Stock Sector In Ukraine

Stock sector of the economy of our country is acquired in a remarkably unusual equilibrium, which leads to the fact that the blossom arguments are treated differently from analysts. On the one hand, clearly there is a modest disinhibition (about significant at this time we can not speak) trades, mostly involving zabugornye stakeholders. If you look more biased, the economic life of Ukraine does not have such a small shift of almost no effect. Donald Gordon has compatible beliefs. Analysts attribute which holds a strange sbeg circumstances with a fairly large share of the influence of Russian citizens, who have de facto keep under control this part of the economic powers at the very least fifty percent. Anyway, the most important auction site. In the sector of Russian attention zones there are sold at banks metals and many banking organizations ("Alfa Capital", "Renaissance Capital"). Rant about raising the bar of the internal market of the state at the level of 2008 so far not that shortsighted and unacceptable. In addition, according to many consultants the national economy in the near future may be affected and feel the impact on his re-tidal wave of crisis. So it will probably not easy for the Ukrainian state times. For the most part in times of crisis all the peoples are trying to invest their savings in such funds, which will save costs in times of crisis, or at least very frisky her resume. Have not yet invented a more dignified means to do so than are sold in banks metals. Donald Gordon helps to elucidate the arguments at hand. Although gold is not sold immediately, as money is economically leading countries, investment in it represented less than mostly unreliable. Removing investors who invest their finances in order to profit, large part of the inhabitants of the country wants to move to build small amounts of funds, with the least possible losses from inflation. It just so happens that the most common method for this are bank deposits. Now it is already possible to say with conviction that the continued addition of deposits – is performed in almost all commercial banking institutions. The population is well in the banking institutions to their savings to put under interest. Clearly seen that the national hryvnia has a growing priority for our nation – deposits in the dollar or the euro falls somewhere in the 3 times smaller. Currently, the majority of people favors the possibility invest for the long deposit, since returns to short day-to-day falls. Yes, and the stabilization of the national economy in general and a stable currency is the sovereign inter alia weight) At the same time receive loan for the majority of the representatives of the population of the Ukraine still fairly long time would be very difficult. Albeit most banking organizations are currently weighty reduce lending rates, opportunities for borrowing remain excessively stringent for most of our population. While consumer credit and issuing credit cards again powerfully gaining momentum. It is noteworthy that once again the most prevalent representatives of the financial sector are denoted by the sovereign banking organizations. As these banks and sent the vast majority of our country, with the intention to make a contribution, or take a loan.

Residential Real Estate Specialization

Lucrative sector Despite the fact that the history of country building has in our country than a dozen years, competent and systematic approach to it began to take shape only in late nineties of last century. It Then coming into force of the idea of integrated development – cottage settlements. Originally started to develop real estate sector. If classified according to the price of homeownership, its level in this segment corresponds to $ 1 million. – $ 1 million. 300 thousand and above. To date, companies are faced with unmet demand for villas in the economy class segment, the price level is about $ 350 thousand, however, as noted by consumers themselves and developers, in many respects suburban housing, especially that which is positioned as an elite, does not meet the set requirements. The reason was the absence of most construction companies, gained experience in this field. "The situation formed in this way, – says Eugene Silin, consultant staffing agency UNITY-SET, which specializes in recruitment for the construction and real estate – that are increasingly coming to the cottage building non-profile investors. In this sector they are attracted to the apparent ease and profitability of both projects. As a rule, having the opportunity to purchase a plot of land, they decide to invest it in the cottage building, as one of perspective. " At this point, as many experts and companies who approach projects thoughtfully, beginning with the design part and the ending direct construction unit. Among other prevailing view that the erection of houses – is the way pretty easily and construction standards for fast profits.

Do It Yourself

Mind in the house – not a luxury when the security, improve comfort and cost housing is becoming more relevant to the middle class, including Russia. Such elements are the "smart home" as a system against unauthorized intrusion, fire, water leakage and Gas starting to be seen not as an element of luxury, but as a necessity. And, despite the fact that most potential customers a priori assured of excessive dearness of such systems, such functionality now possible to realize in the usual city apartment or country house at an affordable price. Moreover, according to experts, in practice, used only 30-50% of the features the classic "smart home". At the same time, about three years ago there were devices and control systems, life support, based on the use of wireless technologies, and therefore do not require high installation costs. This led to further development the concept of "smart home" in the direction of reducing the cost and increase integration opportunities. The result is a whole class of solutions targeted at people with average incomes. Completely constructed on the basis wireless technologies, such decisions are implemented only the most requested features. Minimal set may consist of one or two sensors, the controller (central unit), GSM- or phone dialer (For sending messages), keyboard (for programming the system) and stick (to arm). Such kits can be connected modules that provide additional capabilities. Such a simplified system includes a minimum of scenarios, and a number of possibilities – for example, cleaner facilities and centralized management function of the life support systems over the Internet – non-existent. However, this option allows sell up to 80% of the most frequently used functions. The main emphasis is placed on security features. It would Do It Yourself – the ideal solution for the Russian middle-income: not expensive, and You can install yourself, and assembles the pick up in person "by themselves." But until such systems in our country are especially in demand, this segment is still emerging. Most of the solutions offered today Russian market, implementing the concept of "smart home" is a classic, expensive option. But, as always, was not without pitfalls. Unfortunately, many portals do not offer ready-made kits, and systems of different manufacturers are often incompatible with each other, at least, without lining of the cables. And, then, before making the order, either to study in detail the system, or refer to specialists. Pragmatism vs. prestige of course, the classic implementation of the "smart home" has much more functionality than the simplified system, but they have different accents. In the first case the decisive role played by fashion factor, and hence the maximum possible set of features, along with video, audio and lighting effects, multi-room, climate control, integrated into a unified design solution, the second at the forefront are the most necessary and practical functionality. Elite versions of 'smart house' designed and installed by specialized companies that operate in the market comfort and safety of relatively long time. Being introduced by them systems are often "self-learning", they are able to independently adjust the various processes in the intelligent building, and increase the comfort is largely achieved through the integration of all systems into a unified whole. Cheap as analogues designed to meet the basic needs of the consumer, are focused on ease of installation, the possibility of a gradual expansion, which allows "smart home" to go to the masses at a time when demand for comfortable and secure housing are growing.