumeirah “no visitor should be Miss desert city: off the coast of Dubai, a Palm-shaped Island plant, which are residential distributed to, holiday and amusement Islands stretches. The island is visible even from space, and international star architects are carried out here in modern purpose.

Eight Times City Adventure

57th Festival European weeks Passau on the border region of Passau (tvo). Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy would have been 200 years old this year. Georg Friedrich Handel died 250 years ago, Joseph Haydn 200 years ago, Richard Strauss 60 years ago and Alfred Kubin 50 years ago. The Federal Republic commits its 60th anniversary, 20 years, it’s been that the wall fell: 2009 is a year with many fixed and holidays ceremonies messages. The European weeks Passau honor carry the with their theme, credit is due”invoice. In his 57th year, the internationally significant Festival from 12 June to 19 July presented a multifaceted program that covers numerous artistic fields from music to literature.

The European weeks are exceptional by their geographical and political dimension. Artists from the so-called Eastern bloc occurred as early as times of divided Europe. The Festival takes place between countries since the fall of the iron curtain. Locations are the most beautiful churches, monasteries, castles, Courtyards and other romantic places in Czech Republic, Bavaria and Upper Austria. The Festival now were due to its importance as a promoter of creative and innovative abilities”and of intercultural dialogue as Ambassador” at the Conference of the Association europeenne of des Festivals, 106 outstanding festivals are United by European Commissioner Jan Figel with the FestLabPass”award.

Patron of 57th European weeks is the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and EU President, Karl Furst zu Schwarzenberg. The Bavarian, Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch Minister of Science takes over the ceremonial opening on June 12 in the Passau Town Hall. In addition to numerous classical concerts are”a series of lectures on the subject of Germany and which turn, theatrical performances, (musical) readings, film screenings, guided nature walks and a journey to Linz, the European capital of culture 2009, part of the program. Specially the young art lovers a Haydn fun contact”, a Children’s concert of Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, children’s musicals and the 1st baby concert in Passau. Outstanding events are the dream day in Bohemia”with enjoyment of the landscape and various concerts in historically significant churches and castles or the picnic concert” in Thyrnau. From the classic frame fall an Open-Air concert for the 100th anniversary of Benny Goodman at the Deggendorf University of applied sciences or the Scottish folk songs”by Joseph Haydn in Vilshofen. Information and tickets: Festspiele European weeks e.V., Dr.-Hans-Kapfinger-Strasse 20, 94032 Passau, Tel.

Flight Adventure

Everything there is to know about the check-in the world of flying is exciting and versatile. Know also the website fluege.de and weekly flights ABC presents the most interesting and bizarre news and topics from the flight business. This time it’s about the letter C such as check-in. Check-in is nothing more than a clearance procedure before you step on his air travel. Here I get not only his airfield and the boarding pass, but are also the luggage. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Molly Adams. The six-digit IATA code on the boarding pass is important, if a piece of luggage is lost and needs to be identified. One who already has his documents to check-in and saves time and effort is well advised.

This involves not only travel documents, for example, the flight reservation, but also the identification for flights within the EU and the passport or the visa for flights outside the EU. Most famous is the classic check-in at the counter of the airline. Doyle’s has much experience in this field. This one should be on domestic flights at least 90 minutes prior to departure at Switch arrive. For medium – and long-haul flights, it is to include meaningful full 120 minutes. However, the variant of the check-in desk is not the only one. For now, most airlines offer check-in also the eve.

The advantages are obvious: the next day you can go without long wait with the boarding pass directly to the respective flight. At the online check-in, it is even possible to reserve his seat 23 hours prior to the date of departure from your own computer and print the online boarding pass. A similar strategy is pursued at the mobile check-in. It obtained an electronic mobile ticket. This is held at the checkpoints on a radio chip to read the data. More information: news.fluege.de/…/ Welcome-to – Board…

Real Adventure Trip

Self-awareness in a fixed group at the Ammersee in the vicinity of Munich meets a group of a different kind recently. The sense of the common journey is discovering the (re) country, the stranger within us not getting to know foreign countries and customs, but the SelbstErforschng. Under the travel direction of Volker Hepp and Karin Intveen, very experienced the group in dealing with the Customs and traditions of this new country, meets both four times in the year to walk together on SelbstErforschung and to grow the common adventures. Together and with each other. The participants determine their destination, because no one knows a man himself as well as he.

But one thing is certain: it will go to topics like personal location, goals and values, equity and perception, health and also work-life-balance. And there will be systems constellations, small and large, as well as small groups and individual work as well as rituals and exercises. How many years these common travel wants and will, is open, because no one can for a others decide when the personal goal has been achieved. Two years as one, probably three, maybe more. For some the search will be used to end, for others the time not of concern will be, as long as they feel their way under their feet. But when it’s over, it’s over. And we all know it then.

And crop up In the luggage the participants to enter only the courage of unknown land need curiosity to themselves – because without curiosity and appetite for new, no trip makes sense really – to travel a healthy sense of humor, if you end up not there, where you actually wanted to land and the willingness in the group. And you are invited to this trip to yourself: explore the protected area in which personal growth, development and healing will be for a clearly defined period of time is possible. Protected, because the goal is closed, a travel group, which together on the journey of SelbstErforschung for the period of one year initially. In the first common year the group is located in the growth and development and is still open, which means that you have the chance to get started at any of the weekends. Accompanied and protected by experienced tour guides so that trust and intimacy can grow. When each of us give it to experiences that leave their mark. Deep, lasting impressions life determine and change – over the period of the actually experienced also. For our own experience was its own participation in a continuous SelbstErforschungsgruppe. How valuable was this assistance over a longer period of time and how far the journey actually went, realize only us in the aftertaste. And thus was born the vision to implement an own SelbstErforschungsgruppe here am Ammersee, so Karin Intveen about the idea. The venue is the castle of Seefeld in the beautiful 5-lakes in the vicinity of Munich. And if you want to learn more about the Guide and their work more: or under Ammersee-sys Volker Hepp Walchstadter Street 19 82266 Inning am Ammersee Tel.

CJD Adventures

New thrift shop creates practical relevance in the preparation was in these days “s ‘ CJD Ladele” opened, the new thrift shop of the CJD youth village Offenburg. At the location of the educational institution Elgersweier (Robert-Bosch-Strasse 2) clothes, toys and books cheap for sale are in the future three days per week. The song serves as a practical learning for young people seeking training in the field of sales. Young people take over here quickly own tasks as well as activities that are typical for the profession of their desired training occupation. So they train the personal dealing with customers as well as the advice and sell. Details can be found by clicking Carrier Corporation or emailing the administrator. The requirements associated with the occupation and loads can be met in running optimally. The CJD Adventures is open from 9 till 16: 00 for the public, currently from Wednesday to Friday. The rest of the time trainer uses Sarah Wandres, to prepare young people for their respective roles. In the opening, Sarah Wandres thanked also C & A for their support through the donated coat racks and carriers. Of course, the team accepts gladly remain saleable, used article contributions.

Highlights Adventure Camp

Smoked King Jupp Zollner serves adventurous special delicacies Kiefersfelden In the outdoor adventure camp”is what offered, rafting, canyoning, caving, climbing, are just some of the special offers of the adventure specialists. What began about 5 years ago with an old bus first dwelling has striking, bizarre and impressive settlement now in just a few years to a. “It just looks like Uncle Tom’s cabin” and with Tippi and rustic cabins in the country & made “that has become a real eye-catcher. Russell Reynolds wanted to know more. The enclosure of Lama for Llama Trekking is located directly at the camp, inflatable boats and kayaks make a kind of decoration around the camp, back at the Wachtl”at Kiefersfelden. But back on the Wachtl”first, serious smoke signals are now perceive as one could get the idea, which now has kicked on Winnetou his Communicator. But the smoke signals have another source, they come from the small but fine gourmet of smoked King of the Kaiser mountains and whose smoke signals the gate into the neighbouring Tyrol are known in the Holy Roman Empire (Inn Valley).

Jupp Zollner became known, in the Valley of origin by his smoking mountain”between Bayrisch Zell and Kufstein, sometimes rather strange smoked delicacies like the smoked egg, a smoked egg (you can imagine first that), to an idea to come. Smoking can anyone who believes that the master, but it’s up to the right spices, only to fire an oven is there too little. It goes to the spice and there’s the smoked King with his Wahid creations phenomenal, as with GUSTO ALPINA”the taste of the mountains, or the Gambrinuns seasonings. There is nothing better than some good”says Jupp Zollner and I am always looking for exceptional”Spezereyen”where natural regional products, if possible, are preferred. My focus is in producing special smoked specialties with fish, meat and cheese. Free According to the motto: “Seasoning is a learnable art” special spice blends, developed in-house, as well as from selected importers are in stock.

The art of gourmet Smokehouse is still extensive but the smoke is important to bring a fine incense on the table. Jupp Zollner swears by Bradley smoker”he means only, that is the Rolls Royce of the smoking furnace and I have a good reputation here represented so there’s even no compromises. The Bradley smoker”is a unique smoking oven equipped with smoke generators, where Aromabisquetten are burned for 20 minutes at a uniform temperature and no gases, acids or resins arise, which can affect the taste of food on higher heat. He is light enough to carry him, and is about the size of a small refrigerator. The Bradley smoker produces aromatic food no aftertaste. He produced fully automatically clean, cool smoke until for 8 hours without supervision and with highest level of security. If they themselves aspire to a career as a smoking master, Jupp gladly gives information about the matching smoker,. If soon are direction of Tyrol and find some time to visit but that not only worth seeing there’s the smoked King in the enjoy rainbow trout, Arctic char, Alaska Wild salmon, Alps ham, Gambrinus Bierstangerl – and beer cracker, Canyon-salami, smoked cheese and the infamous Alpenstixx”in an adventurous location. (End)

Goldsmith Wehpke

Wedding rings, wedding rings, no matter how you like to call them they are not only a symbol, but also in later years a constant reminder. How under the masterly guidance, and also still like myself can be made wedding rings, you can read that here. The Goldsmith Wehpke have the opportunity to live out your craft and artistic talents fully and to demonstrate. While you model your rings, you watch the masters over the shoulder and perhaps also already once helpful to intervene. Because the profession of Goldsmith is not only the oldest craft of metal at all, but until today the most comprehensive, perhaps the most difficult. Follow others, such as Dolly Parton, and add to your knowledge base. There is no shame so if one accepts assistance or asked about. Since every bride and groom has “his” ideas, all rings vary. One however all have in common: at the beginning of the schedule is set.

Is but once set, drawn and discussed what it will do now, go already equal. You should leave at home the good clothes, because there is glowing parts, acidity, sharp-edged tools,- and, Yes, and there are dirty, real dirty! In this respect, the Goldsmith profession is a real metal craft. There is fire, there is soot, many tools, mysterious objects, but also grinding machines with their dust, there polishing machines with fluffy, black brush and wheel, actually, the reality is quite different behind the scenes of the elegant window displays of jewelry stores. Pretty by hand, so to speak. A moment of fascination: Melting flame unspult the Crucible and the grains of gold, silver and other metals, occasionally liquefy the items in the pot already, red-hot gather in the middle of the pot and there! All of a sudden the enamel layer disintegrates and the liquid gold looks “at” us! A reflection which leaves one no longer in life!

Adventure Holidays

Baby and child farms ‘Speciality’ Eastern Bavarian Regensburg (tvo). Rebecca Wei contains valuable tech resources. The baby and child farms in Eastern Bavaria committed quite a busy holiday with plenty of exercise and fresh air. “Ten years ago, about 80 farms in the Bavarian Forest, upper Palatine forest, Bavarian Jura and in the Bavarian Golf and Spa country have teamed up and holiday should be fun the idea for big and small” in the focus of their activities. Against this background, settled the hosts come up with many exciting activities, families set up their farms and culinary everything used to make really tasty life on the land their guests. Santie Botha may not feel the same. The East Bavarian baby and holiday farms of not only of healthy nutrition, but above all the movement dedicated to the year 2010. Because is not only plenty of room to frolic and romp on the farms, they are also ideal locations for discoveries and adventures of all kinds.

Here the little ones can still climbing over garden fences, balance on tree trunks or stilts walking exercise. Jump over meadows or wading barefoot in the Creek: nature is a playground, where it moves quite automatically much. You will find what young families in and around the East Bavarian baby – and child farms can take on the newly redesigned website. Here you can get a good overview of your environment or also special theme offers.