O.Tel.o Starts With Prepaid Rates

o.Tel.o is again because, as prepaid the rumors already few map circulated weeks ago – now it’s official: Vodafone revives the brand o.tel.o again new and tried under the name to place a new prepaid discount stores in the network of Vodafone. Similar had been T-Mobile with the new brand, Congstar successfully. The new brand, the advantage is that you can offer discount prices without damaging the image of Vodafone as a premium brand. However some discount stores that appeal to price-conscious customers with Allmobil or also BILDmobil Vodafone network already exists. The new tariff by o.tel.o makes no challenge here but joins with the broad front of the 9 cent discount store. Customers of o.tel.o telephone card for 9 cents a minute in all German networks. 30 selected foreign networks are also for 9 cents a minute. SMS cost only 9 cents and the data minute is charged also with 9 cents.

The data clock is a surprise, because the most discount stores, set to a volume-based billing. Only at some party in the Network of D1 is a time-based billing of mobile Internet access. Applying the success of Vongstar o.tel.o is likely but still have good opportunities. Just the network of Vodafone has a good reputation in terms of connection and data quality and so many customers are likely to try at least wise to test the new, cheaper fare. However there is with McSim a other discounters in the network of Vodafone, which even undercuts tariff the o.tel.o: this provider 8 cents per conversation minute and SMS apply – 1 cent less than as at o.tel.o. Vodafone but has built a small brake. The old number will not take to o.tel.o – contract customers who love their number are not recruited so. Unlike competitors in the Vodafone network o.tel.o offers a pure prepaid plan without any options however. Flat rates, SMS options or data packets are not foreseen for the time being. It is however possible that deals will come sooner or later here. Prepaid cell phone offers are not available yet – so far the only SIM card is sold, which can be used in any mobile phone without simlock.