Residential Real Estate Specialization

Lucrative sector Despite the fact that the history of country building has in our country than a dozen years, competent and systematic approach to it began to take shape only in late nineties of last century. It Then coming into force of the idea of integrated development – cottage settlements. Originally started to develop real estate sector. If classified according to the price of homeownership, its level in this segment corresponds to $ 1 million. – $ 1 million. 300 thousand and above. To date, companies are faced with unmet demand for villas in the economy class segment, the price level is about $ 350 thousand, however, as noted by consumers themselves and developers, in many respects suburban housing, especially that which is positioned as an elite, does not meet the set requirements. The reason was the absence of most construction companies, gained experience in this field. "The situation formed in this way, – says Eugene Silin, consultant staffing agency UNITY-SET, which specializes in recruitment for the construction and real estate – that are increasingly coming to the cottage building non-profile investors. In this sector they are attracted to the apparent ease and profitability of both projects. As a rule, having the opportunity to purchase a plot of land, they decide to invest it in the cottage building, as one of perspective. " At this point, as many experts and companies who approach projects thoughtfully, beginning with the design part and the ending direct construction unit. Among other prevailing view that the erection of houses – is the way pretty easily and construction standards for fast profits.