New Model Education

Need not stuck in outdated education systems, referring to the rural school, that still remains in the practices of many institutions, it must respond to students considering the characteristics of current technology, without neglecting the role of the teacher with irreplaceable character, must recognize that a pedagogical model for urban or rural society there isHe is sold to the child a social model through the media and does not offer students the possibility of facing this complex society. The certainty of that innovation, is the answer to the demands of current education and this is only possible with the update must exist in the masters. The education given by the teacher must be an education for life, taking into account its context, it can not claim to be have an educational model first worldist when we are not consolidated as an industrialized country, i.e. we are very outdated with other countries in social, educational and economic fields. It must of make decisions and implement solutions, establish stimuli where it is really necessary, for example that teachers centres operate better, and the reform of the teaching career is aimed at a continuous education process and focus on the real needs of the students. Not you can innovate if there is an investigation in our own environment about Mexican children, support and respond to the work of the Mexican investigator who knows the true situation that envelops the social context of rural communities, promote a deep social knowledge before you implement practical remedial or preventive.

Teachers must adjust our teaching practices and leave behind all this cultural burden that really weighs us and that will allow us to take that step to leave the traditional teaching and embrace a constructivist teaching that we provide to our children of tools that facilitate the understanding of their environment, their life and their education. Finally offered two fundamental tasks to make the changes that we have been talking about: the remedial, that he would be in training and constant and systemized Reformation for teachers in service. The preventive, which refers to the adjustments of relevant plans and programmes forming schools for teachers. There are other problems of a political nature in which management or allocation of funds can play an important role, seek consultation among teachers, the needs of quality providing with necessary teachers, reaching these agreements also in consultation with experts in the field of education and really consolidating a quality education system that allows changes, and which truly consolidate.

Bush And The War Against Terrorism

Doctrine Bush and the war against terrorism on September 11, 2001: for the first time in history United States was attacked within its territory, became vulnerable and millions of stunned eyes could not believe what was being transmitted by their televisions. The world power, the most powerful country in the world, had could not prevent a terrorist attack on its soil. The words terrorist, terrorism and axis of evil became since then common places. George W. Bush, then launched what he called a crusade against terror. Why in the 21st century when progress technology they seem to have gone beyond the imagination of the man, and where globalization has brought closer than ever to different cultures, terrorist movements occur? Where this failure of the liberalism? To Francis Fukuyama, terrorism has its roots in a problem of identity where the modern politics of identity arises from a failure in political theory that underpins liberal democracy.

For Fukuyama liberalism has failed to recognize the rights of group, focus on the individual in carrying out a domestic plan setting aside the person as a social subject. From this position the radicalism arises when individuals of some tradition or customs face their values. This is for example, when a Muslim leaves his country and settles in a Western country where there is another way of conceiving the world. You are right, but only to a certain extent, since while it is true that the problem of identity is fundamental to understand the emergence of terrorism, it is also true that conflict occurs not only for religious, cultural or ethnic groups threatened their identity in foreign countries, but also for the clear intervention by one country to another. This is precisely the case of United States, country recognised as an example of both economic and political liberalism. However, hypocrisy and contradiction are words that leave no mark not only its National Plan of Proclaimed security after the attacks of September 11, but his proceeding.

The New

10 In the educational context, if makes necessary that the school innovates, absorbs the changes to follow boom technological, is necessary that he is respected all a context politician of integration of the university units, by means of agreements, accords and contracts, for the systematization of use of cellular in the schools and the university. Imbernn (2000, P. 80) presents for the sector the following challenges: (i) the recovery on the part of the professors and excessively educative agents of the control on its process of work; (II) the valuation of the knowledge, as much of that one already acquired and developed by the generations and previous cultures, that have its value and importance exactly nowadays, but that if it presents as insufficient for the next times, how much of the new knowledge that are investigated and produced currently in new conditions of number of information, speed of communication and proliferation of knowledge sources; (III) the valuation of the integrant community as true of the educative process, the community of learning, co-responsible for the pedagogical project of the institution; (IV) the diversity as cultural and educative project. 11 The same author synthecizes that the pertaining to school environment must be: a based social environment in the information and the communications; the trend the one that everything is planned; a situation of crisis in relation what if it must learn and/or teach in a world where reigns the uncertainty and the vertiginous change; the new paper of the educator as manager and mediator of learning. 12 Being the pertaining to school environment the unit of the information and communication and actions based on planning, in such a way fits adaptations to it to the requirements of the current technological moment, that is, to bring for the environment of the school the use of the cellular one as pedagogical tool. The academy, while unit of the society of the knowledge must assume the decurrent process of the midiatizao of the information in interface with the productive and consuming sectors.

Rio De Janeiro

To complete the series of nonsenses, although Jose Adonis to have last the week end resting in house, it did not return a cent of the daily fat person who received for the period of removal. He would have to restitute the value of daily the relative ones to the days where he spendt the night in its house. For well less of this (appropriation of daily) he has much people answering the process. Interesting he is that, as judging of magistrates, Jose Adonis he is rigorous. He voted against the act of receiving of allowance for expenses for removed judges, even so he himself has received allowance for expenses to be only some days it are of its unit. Recently, Adonis arguiu the suspicion of the appeals court judge of the TRT-1 Nelson Tomaz Braga to participate of the voting in claim to discipline restored, the CNJ, against the former-president of the Court of Justice of Rio De Janeiro, Zveiter Luiz (Mrcio Thomaz Bastos, lawyer of Zveiter, arguiu the suspicion of Adonis).

Curious he is that Jose Adonis if did not give for soldier on barrack duty (what more than what is suspected), when determined the instauration of administrative proceeding against the server who did not order the official vehicle to search it in the airport. Tuiui is thus: ' ' It makes what I say, but does not make what I fao.' ' I represented against Jose Adonis. The corregedor-generality took the representation until then the solicitor-generality Antonio Fernando. This assigned a subprocurador-generality of the Republic for ' ' investigar' ' Adonis. By chance, the appointed subprocurador was one tuiui. It heard Adonis and this confessed what I had written, but said that it could make what it made.

Tuiui assigned for the case, in long pleaded, it required filling next to the Superior Court of Justia (STJ). Although the effort, seems that it did not convince the minister reporter the innocence of Adonis, that if limited to receive the filling, alleging that the Court could not deny the order of the MPF. So that they do not think that I am writing asneiras, they enter in the site of the STJ ( and consult in processes: RP 398. Not accepted Adonis to be opposed. In the same way as it made with the server, certain time a solicitor criticized its vote in the CNJ, that denied allowance for expenses the transferred judges. The solicitor said that Adonis defended, in the CNJ, the thought of tuiuis in the cupola of the MPF, that is against the payment of aid of cost (for the others). Jose Adonis freed the cachorros against the criticante solicitor and he did not pardon another solicitor who had supported the critical one, saying that until the poetries of this they would be false (the solicitor that supported the critical ones, all the fridays, places poetries in the internal net of the servers and solicitors). Probably, after this article, judge of judges will invite me for a duel. Manoel Pastana Attorney general and writer

The Court Mechanic Heinrich Gambs

So, the famous master of the Rontgen Neyvuda, hereditary cabinetmaker, workshops which supplied furniture to the royal courts of France and Germany, and for some time now and sumptuous imperial court of the new Russia, arrived in Petersburg with the next transport of furniture for the metropolitan elite. This time he was accompanied by a student, a talented young artist who was destined to play a crucial role in the history of Russian art furniture. His name was Henry Gumbs. Prospects for the furniture market "Northern Palmyra" were endless. Living in debt is considered good form, the secular court committed the match vanity, and loans are not counted. For Gambs, like many of his happiest predecessors, it was a good chance to settle in life.

A career as a young man in a while, though, and now, to make two things: money and connections. Regarding the first, Gumbs found an investor in the face of the Austrian merchant Jonathan Ott. On equal footing, they founded a furniture factory in Kalinkina bridge. Factory named 'Ott and Gumbs' But when won the patronage of Henry 'small court' Pavel Petrovich and Maria Feodorovna. Wife of the heir especially fond of mechanics and the decorative arts, said she even took lessons in furniture craftsmanship Gambs, and George Koenig taught her to stone carving, and Leberecht – medal art … Maria Feodorovna was ordered Gumbs Ladies writing desk mahogany and gilt bronze and painted glass, and later played for her master, and a screen-screen, just out of mahogany and bronze.

Three Extra Sales Per Day

But, let us admit that you want to buy a new car and after some economies she takes the possante for the garage of its house. What it comes later? It can be, for example, a property? From there, you congregate the resources necessary and acquire so dreamed well. What he comes later? He can be the publication of a workmanship. Then you if kill entering dawns adentro until arriving at night of autographs.

Without doubts, a conquest and in such a way. But, passed the euphoria of the conquest, you one meets relaxed in the sofa and without perceiving it appears to such question that it does not want to keep silent: what it comes later? Vacations drawn out for the Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas or Oceania can be. Then you appeal to the economies, take care of of the logistic one so that nothing she has left wrong in its absence, purchase the tourist package and embark for the longed for rest. The vacations had been a success. You tanned each instant of the trip. However, one week after the return for aconchego, you meet relaxed repassing and relembrando each photo. He arrives at the last one and you he breathes deep and involuntarily he appears the usual investigation: what he comes later? He is, accurately, this question that in the ones of the motivation and moves our life in direction to the accomplishments.

It is who in the awaken a will and generates fagulha that she lights the fogueira of the conquest, the energy to surpass the adversities and to use to advantage the chances, creating the commitment that keeps in them in the route of the success. However, it has who says that the hard motivation little. From there, I say, it I last little exactly, as well as the bath, but he is therefore that I recommend to take bath every day. Therefore, before obtaining to reach the next goal, we must always asking in them: What it comes later? Thus acting, we will congregate the energy necessary to be successful. One another tip is: while we do not reach the next goal, we must admire, be thankful and cheer with what we have. To concentrate our energies in what we possess without envying what not yet we conquer is a wisdom that winning as the athletes Skin, Zico, Romrio, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Ronaldo Phenomenon, astro of the Golf Tiger Woods, politicians as Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, Fernando Enrique Cardoso, Barack Obama, leaders with the Franklin Roosevelt, Gandhi among others, they dominate. It is as Sarah Breathnach said: When we cannot opt to concentrating in them in what it is lacking in our lives, but we are grateful for the abundance that is present. we try the sky in terra’ ‘. Now that you know of this, you are alone to strengthen yourself to transform the knowledge into habit. Therefore, as the master Zig Ziglar says: the motivation makes with that you walk for the top, the habit keeps you there . It thinks about this and excellent week, Managing Evaldo Coast of the Institute of the Concessionaires of Brazil Writer, consultant, lecturer and professor.

Best Business Management Style

A good manager today, as Michel E. Porter asserts in his book Competitive Strategy-Techniques for analyzing industries and competition “, shall take the company to shape and implement a competitive strategy in the sense of” developing a broad formula for how the company going to compete, what its goals should be and what policies are needed to develop these goals, “all built on the analysis of the structure of an industrial sector and competition, to know in detail the five forces of competition in the industrial sector (the negotiating capacity of customers, bargaining power of suppliers, threat of substitute products, new revenue, and rivalry among existing competitors) and barriers to enter the sector and barriers to exit the sector, and battle each poderlas.

All of the above happens, of course, a long-term strategic planning, focused on the market, defined a framework for action, with involvement of people, with emphasis on diagnosis and strategies, and monitoring and control based Business Values. As we were saying, before the economic liberalization, companies that want to survive, Colombia or any country, led by their managers, should be changed consistently to face a complex and highly dynamic, for which the company management will have to maneuver under a new strategic management paradigm that allows you to create and exploit competitive advantages. Everything understanding, as I said Jorge Ignacio Paz in the study already quoted, “The strategic direction has been introduced as a process, this means that it is an activity that can be decomposed into a sequence of stages. .