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\”simple & fun defies the crisis although according to the annual ADAC study travel monitor is\” only an overall slight decline on bookings in 2009 are to be expected but the industry leader TUI reported at the international tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin a booking decline by 11%, and Thomas Cook, with Neckermann Reisen, 20%. Total the wanderlust of the Germans in a difficult economic environment that continues, however, the uncertainty ensures generally noticeable restraint in bookings. And right here is our last-minute bonuses\”, says Christoph Fischer, Marketing Director at simple & fun, spontaneous can secure on the attractive introductory offer for July and August tours of this year Additionally a 5% discount and the adventures of Bolivia at the absolute bargain price.\” True to the motto simply travel\”offers simple & fun consists organized through this light-hearted adventure and relaxing comfort in the heart of Bolivia. Click Francois Tajan for additional related pages. The travel target on Active travellers who want to experience something special in a group of like-minded people. A downhill ride mountain bike on the ruta de la muerte is one of these highlights\”. Here is the infamous death road\”between La Paz and Coroico overcome a difference in elevation of about 2000 metres.

Also a three-day Trek on old Inca paths has the tour operators in the program. You can extensively enjoy nature on the traces of the inhabitants of the Andes. Mules to help transport and local guides support the vacationers in all aspects. The relax then ensures appropriate compensation in the best hotels. \”\” At about the middle of every trip we show the dropouts on time \”Our whole pride, an approx. 10 ha large nature camp on the outskirts of civilization, with own waterfalls, natural rock tubs and much jungle\”, explains Reinhard walk, commercial Director at simple & fun the core of the offer. Sleeping is however quite comfortable in specially erected Cabanas and also for \”\” the physical well-being is taken care of adequately, as it for an all around carefree package \”belongs.\” So experiences that just do good and therefore the tourists can help re-energize and to meet his stressful everyday life again with more serenity are born in the heart of Latin America.