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Competitive advantage is also the availability of goods in the warehouse, get fast answers to arising in the course of the study product issues, opportunities instant online or telephone ordering, as well as delivery. Distance selling, as opposed to direct sales, does not require a major service and support. Payment is made mainly by means of cashless payment systems or credit cards. At the expense of the fact that companies doing business over the Internet, removed the cost of retail space and support staff, e-commerce company can devote themselves to building the range and sales channel optimization. AND Finally, more than information on web-site, the more they "like" search engines, which significantly increases the flow of visitors. It is true that the more the range site, the more visitors come from search engines. Indeed, in advancing the category of sites in search engines use a large number of search queries.

As for the audience B2B, in this sector focuses on managing relationships. Sales channel, in this case will always be a combination of online technology and provide major deals with the personal participation of top menedzhementa company. Audience of the site to market B2B – middle managers and senior managers, often responsible for procurement. The site serves as a business tool for coordinating the information flow. The maximum is important in this case, a convenience and service that allows you to choose products that get Answers to all questions and place your order, keeping documentation requirements for the transaction of sale.

Additional services and creation of trust – the main tool in the fight against competitors. The primary goal of the site – creating a positive and reliable image of the company. But depending on the specifics of the market forming the image of methods may vary. Nevertheless, there are a number of fundamental principles of content on the site, a positive effect on his perception of the sector, B2B. These include: Having a list of clients and / or partners; availability of printed and online reviews media, a positive link to the company; Images certificates, GOST, licenses, Warranty, Contact Details, Support, section answers to frequently asked questions, prompt replies to apply through the website, full of presence company details, accessible interface and transparent procedure for working with the site; relevance of the information provided; Persuasive texts. Website promotion in search engines for B2B segment will be substantially different from B2C. Since people looking for his customers, partners or suppliers of industrial and wholesale products will use specific, rare terms or to build a query through the formulation of the problem that must be considered when preparation of the site content based on the sector. Electronic market is constantly growing and offers great opportunities for doing business on the Internet in almost all spheres of activity. Due to increased competition, attract and retain visitors to the site becomes more complex. Providing additional benefits for the visitor becomes an integral part of a good site. Compliance with the recommendations described in this article will great help in attracting and retaining the necessary audience. Information provided by an advertising agency "Venta – site promotion