The Cycle

To turn, all poor action or incomplete failure in any of the stages of the cycle (a scheme of the cycle and simple examples can find the reader on the website of the author whose address is at the end). A student told me it was agreed from my class about this topic because his lady (customer) had him said at 7: 30 in the morning before you get out let know me when to leave the shower to lift me. At 9: 00 (one hour and a half later), out of the shower, tells his mistress because I left love, get up. The indignant Lady claimed you you das account that are the 9 in the morning? It’s time to that go to work, how you think to notify me so late. Now get behind!.I did what you asked me, I warned when exiting. I met the standards of teacher satisfaction, told me.

In fact he failed them. He knew that she was working, was within the context of obviousness that came out of the shower in a reasonable time as to not delay her mistress. It is very beneficial to look at when we are customers and when providers. It is often the customer us losing. There are people whose sole client is itself. These people say that they don’t listen, they only think about if same. Sometimes we have too high standards.

We are not satisfied with what we do or with what others do. If we are heads in the company or family heads or leaders of groups this cause problems to people. They will tell us that we are demanding and it is worthwhile to assess if we’re being customers ourselves and looking only our own standards of evaluation and satisfaction. The self-imposition of conditions of satisfaction is a symptom that we don’t see as customers rather than ourselves.


Musical Genre

To talk about salsa (musically speaking), should take into account many factors, and be very careful not to say nonsense. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of J.P. Morgan on most websites. It should be well documented in the matter. For me, musician dedicated to these purposes, already more than 30 years, is also a bit difficult to speak on this subject. Not by the fact that this musical genre innumerable number of times been interpreted, wants to say that he is an expert in the field; I intend neither to that. But yes, we can document a little, and try to understand the issue; What if it is clear, and it is true, that old horse theme music is not a sauce, as I said on one occasion, a client of the restaurant (in which, I was working in the Orchestra) to write about this, I would like to refer to the experts in the field.

And for this I want to transcribe an excerpt from an interview he did on one occasion to Tito Puente. Music legend Latin, Tito Puente, (which peacefully rests) excellent specialist in Latin Jazz musician responds, and says the Next: interviewer: I think that you don’t like, the definition that is given to music salsa as a sauce?, do you as defined by? Tito: Salsa is not a musical term. The sauce is eaten; spaghetti, sauce sauce. You may find that Citibank can contribute to your knowledge. Salsa is not heard, not danced, but they call the music that we’ve been playing for many years the interviewer sauce: do and you, as defined by? Tito: The sauce, I the as interviewer: and the music you make, as it is defined? Tito: Mambo, Chachacha, are, etc. To define exactly, Latin rhythms, we would do a thorough and rigorous research work. Work that would lead us to determine precisely when is born every one of them. In my opinion, salsa rhythm was born in 1970, and I say this from my own experience.

The sauce as a definite rhythm, is created by Willy Colon and Hector Lavo. But beware, should take into account a particular detail, and this detail, brilliantly exposes Jhonny Pacheco; (another of the musicians, managers of this Latin Beat), in an interview. Jhonny Pacheco: Salsa, is and always has been, the Cuban music. What happens is that we put a New York influence, to Cuban music, the arrangements were a little more aggressive. But the name of sauce came, because we thicken to travel throughout Europe, in foreign countries like: Japan and Africa; where the Spanish language, Spanish was not spoken. And to not confuse people with what was a guaguanco a guaracha a son montuno and that, we put all the tropical music, under a roof, and put sauce. And not only that, but that as those who participated in the Orchestra, were of different nationalities, and make a sauce you need different condiments; then that also helped us to put you to that we were playing salsa music. After listening to our explanation of one of the great exponents of the sauce, we can understand clearly what happened. The rhythms music, they tend sometime to merge. This happened to Carlos Santana, when he fused rock with Latin music. And also (why not say it) in our midst, spent with Los Chapis; merged with the huayno cumbia and chicha was born. But what happened with the sauce, it was something completely spectacular; all tropical Latin rhythms were mixed. Well, we continue then enjoying this rhythm that has captivated and will continue to enthrall generations, and begins dancing.


Share Presentation

For this the best is having a website that allow the seller to locate the files that you want to share with one or more prospects and send address an e-mail leaflet. This receives a simple mail with an Internet address, which can be accessed and proceed with the download of the file. Works like the concept of FTP that technicians use to move large files between users, but without the technical complexity of this is. Objective: To accelerate the process of communicating with prospects and customers to volumes of information, avoiding the problems that can represent the e-mail and without having to depend on computer technical personnel to support this process. Give autonomy to the seller so you can send large volumes of information in case of being necessary tool: there is an enormous amount of solutions of this type in the market. That I use is called Send Space (). It can be used in free mode or is there more complete service for which you can pay a monthly fee.

Has greatly facilitated me communication for the sending catalogues, presentations, extensive documents, etc. The client has been very satisfied, since not blocking your email account. Share Notwithstanding presentations that the alternative presented in the preceding paragraph is very good to make sending of PowerPoint presentations on many occasions, you want to share a presentation display. Definition: Share with one or more people a presentation given as support of a sales process. On many occasions you make a presentation to several people of its prospect and they ask for a copy of the presentation. You normally or the attempts to send by electronic mail or deliver a copy on a USB memory device.


Internet Millionaire

Internet gurus do not acquire their wealth and success by the luck of fate. They know the secrets of success. These secrets are so valuable that, with your application, you will have success in your own business on the Internet. There are two kinds of secrets that the gurus of the Internet know. We are going to discuss in detail these secrets in the hope that you will use to your advantage and become so in one of the Internet Millionaire. Let’s Internet secrets that have gurus in your tool box. Secret No. 1: Internet millionaires recognized that the strategy is essential in any marketing plan.

It is indispensable to have a marketing strategy and not be giving jumps in different marketing techniques. For example, we don’t have to use mass advertising since it has no force, because consumers have options. I have lost valuable time and lots of money if I would have used marketing techniques in mass, without the development of strategies on the State of the market. Secret N 2: experts are not generalists. They focus on the sale of their products and services to specific market niches. Secret N 3: Find and capture markets untapped.

Find people who have not been able to have access to your product in the past. In untapped markets, you don’t have to deal with competitors that helps to keep marketing costs. Secret N 4: Backup strategy is essential for success. you have to have multiple profit centers that allow you to sell your products and services to more customers. The support of your company supports these profit centers. so diversificaras your business so that you receive money through many different areas. Is not believe to be able to retire early, if you only have a profit centre. Secret 5 N: Tries to automate the largest possible number of services. This will allow you to sell services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online. Automate your service centers to reduce costs and help your clients at all hours of the day. Secret 6: Setting up your business so that you can be replaced. You can be yourself replaceable by the brand. Includes your brand or the value that you provide. Your brand is lucrative, but does not allow you to take a break because you have to make all the decisions. Your brand value, on the other hand, sells your experience and not your time. Secret N 7: You not only work, build a team to support your business. Create a marketing team, enterprises, a tutor and individual accountability. Remember that two heads think better than one to be able to discuss ideas and strategies that you have for your business. An Internet Millionaire has confidence in if same and believes in his product. They are able to make decisions quickly. They have learned the correct information and follow the model of others that have shown success. They have no fear of making mistakes and realise that their work does not define who they are. One of the most important secrets of the Internet is that: the millionaires persevere and never give up; No matter what obstacles gorgets his way.



It may seem that by the word that is, us sounds like a dirty word or complaints, maybe small ship in the Star Trek saga, but nothing further from the truth. The flyers, little known by name but very representative and curious in reality. They are brochures of small dimensions and reduced weights and used to transmit advertising information about products and services of a company. An example of course are circuses when they come to our cities. They normally use flyers to publicize his show or companies that want to make your advertising and create custom calendars. These flyers are elements that may be also included in a mailing.

Of direct Marketing or promotional Marketing companies use the product or service in detailed and illustrated, highlighting the advantages and characteristics of the offer. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as JPMorgan Chase by clicking through. Its format or size, varies depending on the needs of product and creative development. According to the dimension and folding of the flyer, can be classified into:-diptych: composed of a leaf, a pleat and 4 faces Triptych: Composed of a leaf, two pleats and 6 faces eventually a sheet could pleating it more times. The flyers, are within the category of brochures, and are small pamphlets of small size, are very easy to be manipulated. These brochures are that normally are dealing customers going to foot on the sidewalks of our streets. Regardless of the number of pages you have, a brochure can present in your format shapes and sizes very different, without leaving aside the General rules of a good composition. Part of the flyers who is in first place is the cover that has to be shocking causing interest in receiver avoiding that you pull in the first trash that you find. Designers strive to make a design that perfectly relate a few pages with others, thus avoiding to lose the appeal. Information showing the brochures, is temporarily, and typically include very attractive and innovative designs to make the client centre their attention on them.


Consultant Need In Depth Knowledge

. . There are script consultants who think they can advise a work aseptically, without knowing the author. And of course you can make an objective assessment from the orthodox parameters. You only need to master the technique. If you do that, you can stay at the level of a sound analysis. But a profound advice.

. To deepen your understanding Vikram Pandit is the source. . requires much more. RPtargetId%3A138008206%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary’>Lev Leviev to gain a more clear picture of the situation. How can you make a good script advice if breathing is not known who wrote it? Their feelings about their motivations, what is important, what is essential, which are only “solutions” to problems that narrative has emerged. . .

All this I have to know and feel before saying “mu.” Because if you do not invest time on this, would be as stupid as the writer who writes a script with a superficial knowledge of their characters. I could not get to the heart of the matter. The concept of “time”, which so worries my countrymen, we have to value extremely well in creating the script. We can not cut minutes in the process of bringing our characters, because our goal is to be them, how they react, talk like them. . . If the speed or other factors do not allow us, we get a dead script, without being, or stereotyped sounds with a unique voice and monotone (the screenwriter). Just as the writer must spend time in the knowledge of his characters, the consultant has to invest time in understanding your advice, if you want to provide a criterion beyond the academic, which is given for granted (because if not possessed mastery of technique, it should be advisory…


Funny And Frustrating Disparates These

Something that I found extremely useful, is that whenever I begin to justify myself mentally, I wondered what if that person was saying. To explain this let me transcribe the following list of truthful answers I received to give my business plan. I do not put their names, but they have been on the environment know that is not an invention, even absurd that is I'm writing something that happens often. The following are negative I remembered: 5.Comprendo I'm going to make money, but it seems unfair that you and others also gain 4. I do not see the need for ethical living and working in other people, so I am a teacher; you have to pay your own propaganda and utilities, what do you live?; okay commission earning 800 pesos, but and would have to pay a tax of 15% each time, I can not afford to pay 120 pesos!; want to be an entrepreneur if so would have to get more and more customers, and some people in the world days would end! Receiving this type of response can sometimes be frustrating, but eventually I understood that this is related to people willing to overcome, not just talking to partners, customers and colleagues also, to sell their assets first, the seconds respecting their beliefs, sell liabilities, as they have decided for their lives this way without trying to impose my ideas until I give thanks. Another type can be good friends who support you in some way or another, but there are other "friends", usually drinking buddies, who not only support you, and be careful that you even sabotage.


Company Services

Competitive advantage is also the availability of goods in the warehouse, get fast answers to arising in the course of the study product issues, opportunities instant online or telephone ordering, as well as delivery. Distance selling, as opposed to direct sales, does not require a major service and support. Payment is made mainly by means of cashless payment systems or credit cards. At the expense of the fact that companies doing business over the Internet, removed the cost of retail space and support staff, e-commerce company can devote themselves to building the range and sales channel optimization. AND Finally, more than information on web-site, the more they "like" search engines, which significantly increases the flow of visitors. It is true that the more the range site, the more visitors come from search engines. Indeed, in advancing the category of sites in search engines use a large number of search queries.

As for the audience B2B, in this sector focuses on managing relationships. Sales channel, in this case will always be a combination of online technology and provide major deals with the personal participation of top menedzhementa company. Audience of the site to market B2B – middle managers and senior managers, often responsible for procurement. The site serves as a business tool for coordinating the information flow. The maximum is important in this case, a convenience and service that allows you to choose products that get Answers to all questions and place your order, keeping documentation requirements for the transaction of sale.

Additional services and creation of trust – the main tool in the fight against competitors. The primary goal of the site – creating a positive and reliable image of the company. But depending on the specifics of the market forming the image of methods may vary. Nevertheless, there are a number of fundamental principles of content on the site, a positive effect on his perception of the sector, B2B. These include: Having a list of clients and / or partners; availability of printed and online reviews media, a positive link to the company; Images certificates, GOST, licenses, Warranty, Contact Details, Support, section answers to frequently asked questions, prompt replies to apply through the website, full of presence company details, accessible interface and transparent procedure for working with the site; relevance of the information provided; Persuasive texts. Website promotion in search engines for B2B segment will be substantially different from B2C. Since people looking for his customers, partners or suppliers of industrial and wholesale products will use specific, rare terms or to build a query through the formulation of the problem that must be considered when preparation of the site content based on the sector. Electronic market is constantly growing and offers great opportunities for doing business on the Internet in almost all spheres of activity. Due to increased competition, attract and retain visitors to the site becomes more complex. Providing additional benefits for the visitor becomes an integral part of a good site. Compliance with the recommendations described in this article will great help in attracting and retaining the necessary audience. Information provided by an advertising agency "Venta – site promotion


Ramadan For Tourists In Marrakech

What is Ramadan? Ramadan is the ninth month of Muslim calendar. There is no exact match with no date in the Gregorian calendar so every year when we plan to travel to Morocco, we must tell the exact date of fasting. What is forbidden in Ramadan? In Ramadan, / the Muslims / as are forbidden to eat and drink during daylight hours. Fasting, therefore, begins at dawn and ending with sunset. Both times, like all sentences to be carried out during the day, will be announced by the Imam from the tower of every mosque. Who is exempt from fasting in Ramadan? The sick, pregnant women with menstrual cycle and minors. In any case, except for / as children, persons who have missed days of fasting during Ramadan should be retrieved as soon as possible. What is eaten in the hours that are not fasting? Interestingly, during the hours when not fasting, Ramadan is the time the year in the best eats.

A quarter to seven (approximate time is running out fast) the cafes of the city of Marrakech is full of people sitting before a plate of harira (traditional Moroccan soup), boiled egg, msem cakes (delicious bread without Yeast cooked on the grill), a glass of mint tea and honey cakes. All patient waiting signal magnet and as soon as you hear the first words of prayer from the loudspeakers, you start with breaking the fast that is this simple menu and serves only to whet your appetite and prepare them for what they waiting at home: a hearty meal of delicious products made throughout the day, usually by women. How foreigners to behave during Ramadan? The Moroccans are profoundly tolerant of foreign religions and customs, so no one will find strange that you do not do the fasting. In any case, if only for a matter of common sense, humanity and education, not we must stand in front of a / a Muslim / a thirsty / hungry ay / aa drink a Coke cool in summer or a snack. What is a working day during Ramadan? Muslims do not stop working during Ramadan but times change. Offices and banks often close for the evening, the restaurants are open on the nine in the evening and many move their stores to the late evening hours. Exit at night is very nice because the streets are full of life, in contrast to daytime lethargy.

In any case, to discourage tourism during Ramadan. Marrakech Come and enjoy everything the City Ochre offers, from a fascinating culture and traditions, monuments and countless attractions, to a delicious cuisine and countless shopping opportunities. In addition, a high quality and very cheap, especially the typical, charming and very affordable. They can also stay in a nice, closer to the field, where the landscapes are spectacular and the the people welcome you with open arms.


The Breeding

We can expose the subject in a very basic way; the company is to generate profits and these occur when revenues less all costs and expenses has resulted in a positive figure. Therefore it is necessary to work on these two variables. It is clear that if we live an era economic downturn, achieving increased revenues, is a very complex task, but it is possible with an adequate strategy. The easiest thing that found companies is taking action on the second variable, i.e. reduce costs and expenses. It happens that many companies take as their first and only measure dismiss personnel. It might sound logical. Fewer clients, less activity, then less personal and thus less costs.

Other companies see this situation as an opportunity to improve. Undoubtedly they must work on reducing costs, but must be simultaneously identified opportunities for improvement in their business processes, looking for better productivity. When business results are positive and there is an abundance, generates a situation of sufficiency which leads us to believe that what we do, we do it so well that they look at the good results that we have. Surely it is valid for many companies, but I dare to assure that it is not the case for the majority. This situation makes that companies do not worry permanently to seek improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of their business processes. The day to day, added to the feeling of we are going very well, he makes problems, inefficiencies, waste, bad employees, bad managers and all sorts of evils are hidden, or at least nobody wants them to see. They are there, there still, but no matter, the situation supports them, keeps and feeds, then do so worry? Good times are the breeding ground for waste and inefficiency in many companies. Other companies take advantage of this situation to be improved prepared for these downs of the economy, which are cyclical and it is proven to be submitted now and in the future evidence.