Business Personalities

Estancarte or can not settle for just a little, because the universe is abundant in every way. There are certain characteristics that identify the different personalities. BETA People are insecure, have low self-esteem, do not believe they can get what they want and do what they do, much less what to do. Are passive and do not risk not like to undertake for fear of failing. It’s the kind of person who follows others because it is simply easier to do that to develop the skills required to achieve the life they want. PRE People – ALPHA: fluids, trained constantly, in some cases are authoritarian because they have confidence in themselves, are responsible and are usually looking for ways to do things a different way. I know it seems that that’s the way they move the leaders, however … The leader ALFA: It’s the kind of person who attracts others will naturally exude confidence.

The simple fact of being near someone Alfa makes you feel calm and safe. They do not care what others say, they know what they want and actually do what they have to do to get it. They are people of integrity, what they say is a reflection of what they do. They offer value to others because they love themselves, are very energetic and it seems that they are given everything they do. A very particular characteristic that identifies them is that they do what the rest of the people are not willing to do. In business, the alpha leaders are those who are in charge, know how to handle situations and improvise with ease. They have something inside that drives search challenges. They are entrepreneurs by nature.

Alpha leader does not sell anything, please do not anyone, not distributed leaflets or trying to convince others to join your organization or to do business with him. On the contrary people follow them for the value they perceive. Alfa leaders leading the way, are what make things happen. But how to learn to lead? Where they teach how a leader behaves and what you should know that other people will follow him or to have control of things that happen … Well, in theory can be very simple and is summed up in one sentence: “Do what most people are not willing to do, “because most people are followers. (Approximately 95% of the population). To become an alpha leader you just have to develop your skills and grow constantly. If you do that to become a leader (if you still are not) just a matter of time. So what kind of leader you want to be? and important man … What are you doing to become the kind of person you want to be?

The Sale of Intangibles

You can be sure that your product is the best. You know you save time and money to your customers. But you have a serious problem: your product is intangible. Apples can see, touch and taste. Shoes can be inspected. Clothing can be reviewed at each seam.But in the modern world there are intangible products, such as insurance, banking products, training, advertising, consulting, services, software, whose effectiveness can not be verified so easily, hence one can ask: intangible products can be sold in times of crisis There is great competition for intangible products, we take as example the sale of software, there is a lot of programs that can have similar features at lower prices due to economic pressures that exist today. However, the challenge will always keep sales high and this requires strong commitment from the seller between strategies that can be mentioned for promoting this kind of products in specialized attachments, sending advertisements to databases segmented data and delivery of catalogs to custom targets. But to achieve results, it is necessary to increase the “value” of supply, ie getting something extra into the product, such as free counseling for product use, better technical support and, in short, better customer service. Santie botha is full of insight into the issues. As always, creativity is the limit of the seller, but the idea is to turn into something “tangible” offering which results in obtaining the intangible product. The intangible product seller must have a full mastery of product offering, since as you can not show the softness of a material, the taste of food or the sharpness of a screen, it is necessary to deepen the features and benefits of the product Compared to the competition. Notably, in the case of the sale of intangible products, it is worth studying in a previous customer, because it can highlight the benefits that would have “for that particular customer” specific software.Finally, the idea of selling intangible products is to offer a satisfaction, ie, an extra benefit. Let’s use the example of a company engaged in the sale of appliances you plan to purchase a database system that allows the company greater control of the supply chain of your company. Because the company’s merchandise imports and the volume of products increased in recent years, the business owner wants to have a database system better. A company dedicated to the sale of Databases “Merlin”, studies the particular case of this company and verify that for this particular client, the ideal is a database that has “locks” that is, you have security protections so they can not be altered at the entrance and exit of goods. The customer knowledge allows the vendor database “Merlin”, put emphasis on security software, which is a major concern of the client. Because, besides provide security to the client, the seller offers to train a group of confidence of the organization, it is possible that the relationship of loyalty between the owner of the company and the software vendor can solidify and foster future purchases. However, the challenges for intangible products are increased in times of economic decline, so it becomes necessary to make specific plans for each case of sale of intangibles. In these cases, the training of personnel who provide products, is the key to preventing the downfalls in the sales numbers of these products. There are many challenges in terms of the sale of intangibles, mainly because companies always cut the budget for products that can not be seen, however, by emphasizing the benefits that have the product for the company, it is possible to circumvent the difficulties associated with these sales. To learn more about business training focused on the sale of intangibles, visit us Collaborated: Mayra Daniel Arganis Consultant BlauConsulting

Car Rental Companies Forsee Shortage of Vehicles

The car rental company foresees a shortage VictoriCars fleet in the Mediterranean airport for summer 2009. VictoriCars customers have already been warned through a memo, the company has already notified its occupancy forecasts for the airport, inviting them to make reservations for the season in advance. Tourists looking for last minute offers may experience a nasty surprise waiting too long to make your reservation. With some certainty, the most popular vacation destinations like the Costa Blanca is affected by the shortage of rental cars, said Jose Luis Garrote, Head of the reserves to VictoriCars. Read additional details here: Santie Botha. Like most customers arrive by plane, is almost obvious that the airport of Alicante – El Altet will be among the first to run out of cars, according to Jose. “Although too, about the rise of cultural tourism which has been registered over the country in recent years are anticipated stops on the sale and also Madrid “.” In any case, it is advisable to reserve in good time and reach the destination with further confirmation, avoiding situations of nerves and loss of time. “ Book is easy and takes only three steps: After you have chosen the origin, destination and dates, the client displays a list of cars with their respective prices of all groups that are available in your chosen destination. Once chosen the car, the customer simply select between the extras you need, fill in personal information and bookings.

Once the client receives a confirmation message, and you can forget it, your rental car will be waiting at your chosen destination on the dates you have chosen . On the other hand and to avoid the discontent of loyal customers, VictoriCars has launched a special offer that rewards prepaid reservations discounts. For bookings made on 15 to 30 days in advance there is a 1% discount on final price. For reserves between 31 and 60 days before the 2% discount for those who want to play safe and book your car with more than 60 days in advance will receive a 3% discount. VictoriCars encouraged to check availability for car hire Alicante. VictoriCars is a car rental company in Spain with more than 25 years of experience offering car hire in Alicante, car rental Barcelona and Madrid. They are available in Murcia, Malaga and Valencia airport. In the Costa Blanca, Calpe, Denia, Moraira and Torrevieja. Rental cars include: airport service, wide range of vehicles, unlimited mileage and a professional multilingual customer service.

How Caoching Can Help Your Business!

The coach is very important in improving people’s behavior. It helps to motivate them to contribute successfully, to be productive, organizational behavior, climate, where relevance and scope is important to take into account, especially in the business world Venezuela. The question is designed specifically for this purpose and involves QUESTION 9 .- What involves coaching, scope, critical, in what way has the Venezuelan company is using and how it has benefited the company. A Definition: Coach: Anglo-Saxon word which means coach, especially referring to sports, such as: hitting coach, who trains the hitter to better connect the ball. Contact information is here: santie botha. Executive Coaching: A practice-oriented management empowering the staff to lead its own development through smart work Coaching is a strategy to optimize the performance of key individuals in organizations. It is an individualized learning process for effective action taken to coaching Reviews Wikipedia notes that in the last decade has seen the burgeoning growth of this technique, multiple emerging professionals and companies dedicated to the subject.

Like many other similar trends, we find different results from its implementation. Here are some of the criticisms most popularized about Coaching: Do not use a clearly defined methodology. The large and rapidly growing discipline has resulted in the emergence of individuals who offer their services as coaches when in fact they do not have the proper training for it. The absence of appropriate certifications and academic regulations, difficult to control the practice and the quality of it. Many streams together under the name of coaching, making the offer is very diverse and sometimes not serious.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO Search Engine Advertising is more profitable and definitely cheaper. Make a fashion and accessories, allowing more customers to reach outside the physical store. Your store can be located anywhere in Spain, but to make a virtual store (Web Store) to sell any item of fashion and accessories will increase your “point” of sales to Spain. Once the web design fashions and accessories store, it can be anywhere in the country. For even more analysis, hear from Sotheby’s Art Auction. More specifically in the Google search engine.

In this way each time you search on Google “jewelry”, your page will be listed in, and the user will click the search made in the information displayed and take you immediately to your virtual store merchant and there will now be within your virtual store, the user may choose the product you are looking you will see pictures, information, examples and even opinions of users who have purchased. It’s great when you make a purchase and sale reflective of the product. Imagine if you have a jewelry store, you enter the store and you will see different models of jewelry with photographs, history, reviews of them and then it causes the call to the store where the sale will be transferred to a personal seller who will accompany the “closing sales.” If you have a watch company, has only incorporate photos, models, technical data and clocks on each product offerings in its online watch store. Then lead the online sales because he was tempted, or call your store to ask for more information and find more confidence in the deal and then the sale. Make Web positioning a fashion shop and accessories not only help you gain new customers every week but also to make better known their “retail store” or business.

PHTLS 5th Edition in Castilian

Although almost a year ago left the 6th edition in Castilian, is still in force this 5th edcici n, if I get the 6th in the digital hang anywhere. It is an excellent course that all health personnel should know and handle, I recommend it. A study, apply learning, teach and share expertise … profit! You know only have 90 days to download from today, 15 June 2009. To access click on the title of the post: PHTLS 5th Edition in Castilian or in this link: 5ta Edici n en castellano.rar.html

Sound Advice For First Time Users Credit Card

If you are just entering the world of credit cards, there is important information you need to know to manage your credit and your finances effectively. Establishing good habits and a good credit history now is the basis for a sound financial future. Request a credit card in your own name can help you establish a solid credit history and will be a valuable asset for a loan for a house, new car, or find a new job or apartment. Furthermore, there is safer way to shop online or by phone with a credit card. Along with the benefits of credit cards that have a greater responsibility. If misuse of your credit card or take responsibility for their spending habits, you could end up in serious financial trouble. Learn to choose the credit card that is right for you is the first step. There are numerous credit card offers to choose from, and may be confusing to know which best for you.

Do not choose a credit card, simply because of a low introductory rate or rewards generous. A low initial rate will increase considerably when the filing period has ended, and many times these cards have annual fees and additional costs that are not clear in the original tender. Know the terms of his contract with the credit card company. Interest rates and late fees can significantly increase your balance and make the minimum payments will not help you pay your credit card debt. If you do a lot of purchases with your credit card will be necessary for you to pay your balance in full every month if you want to avoid additional costs.

Some credit cards raise your interest rate if your balance exceeds certain amount, and will charge you numerous fees and miscellaneous purposes, if you exceed your credit limit, even if the ratio is above its limit is Fees and sanctions. You should know exactly when you will be billed each month and is preparing to send your payment several days before the due date. Late payment will result in additional costs and could impact negatively on your credit report. Even if you plan to make your payment online, plan to do at least 5 working days before your bill is due to avoid any possibility of arrears. It is very tempting to use your credit card for cash advances. You should avoid cash advances, except in the case of emergency. Cash advances usually come with a higher interest rate than regular purchases and will be charged an additional fee for each cash advance. Even if your interest rate is relatively low, the rate you are charged for amounts resulting from cash advances can be significantly higher. Be very careful about how and when you use your credit card. Never lend your credit card to friends and be sure to protect your card all times. Identity theft and credit card fraud are major problems. You have to take appropriate security precautions to prevent any of these situations. When your monthly statement arrives, make sure you have kept all receipts and check your receipts with your bill. If you find a mistake, report it immediately to your credit card company. You can learn to manage your credit wisely by practicing good credit habits. Credit cards are almost a necessity in our society, but in obtaining credit you must learn good spending habits and make smart financial decisions. This article has been provided courtesy of Web creditors. Creditor Web offers great available for reprint and other tools to help you find and compare

Everyone Gets Off His Fat: Humorous Guide To Weight Loss

Who the traditional diet and nutrition is just so tired of the weight loss comes with the book “Everyone gets off his fat” easily. The book focuses on the factors emotion and amusement, if, for example in one of 22 chapters called “Go shopping always hungry”. We speak, written in line with the recently deceased author, Paul Watzlawick, a guide to get fat, which brings the reader in a humorous way his fault close and concrete recommendations for action shows. Most overweight people lack awareness of their bodies. You do not eat enough foods that are good for them is Brigitte Vincent sure who has the book together with the well-known medical journalist and behavioral experts Markus written Vieten. Obesity is more than a cosmetic problem and can not be fought by a short dietary phase. Rather, it is necessary to change a lifetime of living and diet. Many people also need just more relaxed, and aPhD thesis at the University Hospital Aachen, could also prove: Through the learning and performing daily autogenic training to melt the pounds. Excerpts from the content: 1 Go shopping always hungry! 2. Avoid any form of physical exercise! 3. Eat quietly, we’re having surgery! 4. You belittle everything that you eat it! 5. Talk to a that you are drsenkrank and have inherited your excess weight! 6. Do you eat throughout the day as high-fat foods! 7. Occupy your mind while eating off! 8. Eat fast! 9. Stay away from fruit, vegetables and water! 10. Chew little and you prefer soft foods! The book takes up issues that people have to eat, and gives many tips to solve these problems. In each chapter follow the section “Seriously …” hints, tips and tricks to cope more easily with the situation. Obese do not need first and foremost a diet but a lifelong process, the emotional appeals and a change of consciousnessleads. More body awareness is the motto for a leaner future, says Sven-David Mller Nothmann concluded. Bibliographic Data: Everyone gets off his fat, Sven-David Mller-Nothmann/Markus Vieten, DTV, ISBN 3-423-34161-0, 7.90 euros Editorial Service: review-copies can be requested under. The center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC), headquartered in Cologne, dedicated in particular to individual nutrition counseling and operates scientifically justified public press and public on nutrition, prevention and nutrition. The CEC is a group of nutritionists, doctors, dieticians and other natural and social scientists.


Here the intention is to be able to enjoy in which beams, to obtain financial freedom, to administer your time and to be the owner of your life. And for it you will have to sacrifice security parcels. As Kiyosaki says, to happen to the quadrant of the freedom. More bond you remember than it. If you do not dare, if you do not want to assume the challenge, he is more sensible not to try it. Nobody is going to you to criticize, the decision is yours, and is allowed if he is consequent. In addition, in this more than in any other circumstance, you must be your and only your that decides.

You do not do it pushed by the beliefs of others, because it is what is called on to do, or but still, to be or, or by fear to be bad. You do not return to commit same errors that have taken to you where you did not want. But you are decided, you have completely of comprometerte. Not like a game, but dispuest@ to give it to everything and convencid@ of your triumph. It is not going to be a new work, you are going to create your own business online, your new form of life. It will not be easy, nor without effort, but the reward will be your dreams.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and to docilely live the life on others, always you will be in time. And now it can be yours. It is only necessary to have value and of taking action, to send itself. And to break the horns. Good, I mean to work hard. Yes, better. And it remembers, to being good Original author and source of the article


When it is going to initiate the development of his Web site, it takes into account like something necessary to include within this plan 2 language. Hblelo with its developer because she or he is whom she must anticipate the measures necessary to implement it later or like part of the initial development. If it does not have the translation at the time of sending his site to the air, at least it has a bond with a brief text of how contacting to him at least indicating that English speech. 3. The use of flags In order to define within a Web site the use of several languages, I recommend to him to use icons of flags which are sufficiently visible and have a bond to the translation of the site. It will facilitate widely that the user does not lose itself looking for ENGLISH word ENGLISH or (we remember that they do not speak Spanish) within our Web site. 4.

Personalice each language of its site (NOT to the literal translations) Tools as the Translator of Google easily allows to decifrar the enigmas of a language. Donald Gordon describes an additional similar source. Nevertheless, these tools are not still ready to face the task of translating from a language to another one (they are not professional in text translation) without the context is lost of some phrase. It is extremely important to take care of that aspect in a Web site, because otherwise our clients or prospectuses Dahran a delight in criticizing our company by his lack of professionalism. 5. It is not allowed to lose sales You would not place a signboard in his closed business of in hours of office certain? Even though there are million businesses in Internet, you know you who this tendency of the sites multi-language is only beginning. One says well that the one that beats first, sticks twice. It takes advantage of this tendency, that is not merely a fashion, but an extremely necessary strategy of business.

Perhaps you are not first, but with only made have a bilingual site, its market will increase in but of a 250%. Conclusions: Little by little the systems Web will become more intelligent, to the degree of being able to literally translate from a language to another one a complete Web site (supplies of work translation). It does not replace the necessity to work in specific campaigns, by country, culture (is not the same a Mexican in California that one in Chiapas), state, etc. They would not either create announcements with graphs right away in Photoshop. This still is into the hands of somebody dedicated a 100% to this type of works or entrepreneur very dedicated. Original author and source of the article