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‘Adventure & ALLRAD 2012’ in Bad Kissingen in ‘Europe’s biggest off-road show’ with over 200 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors – new: ‘Outdoor-Cooking-Competition’ with chef Ralf Zacherl 54,000 visitors from all over the world. From Chile, Peru and New Zealand. From Australia, the United States and the Mongolia. Continue to learn more with: Ben Silbermann. But also from all over Europe and of course in the entire Federal Republic of Germany. Increase of visitor numbers within one year to just under 30 percent. The adventure & ALLRAD “has in the past year not only its reputation as Europe’s biggest off road fair”, but at the same time reached a new dimension. The adventure off road “lives. Consequently the adventures & ALL-wheel presents itself”of the year 2012 following the motto: life adventure off road.

Viva la 4 x 4 Aventura! “.” 07. 10 June 2012, it is happening again. Around 60,000 international visitors are pilgrims to the Mecca of the off road community after Bad Kissingen, where she will expect not only the whole range of 4 x 4 life by over 200 exhibitors, but all what outdoor and Adventure heart beat faster. The adventure & ALLRAD “in its entirety is something absolutely unique. “A mass under the open sky with a touch of Festival character and a unique charm that characterizes the peculiarity of this event for years, explains Claus-Peter Laufer, Managing Director of the trade fair organizer pro – GmbH, log of the adventure & ALLRAD” in turn at the end of the 1990s with lifted from the baptism. Off road was still the subject of a special clientele. Today, almost every second vehicle on our roads is a SUV or crossover and off roading is hip, trendy and modern. And, at any event otherwise you get presents, as on the adventures & ALL-wheel more to the topic”Laufer.

In fact. The entire spectrum of international off-road and all-wheel scene shows BBs of the main 4 x 4 series vehicles about quads, ATVs and pick up up to expedition and desert vehicles, RVs and trucks. To get replacement parts and accessories, tents and tent structures of all Art as well as Caravan – and outdoor equipment and much more. Leader in worldwide adventure and rally travel report on Europe’s largest off-road show”also shared their spectacular and adventurous tours across the globe. And also visitors are active in the fair again included. In special 4 x 4 off-road course the possibility to put yourself behind the wheel of an off road racing cars and all-terrain vehicles – the lobster to the Bundeswehr truck – even to test. To get an Kinderquad course and many similar activities at the stands of individual exhibitors. In addition to the camp area, established specially for the exhibition, which has become particularly in the last year a true Eldorado for globetrotters and adventurers from all over the world, a free bus shuttle from the free fair parking lot available are also in 2012. And then there is the outdoor cooking competition”. The perhaps most extraordinary cooking event of the year under the open sky, and certainly one of the absolute Highlights of this year’s adventure & ALLRAD”.