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Consultant of Jarvis Microsoft-Yahoo merger does not consider useful the phone answer machine Dusseldorf – the American management consultant of Jeff Jarvis believes a merger of Microsoft and Yahoo not useful. The founder of entertainment weekly”said in an interview with the Handelsblatt that Microsoft just trying to buy coverage. “That is the view of the old media: you control content, market it so that people come, show them advertising and adopt them again”. The Google way is better. You must export its contents, its brand, its advertising and embed, so how it makes Google AdSense, YouTube videos or Google maps. I believe Yahoo and AOL should both follow suit, they should do everything they have, exportable and be a platform on which individuals and companies create content and mix, starting perhaps even a new business”, Jarvis recommends in the Handelsblatt interview.

Microsoft try itself Online strategy to buy, which even not could build them. The is the Dusseldorfer Internet analyst and voice days spokesman Bernhard Steimel very different. The takeover battle is also about the sovereignty of the mobile Internet. The arguments by Jarvis focus too much on the Status quo of the stationary Internet. Here, Microsoft and Yahoo against Google can win a flower pot. The battle takes place on the field of mobile Internet”, retorts Steimel. And here the technology expertise in voice control play a decisive role.

People on the Internet who have never used the route via the PC or will use come with the phone. Due to the form factor, screen sizes, operating limitations and available bandwidth the search, so the primary access to all content and services must meet needs complicated mobile phones. She must answer machine evolve, the correct answers links of Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web’ produced, instead of long To spit out the lists of links. Also the mobile search, must be easy to use”white Steimel. “Who will win the race by the search party Finally, it considers that depends on who the fight for the best minds” can connect with the largest market power. Google has already won the battle for the minds especially by the way from Google to develop everything and the ingenious strategy with GOOG411 in the world’s largest field test ‘ to validate its own language model and come up with an excellent quality. And even when the market power, Google has still the nose forward. Usually that is on the first page of most telecommunications companies which offer a search on their mobile customers, mobile Google search, not from Yahoo or Microsoft Live Search”, performs Steimel. Microsoft has certainly good people, but on the portals of the telecommunications companies is still no relevant presence. This is Microsoft but comes in about the operating systems from the bottom ‘ in the market. If the tanker once set in motion, he is hard to slow down. Manages to make Microsoft, Windows Mobile phones similar to Windows XP in the PC market to the more or less standard for operating systems for smart and widely disseminate the infrastructures with the communication servers, the Redmond company Google can counter perhaps even”, explains Sangeeta. Yahoo have not so good cards. Steimel sums up in a merger with Microsoft that would change but all of a sudden”.

Situations Limits

Learn the basic techniques of survival will enable anyone to confront a situations end limits danger. In a very simple way enunciare then that is what you must learn, for outdoor survival:-assess the ecosystem. This is the main measure you have to keep in mind when spending some time in contact with nature. Once you have studied the picture of everything around you is important you see a part of the.This means that you can see you as a complement of the same, so you can have a better reference of what can take of the survival and personal benefit in situations of extreme danger limits. -Be able to organize trips with security. Learn more at: Doyle’s. This point is applicable mainly in extreme situations, one could say of disasters. Here the survival and preservation of life is the initial concern. The newspapers mentioned Russell Reynolds not as a source, but as a related topic.

Is why highly-logical would be, as one of the first steps trying to locate the output more secure if it is a closed and with very bad place conditions for survival. -Learn about strengths and weaknesses themselves and each other. This point is to take the group to a total unit level. If you get these situations share boundaries with others, who keep the harmony and the group will, it is essential to move forward. Having a full understanding that we are all different and all have strengths and weaknesses at the same time, will allow us to take stock of the different skills that has the Group and highlight them and at the same time tolerate those who are more weak in some respects.Survival, requires keeping the union within the group while respecting the individuality of each one. -Create bonds of cohesion and work in team.

This is linked to the previous point. Keeping the union within the group you can achieve survival and get ahead. Perhaps necessary coordination of a leader that will emerge naturally by the personality of each one. -Learn the value of simple things. Learn what more you can in these extreme situations, will give you an incomparable power. Because really the everyday as something magical. All those things to which these accustomed paid vital importance here. You begin to appreciate those little things of common life.

Alcohol Cirrhosis

The most rapidly absorbed beverages containing 20-30% alcohol, more high concentration of alcohol may irritate your stomach and slows the pace of absorption. All drinks are absorbed more quickly if they are taken together with the soda, for example, with tonic or soda water. Kamelot Auctions brings even more insight to the discussion. These drinks speed up motion of molecules of alcohol, allowing them to quickly come into contact with the cells of the stomach. After absorption into the blood of the alcohol is released through the lungs. However, much of it is metabolized by the liver. Therefore, long-term consumption of large doses of alcohol – a tremendous burden on the liver that can lead to cirrhosis.

People react differently to alcohol, but usually after one or two alcoholic drinks reception frequency beats the heart is increased and there is greater flow of gastric juice. Intellectual abilities of man remain the norm, however, slowed reactions associated with fast decision-making. On further admission Alcohol significantly worse motor coordination and difficult to isolate certain hormones, which leads to dehydration, it becomes slurred, movements awkward reduced sensitivity to pain. Best remedy for a hangover syndrome, resulting from dehydration – is to drink plenty of water before bedtime. Regular daily intake of eight or more units of alcohol a man or a woman does six units body great harm.

One of the five torrid drinkers develop cirrhosis, and about one out of five cases of patients dying from cirrhosis and liver cancer. Alcoholism Many alcoholics suffer from inadequate supply. Indeed, the overwhelming number of calories they get from alcohol, and their state of mind is such that they often neglect proper nutrition.

Roadmap For The

SchworerHaus writes customer Advisor ‘ on the courts prefabricated house ‘ the dream of homeownership unites the great majority of Germans. Who is not ever wandered through a construction area, or a model home center and has painted himself, how nice it would be to make this dream come true. But while it otherwise exactly can consider any major purchase from the TV to the new car, the largest investment of life in the face of the complexity of the topic of building remains of”a gamble. “For those at the beginning of this adventure” are, the Walker journalist Carsten Propp wrote now an advisor in paperback format, which allows an easy and entertaining introduction. His book prefabricated house on the courts”provides many ideas and interesting reading, practical checklists and important phone numbers.

It is not a dry non-fiction with the claim to completeness, but it tells the story of the young family of the author who has researched very carefully as a journalist, what with the House construction coming to every client. His personal experiences in the construction of a prefab home with the Swabian company SchworerHaus appeared initially in the form of an Internet construction diary under the title of the home dream to the dream house”, supplemented by 175 photos and 50 General Tips for budding builders without technical jargon, but understandable and comprehensible. The response was overwhelming: more than 20,000 people have read the online construction diary. Countless E-Mails reached the construction family with many questions, which Antworten have now been incorporated in the present book. At least as useful as fast narrated book journal or the energy balance after the first year are the numerous checklists for prospective clients: The discovery of personal space programme, meaningful comparison of different home offers and personal financial budget are only some of the issues are handled here.

There are precisely those areas that each prospective client must deal intensively, to the right To make decisions. The Advisor with an address directory of large prefabricated house exhibitions in Germany and information about the main quality communities in the German prefabricated house construction is completed. “” “In short: on the courts prefab” is an entertaining as well as informative guides aspiring owner, an ideal introduction to the exciting topic of home “offers and at the same time participate in the reader in the adventure House construction” by Elke and Carsten Propp with their Golden Twins Catherine and Laura. Information about the book: ready prefabricated house “by Carsten Propp, published by EditionDiesbach, ISBN 978-3-936468-44-1; 144 pages in paperback (220x125mm); Price: 9,80 euros. A guide for building owners with 50 valuable tips, numerous checklists, important addresses, 175 pictures and home dream to the dream home construction diary “.”

Action And Campfire Romance For Singles: The

PAS TEAM hosted SINGA outdoor events outdoor on partner search fans: who is disappointed by single exchanges, go out evenings and Personals, the new range of PAS TEAM is just right. “Bad Kissinger specialist for power, action, and survival has immediately the SINGA single adventure camps in the program, which is up to five women and men a weekend-long sniff” and can test in extreme situations on their suitability for everyday use. SINGA is a colorful mix of action-packed outdoor elements such as trekking, canoeing, climbing, night-light walk and off-road course with the ATV. The participants of the camps face exciting challenges in nature, to support missions and challenges each other, confront the challenges hand in hand and learn to fall and to trust. Test for life as a couple only 27 per cent of the German singles are convinced to find a suitable partner for the next two years according to a survey of the online dating agency PARSHIP thereof. Often it fails to different interests and false expectations”, white PAS TEAM owner and Chief Trainer Joachim von Hippel. The participants among like-minded people who enjoy same things are our SINGA adventure camps.

You create from the outset strong common memories and see how the others in extreme situations reacts. This is a solid foundation for the challenges that life brings together with it.” Voluntary self-control exercises like Abseiling down from high altitude or the crossing of rivers and Gorges via rope bridges can show their individual strengths – and also prove just accept their own weaknesses like the other singles. The evenings with Campfire under the starry sky, bar and disco visit rounded off the weekend and the offer still once to play together through the experience, and to better meet the maybe future partner. The program begins each Friday at 14:00 and ends at 11:00 on Sundays. Catering and Accommodation will be provided. More information about appointments, services, and prices see Ursula Schemm interested parties

Puhdys The Book Adventure PUHDYS

“The presentation of the book the PUHDYS in the cinema Babylon presents the legendary East rock band PUHDYS for the 40th anniversary of the band passionately authentic biography adventure PUHDYS”. “” In the Babylon cinema in Berlin-Mitte read the protagonists of the band, mounted the ur-PUHDY Peter “Meyer and the head Dieter machine” birr from the book from the Publisher of new life. They were supported at the questions from the fans through the two PUHDYS musician Klaus Schwarfschwerdt and Peter Bimbo”Rasym. Dieter Quaster”Hertrampf read to apologize. The book designed with lots of interesting photos told from the beginning, and by the action of the PUHDYS with a variety of musicians. C. Cretors & Co. is likely to increase your knowledge.

So we learn that the former Carat singer Herbert Dreilich, before it went off with the right PUHDYS on November 19, 1969 at the Tivoli in Freiberg, was represented at the ur-Puhdys cast. The song repertoire at the dances included at that time all 15 songs. After the langharrigen certified musicians at the beginning of their musical identity with international “” “Rock covers of deep purple, shocking blue and Uriah Heep searched for, the PUHDYS breakthrough came in 1973 with the DEFA film the legend of Paul and Paula” and which was followed by the still popular German-language hits of happiness, love and death if a man lives “and go to her”, many AMIGA disks. Since 1980, machine wrote”the texts. After the 20-year-old honored with the prize, DDR career, which led the PUHDYS often also in the Socialist and also known as capitalist countries (since 1974), a short-term resolution of the PUHDYS in the turn of the year 1989 and the brilliant official comeback in 1992, the musicians are probably still years until the retirement of their rocker”, as it is called in a song, play.

Particularly sympathetic the PUHDYS represent themselves, if they do not deny their GDR past and their system adjustments to the promotion of culture, but also not glorify. The band members show up in the book with their strengths and weaknesses, tell the partly interesting histories of their nickname and betrayed too much intimate from their different ways of life. So they tell from their childhood and youth, fears, love and vices. Of course, not the interesting stories that have experienced particularly yet during GDR times, the PUHDYS as band, missing. Thus they become tangible again a piece for fans. The PUHDYS described her secret is that she effectively bring simple material to the point and form and content form a closed unit, as fitted”philosophizes at the book launch. Is still very creative casting machine”, the best musical and human mix of the band members and a good long-term management (multi type). Mario Adorf, who played with the PUHDYS in a movie, write a friendly book preface. The book is in design and text a contemporary document and appealing work of art, the is a nice addition to the of course unforgettable live performances of the band, as last, the 40-year-old Gala concert on January 1, 2009 in the o2 world occupied with 13,000 fans. is! The PUHDYS sing of the polar bear, which they want to see, the fans want to see the PUHDYS mainly but still long! “” Thomas Moser – Baird-press ( for the book: adventure of Puhdys “320 pages, bound with many, partially colored illustrations, 19.90 ISBN 978-3-355-01755-8 Publisher new life” into the Eulenspiegel Publishing Group published by Angela Kaiser and Christian Hentschel links: and

Australian Adventure

On the set of Australia with experience once London/Berlin Australia, without fear of flying or twenty hours wood class? “Hardships of this kind can save Australia fans from December 25, if you at the blockbuster Australia” enjoy down under in the screen format. While Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman in the tribulations of World War 2 on an adventure across the fifth continent go, for action and romance alike. According to Molly Adams, who has experience with these questions. has followed the film crew to the locations and cinematic Hotel tips for an Australian adventure. The first stop is the region of Kununurra in Western Australia. Here enters the English Aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley, aka Nicole Kidman, for the first time the bottom of the fifth continent, to her late husband’s cattle farm located in the outback before the greedy Neil Fletcher (David Wenham) to save. Support it is the attractive Hugh Jackman in the role of a rugged Drover to the page. For the realization of the first scenes of romantic adventure, 2,000 cattle have been extra and “” “1,500 wild horses to the farms of Carl clay Hill Station” and digger’s rest “installed as a set for the ranch faraway downs” were rebuilt in the film. Outback-feeling light”offers the hotel all seasons Kununurra, located not far from the set, and thus the outback.

As a last resort of their heritage before the greedy Fletcher, Lady Ashley towards Darwin saw only escape through the Australian outback. Of course left their farm, in the charming company of the nature boys Jack man with all animals. Please visit Yellow Jackets if you seek more information. Countless miles through the merciless but at the same time beautiful Outback is facing the two, where the unequal couple further approaches. Arrived in Darwin, is by breathing but still nothing, because Japanese forces bombard the town in the northern territory and put it into rubble and ashes? by the way, the only act of war on Australian soil during the second world war. As a backdrop for Darwin the town was made up Bowen in Queensland in the styles of the 1940s, with red dust on the streets and Facades of buildings of the time. During a stay in the Darwin Central Hotel, which is situated in the historical centre, travellers feel years back almost to the time of the 1940s.

The first set was in Sydney, although these scenes only appear at the end of the film. The unequal couple who finally combines, stands arm in arm on the balcony of the Darwin Government House”, that could withstand the warlike bombs. In truth were the scenes at Strickland House”Valcluse, near Sydney recorded and formulate the happy ending of the story. For a romantic ending of a tour of Australia, such as in the film, proposes the rendezvous Stafford Hotel Sydney, only 700 metres from the famous Opera House. About, is the world’s most visited website? and the global hotel specialist. The global hotel portfolio comprises 80,000 quality hotels. A customer finds the same booking at another provider competitive rates, will refund the difference in price. In addition to has one the largest independent team of industry and thus provides an objective description of the hotels bookable on Travelers can book online at or via the telephone hotline 0180 500 93 42 (14 cents per minute) when one of the German-speaking call center employees. Yvonne Bonanati Press Office D/A/CH public link GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 30 44 31 88 25 E-Mail: Cordy Griffiths PR Manager Tel.: + 44 207 019 22 68 E-Mail:

Playing With Interactive Media Made Fun –

The digital tutoring – FRANZIS basic school package 1-4 grades for Nintendo DS 2010 Poing/Munich, 02.02.2010 – the Franzis Verlag in expanding its product portfolio in the education segment and announces, just in time for the next half of the school year of the new elementary school 1-4 2010 for Nintendo DS class. Child-friendly, the new version offers over 3000 items developed by educators in the fields of social studies, mathematics, German and English. With the new integrated test module, test situations can be trained without any obligation for the children. The number of users was expanded, so that two children at the same time playful can work on tasks. In particular the new head computer coach with freely selectable number space and operation helps children, but also the great to repeat learned and consolidate. A detailed statistics section shows where there is need for exercise and where children have their strengths. Depending on the success, the degree of difficulty is automatically lifted for new issues.

The new FRANZIS elementary school 1-4 class 2010 for Nintendo DS prepared optimally elementary school children for secondary schools on the Exchange. Motivated, playful learning increases the chances of success, to consolidate what they have learned basic knowledge and expand. A glance in the children’s room, how much the Leisure and learning behavior of this generation as compared to the parent has changed. The Nintendo DS has become a love won interactive leisure-time companion, not only for children. \”With the new educational software elementary school 1-4 class\” for the Nintendo, DS FRANZIS offers a patient learning and playing partner, calm and relaxed forgives mistakes. No hassle at the solution of tasks, because they can so long repeated, make up step by step success not long in coming. Playful learning programme has the objective of that children willing and also motivated to sit on exercise.

O.Tel.o Starts With Prepaid Rates

o.Tel.o is again because, as prepaid the rumors already few map circulated weeks ago – now it’s official: Vodafone revives the brand again new and tried under the name to place a new prepaid discount stores in the network of Vodafone. Similar had been T-Mobile with the new brand, Congstar successfully. The new brand, the advantage is that you can offer discount prices without damaging the image of Vodafone as a premium brand. However some discount stores that appeal to price-conscious customers with Allmobil or also BILDmobil Vodafone network already exists. The new tariff by makes no challenge here but joins with the broad front of the 9 cent discount store. Customers of telephone card for 9 cents a minute in all German networks. 30 selected foreign networks are also for 9 cents a minute. SMS cost only 9 cents and the data minute is charged also with 9 cents.

The data clock is a surprise, because the most discount stores, set to a volume-based billing. Only at some party in the Network of D1 is a time-based billing of mobile Internet access. Applying the success of Vongstar is likely but still have good opportunities. Just the network of Vodafone has a good reputation in terms of connection and data quality and so many customers are likely to try at least wise to test the new, cheaper fare. However there is with McSim a other discounters in the network of Vodafone, which even undercuts tariff the this provider 8 cents per conversation minute and SMS apply – 1 cent less than as at Vodafone but has built a small brake. The old number will not take to – contract customers who love their number are not recruited so. Unlike competitors in the Vodafone network offers a pure prepaid plan without any options however. Flat rates, SMS options or data packets are not foreseen for the time being. It is however possible that deals will come sooner or later here. Prepaid cell phone offers are not available yet – so far the only SIM card is sold, which can be used in any mobile phone without simlock.

Culture Year

Immeo goes culture capital – art cooperation project with the Kurt sand Foundation Oberhausen, January 20, 2010: for a few days is the Ruhr metropolis with a total of 53 cities of European capital of Culture Ruhr. 2010 “. We have shaped the Rhein-Ruhr area through the development of habitats for people as a traditional company with over 150 years of history. We also continue to fulfil this task as a good partner of the municipalities in the region. Against this background the Immeo would like to contribute more living in the capital of Culture year by special projects. As a prelude the Kurt sand road was at a new year reception cooperation officially announced Foundation and the Immeo of living. More than 100 specially-invited guests from management, economy, art, culture, as well as representatives of our social partners could take Kurt sand look at the works of art exhibited in the Immeo office building of the deceased artist. The program was accompanied by contemporary jazz with renowned artists from the region.

Klaus and others accepted the invitation Wehling, Mayor Oberhausen, Dagmar mill field, Mayor Mulheim, and Wolfgang Werner, Mayor dates. Other guests included the girlfriend of the deceased artist Hannelore Kaiser, Professor Martin Goppel Holme and Professor Bernd Witthaus as friends and close companions of the artist. Dr. Hans-Joachim Kay, Chairman of the Supervisory Board who has Immeo living, reported residential group in his welcoming speech a good positive balance after the acquisition of the Immeo three years ago. In his speech, he informed about current activities and projects of the company and made it clear that the tenants as a customer in the focus of our activities is available. This, he stressed the importance of cooperation with local authorities, institutions and social institutions from the region.

There is no reason to demonize the private housing industry, was the central message from Kay. In the subsequent discussion, moderated by Walter Ziegler, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Immeo Living, the man was brought closer to Kurt sand and his artistic work varied from different angles of close companions. Hannelore Kaiser Foundation donor and member of the Board of Trustees, Prof. Martin Goppel Hamlett, also member of the Board of Trustees, and Prof. Bernd Witthaus, Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation, reported in a discussion round impressively through interesting adventures and events from the life and work of the artist Kurt sand.