CHD-expert Study: About 60 Percent Of Catering Guests In The 40 + Segment

More men than women regularly go out little teenagers going out is mostly a popular pastime for more mature guests. Nearly two-thirds of the visitors of restaurants and pubs are over 40 years old. Almost every fifth guest is even 60 years or older. This is expert, Scheessel near Hamburg, Germany, from a study of the international market of CHD. The age distribution of our guests shows that average a few young people regularly encountered in the classical gastronomy. Although 19 percent of the population is under 18 years of age, only six percent of the guests are not yet of legal age. “Only about one-third of the guests are in the celebration age ‘ between 18 and 39 years”, Thilo Lambracht, CEO of CHD expert reports / market square Hotel Ltd., considering the average age of the guests under the age of 18, without which, it turns out that there is no age gap. The proportion of those aged 18 to 49 year olds is almost “as high as the proportion of the over 50 years in the hospitality industry”, so Labib.

The more mature guests are in each type of gastronomy”(over 40 years old) in the majority. The proportion among 39 year-olds is significantly higher only in bars, clubs or lounges. For comparison: in a la carte restaurants are around 65 percent of the guests of earlier semester. Regular going out has to do with the financial strength and that is simply higher than in young people with more mature audiences,”Labib analyzed. Age has to do with sense of community and transparency: the proportion of the over 60 years is particularly high in pubs with nearly 22 percent. For comparison: in bars are only about 12 percent of the guests at the senior age.

About 53 percent of the guests are male, 47 percent are female. The gender distribution is very different depending on the type of gastronomy: bars/clubs/lounges there is an oversupply (59%). However, more women in Cafes (55%) are found. And in pubs the situation is even clearer: 63 percent of our guests are men. Still a man’s game is, discussions at the beer at the bar or at the meeting”said Labib. More fundamentals of gastronomy expert emerge from the current study results of CHD: the average Bon in German catering is 14.50 euros. More than half of the guests is between 60 and 120 minutes. The most important line of business data are in the hospitality industry in Germany study 2008 “(290 euro + VAT) to find; Orders under About CHD expert / Marktplatz Hotel GmbH: the divisions range from market research about direct marketing and data management. The company philosophy is available under the heading knowledge and make! “.” The company was group in 1997 as a founder of Marktplatz Hotel GmbH and is one of about seven years to the international CHD expert with branches in all economically important countries in Europe and United States and Canada. CHD expert is one of the preferred partners of the Hotel Association of Germany (IHA). The customer base includes companies in the areas of food & beverages, equipment and media. More at: for more information: Thilo Lambracht, Labib t chd-expert de CHD expert Marktplatz Hotel GmbH Veerser WEG 2 b, D 27383 Scheessel (near Hamburg) Tel.


Authorities Have Given More IT Jobs Last Year

Servers, individual software, networks and advice were most in demand Cologne, June 26, 2008 – public administrations had 2007 majority significantly increased IT spending compared to the previous year. According to a survey of 78 entities in federal and State authorities through the Beratungshaus INFORA GmbH the volume of procurement increased IT companies in nine out of ten cases. 62 per cent of the Governments posted a rise of six compared to the previous year and, at another 14 percent he was ten percent higher. Is a marginal increase in the procurement contracts up to 5 percent was registered in every eighth questioned authority. In the foreground of the procurements were 2007 server systems. They were given by two-thirds of respondents administrations in order. Significantly less, but at least 54 percent of the respondents authorities IT providers were entrusted with the development of individual software. Network solutions, which is also second in each of more than were in third place in the rankings of ways to procure for IT Case had a distinct meaning in the procurement action.

Consulting contracts have been awarded 2007 compared to significantly less likely (28 percent), but played a much larger role than about the appointment of new workplace or standard systems (26 or 22 percent). Operating organization and archiving projects had a high priority in every fifth federal or provincial government, while orders for the document management or the electronic from every seventh Office initiated. With the award of outsourcing and telecommunications measures hardly one in the survey focused on participating entities last year, however. The public administration is in terms of modernization of IT currently in a fairly dynamic process”, assesses the results for 2007 by Wiegand, Division Manager at INFORA. This development have continued this year in a similar way, he stresses facing on his current experience in consulting. In his eyes, the proportion is in the procurement of Individual software is surprisingly high. But this trend will evolve: the agencies are separate from their individual and often not sustainable solutions and set to standard systems. Means also an adjustment of internal management processes but consequence.” About INFORA: INFORA GmbH is an innovative, highly specialized and vendor-independent consulting firm for more than 25 years.

With locations in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Dresden supports customers from the initial concept idea through to successful implementation. INFORA it places special emphasis on the practical design and effective transformation of business and automation processes. Her consulting clients such as DaimlerChrysler AG, Viessmann, INA Schaeffler, German Airbus, Henkel, Minolta, Procter & gamble and Schering include clients such as the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of finance, the Federal Agency for work or the Federal Chancellor’s Office in the industrial sector, in the public administration.


That Are Articles With Private Label Rights

It is very common that people who we write articles in our blogs, and more especially those who are are starting in the world of the blog to publicize their businesses on the internet, don’t have great quality content to offer to our lecotres. For this type of problem, there are already known articles with private label rights, where you will find new content to publish on your blog, website, newsletter, directories of articles etc. Here I want to pause and say that I do not I know that these articles are really quality, I have heard various opinions on the subject, the more often it is that they can reach to duplicate content on different blogs and it can cause confusion among readers to read virtually the same information but with different copyright. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Pinterest. Returning to the point of articles with private label rights, these basically work in the following way: when you buy these items, which incidentally come in different market niches, what you get is a license that gives you the original author of an article, so that you can modify it, restruucturarlo to your convenience etc then you place your as the original author unless you violes copyright. The small inconvenience, if we can call him that, is that the majority not to say all articles with private label rights, found in the Anglo-Saxon market this means that items come in English and here are 2 ways to make that work for you 1-do the translation of the article to the Spanish by yourself with the help of some free online translator. 2 Hire someone else to translate you articles. In some way or another is not actually an impediment, only one little bit more work.


Quality Dry Cleaning

Pressto, leading international chain of quality dry cleaning, continues steadily its international development by signing new franchises for the implantation and development of your business concept. This time, it has opened four franchises in Mexico surpassing 100 operating units and positioning itself as the industry leader in this country. Wells Fargo Bank is full of insight into the issues. The first two franchises are located in the Federal District of Mexico, C.C Guadalupe lakes in the colony of San Pedro Barrientos and DC Sosi in the colony of Tetelpan. Both stores have a surface of more than 80 square meters, complete machinery and all services added as Presstoke, Presspiel, and so on. The third store is a collection point, i.e. only receive items and are not cleaned in the same establishment and found in the town of Puebla, in the Real C.C.

Plaza. The last shop, is a Junior establishment, which boasts the same machinery as a complete store, located in the federal district in DC Plaza Esmeralda in the Willow Cebadales colony. In Mexico, Pressto began his business career in 1997, with its own stores, deciding to launch the franchise market in the year 2000, after trying the concept based on local experience. This resulted in the best transmission of knowledge and better enforcement in the country. Pressto Mexico is a successful business concept, based on a scheme of fast quality dry cleaning franchises, with a cleaning boutique concept, i.e. the client can see how all services are conducted to generate confidence. Now, the company has 123 stores nationwide, 90 specialty shops Pressto, 8 points of collection and 25 supermarkets and laundries Press Matic concepts.

Pressto has as mission the satisfaction of their customers through leadership in the processes of quality, fast, personalized and social commitment. Moreover, since the various central services, and taking advantage of the pilot centres, permanent research oriented to improve the concept are conducted and, ultimately, to increase the profitability of all its premises, both own as franchisees. Investigations are oriented to marketing studies and the technical aspects specific to the service, such as machinery, consumable products, fabrics, new cleaning techniques, and so on. Pressto is a brand with 100% Spanish capital and is a clear example of international success thanks to its experience in cleaning and clothes care. It is present worldwide through its more than half a thousand of establishments. Their commitment to quality, speed, brand image and personalized treatment have turned it into the leading company in the sector. In Spain, the chain of franchises is present in all the autonomous communities with 231 operational units, of which 35 are own and the rest franchised.


One In Three Finds His Work Frustrating

Poor pay, bad working conditions and little advancement. See more detailed opinions by reading what Wells Fargo Bank offers on the topic.. Every third employee in Germany is unhappy with his company and his job. “Der Spiegel” published a Trade Union study, which surveyed more than 6,000 employees in September 2007. The result of this representative survey is sobering: the employees miss the appreciation of their work, complain about lack of collegiality, see hardly any professional development opportunities and feel left alone by superiors. Well a third, 34% of the workforce, both saw your work situation as bad. Workers and workers who belong to this group, have typically high loads to hold unilateral loads, such as lack of respect, physical hard work, or emotional stress. Here you have hardly any opportunities for development in their work and they an income that is adequate for their services nor will meet their needs.

They often live in uncertainty about their professional future. More than half, namely 54%, assess their professional situation as mediocre. Often, narrow limits regarding their influence be considered employees. Pinterest: the source for more info. However, they are exposed to difficult physical and emotional requirements. You have little development and learning opportunities and lack of a supportive leadership style. The livelihoods of workers are inadequate and she charged the uncertainty about their future careers.

Only 12% are satisfied with their work, that is one among eight employees. These people have a high degree of influence and development opportunities, meaningful work, little physical and emotional stress and an adequate income. Also you feel exploited and are frustrated in their job. Do you have the problem that you don’t get along with your income every month? Or you need to improve your financial situation, but find no suitable? Then you can visit our website and learn the secret of what marketing strategy you can apply to obtaining infinitely many business prospects and customers for your network and automatically earn money in our free video series. You have still no network business opportunity, then go to, there subscribe to our contact form and get free information. Questions on this topic, answer Mrs Insa or Mr. Peter Heller. Insa Heller


Niche Market

I’ve been commenting that before starting any affiliate business first you need to know what your niche market. Is the Group of people interested in obtaining a good or service specific and particular.A first site where to find those niche markets is on the covers of magazines. Headlines presented in them are the result of professional market research to offer people what this is looking for. You would suffice then visit a place of magazines and take note of the contents posted on the covers. Another option is to use a tool offered for free by Google and we find ourselves in. It gives us an invaluable aid in the knowledge of the approximate number of people with a specific need. The use of this tool guarantees us that there are a certain number of people looking for something very specific and what so competitive is that market, among other things we will see later in detail online.

Use appropriate and previously to develop any business over the Internet, especially if it is affiliate program, will help to make a more accurate selection of products that we can and we must offer, because we know with some degree of certainty what amount of public walks after that product. I have prepared a mini video with an illustration in order to show you partially, how this free tool from Google which, if you intend to do business over the Internet seriously, you will use more often than you think. So I highly recommend you add it to your Favorites. Look at it here: another tool free from Google, also very useful to achieve profitable market niches can be found in. She shows us the trend of searching for people on the Internet with a word or phrase descriptive of your specific needs. Ben Silbermann has many thoughts on the issue. In this mini video you can see an example of how it works in conclusion, the first thing you need to do is to find a niche market with a good demand and then they will look for the products that better meet the needs of those niches. Again review the tools that I present here and keep in touch. On your personal and professional success Aura Naveda shape more quickly and easily from comenzartu business from home already!


Nicole Maier

Nicole Maier ‘Hand on the horse’ lecture horse physiotherapy at Citaverde College in Heerlen, Netherlands. In a question-answer forum Bill Phelan was the first to reply. Like Nicole Maier von Hand took part in the horse”by Fons Wilders, one of the training leaders of the Citaverde College in Heerlen, Netherlands, to hold a lecture on the topic of horse physiotherapy at the information day of the College to the specialization of animal friends (including animal care and veterinary support and equine industry) this year. Citaverde College”is a Center for agricultural education, roughly comparable to the agricultural course offers of the ARGE Deula” / in Germany. Citaverde College operates training centres (AOC’s), which include all stages of full time training, the preparatory training and the apprenticeship. Citaverde College completes training contracts in the 8 ‘worlds’ of the CITAVERDE College with many different main areas. These are: surprising nature (including environmental control, forest and nature management, water management) animal friends (including animal care (und veterinare Unterstutzung und Pferdewirtschaft) good food (including agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture and food processing technology) mighty machines (contractors) dynamic design (e.g. flower arrangement & design, Interior & design) outdoor life (including garden design, landscape care, sports & leisure design) Big Business (including wholesale & transport) natural health (including natural & health) Fons Wilders, teacher and one of the two training leaders of the Citaverde College in Heerlen invited Nicole Maier von Hand on the horse “a, the upcoming high school students to bring the physiotherapy for horses. The morning of the day-long event was the information about the specialization of animal friends.

The events were open to all interested parties in the afternoon and evening. In her speech the DIPO Pferdeosteopathin and horse physiotherapist FN first explained the principles of horse physiotherapy: here creates a similar result as in the Pferdeosteotherapie,. However omitted the reference to the internal organs. The treatment techniques are mostly stretches, massages and mobilizations, and physical therapy with heat, cold, and tools such as magnetic ceiling or it is the matrix rhythm Gerat.Ziel to improve the agility of the horse. A horse physiotherapist should muscle tension loss of movement or pain altered gait (lameness, stiffness) alternative movements swollen legs injury or training breaks to be consulted.

“Following techniques and measures of physiotherapy available: manual therapy / mobilization massage stretching cold / heat therapy electrotherapy lymphatic drainage movement therapy treatments will hand on the horse” in the area of Aachen, Eschweiler, Stolberg, Eifel, Julich, Duren, Bergheim, Cologne, Heinsberg, Dusseldorf, Neuss, Viersen, as well as the adjoining regions in Belgium and the Netherlands by. Be treated can: movement restrictions and blockades of the entire musculoskeletal system of the horse, muscle tension and hardening, as well as all resulting disorders such as E.g. discarding, back pushing defending against the hand, saddle compulsion, headshaking,…, The treatments are performed always there where is the horse to be treated, there no shipping charge problems so. An investigation includes also a tooth -, hardware – saddle, as well as a tutorial and control the creation of a training plan. Other places like by telephone arrangement. More detailed information is available in the Internet under: of course I answer like to advance without obligation your questions by phone or email. Hand on the horse Nicole Maier Julich str. 45a 52070 Aachen phone: 0241-4128471 mobile: 0163-3644247 email:


Real Estate Agent

The real estate market is expanding. That makes continuously new operators and agents of property root, also known as realtors, enter the market, offering its services and advice, increasing the options of those who are addressed before the of itself not very simple task of buying or selling your property. How can you do to choose the real estate agent estate that suits you? Below we give you some tips that will help you with this important decision which will depend on the success and satisfaction of the whole process that must face before any transaction of property real estate. The real estate agent estate should be a professional, that transmits security that has a broad knowledge of the market and of the different processes of purchase and sale, contracts and additional documents required, professional must have your license valid and active, approved by the State where you are, and enjoy a good reputation and prestige in the real estate sector and from financial institutions, must be a person which can establish an excellent relationship agente-cliente, where there is a lot of confidence, because that is at stake his heritage, that of your family or business, agent must advise his client in all matters relating to the financing, to be able to identify the buying power of the same, and you must have all the knowledge of financeReal estate valuation, real estate, property titles, Marketing and sales. Checking article sources yields Pinterest as a relevant resource throughout. Buying or selling a property is no simple task. Why, look for people who are qualified to help you, and that demonstrate the best disposition to do so. Look for those who daily strive to be better professionals and better human beings, and will surely be achieved absolute success in this very important task of buying or selling your property. Dario H. Ortiz Especialista en loans for housing Hispanic Real Estate & Financial Group LLC Tel: 703-786-5580 creating abundance for Hispanic families visit our website at:


Climate Savers: CO2 Neutral Football And Green Printers

Droughts, cyclones and floods visible signs of climate change are Dessau/Dusseldorf – droughts, hurricanes and floods are the visible signs of climate change and put humanity before one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. A study of the Federal Environmental Agency according to every German citizen caused annually a CO2 emission of 10.6 tonnes per year. Accordingly, the voluntary compensation of greenhouse gas emissions has become a growing business segment. Provider calculate the quantity of emissions to offset this and fund their own climate protection projects through a corresponding amount of money. By CO2 neutral flying, the nature protection Association WWF offers the possibility to avoid the carbon emissions elsewhere. 14 euro for a flight under 1,000 kilometers will benefit a biogas project in Nepal.

The Climate Alliance provides for 99 Euro the certificate of the climate-neutral citizen”on. Here, too, environmental protection projects offset total CO2 emissions. Among the international celebrities, there are already numerous pioneering. So Martin Hiden actively contributes as first footballer to voluntary climate protection. This emerges from a report by the online magazine. Therefore the national team players will to compensate in the future all CO2 emissions caused by car or train journeys, and air travel, investment in Austrian climate protection projects. And also businesses have recognized that commitment for environmental protection is an important criterion for an increasing number of customers and investors.

According to the Kyoto Protocol, a company produces then climate-neutral, if it creates a proper balance for the greenhouse gas emissions that occur during the manufacturing process. ClimatePartner with the business model provides climate-neutral printing”printers the opportunity to integrate the voluntary climate protection in its own business processes. The compensation payments will be invested directly in a hydroelectric power plant in Guatemala. Now more and more companies opt for climate-neutral printing. Pinsker print and media, with locations in Mainburg and Munich, added as one of the first printers in Germany in the last year its offering in the commercial printing with climate-neutral print products. Ingrid Amon-Tran, environmental expert at the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, stressed that currently different methods when calculating the CO2 emissions are offered. They differ, for example, whether and with what emission factor paper as a key raw material included in the calculation. Therefore uniform standards in the printing industry for the calculation of emissions would be desirable in the future. “Regardless of this discussion we should not lose sight of, that any measure to reduce the energy consumption for the environment means a profit and cost savings”, sums up Amon-Tran. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG 2008 writes out the environmental eco printing award at this year’s drupa in Dusseldorf. On the international trade fair for the printing and media industry an independent jury will evaluate future-oriented individual solutions by printers. It includes representatives from the industry, as well as scientists from the Institute for energy and environmental research Heidelberg GmbH (IFEU) and representatives of environmental organizations. The environmental award want, we show that the image increases, make a commitment to the environment money helps and corresponding investments pay for themselves quickly. Heidelberg wants to promote eco commitment and support and make sure that print is green”, so Jurgen Rautert, Member of the Management Board at Heidelberg. Patrick Schroeder, Gunnar Sohn


Consular Officer Visa

Travelers who come to the United States for tourism or business for 90 days or less, and who come from qualified countries, will visit the United States without a visa if they meet the requirements of the Visa Waiver program. Currently, 35 countries participate in the Visa Waiver program, as shown below: program Visa Waiver countries involved Andorra Iceland Norway Au stralia Ireland Portugal Austria Itali to San Marino Belgium Japan Singapore Brunei Latvia Slovakia Czech Republic Liechtenstein Slovenia Denmark Lithuania Korea of South Estonia Luxembourg Spain Finland Sweden France Monaco Malta ia Sui za Germany Netherlands UK Hungary New Zealand requirements to qualify for a visitor’s visa there are specific requirements that must be met by candidates to qualify for a visitor’s visa, under the provisions of the immigration and Nationality Act. The consular office in the Embassy or Consulate will determine if you qualify for the visa. The presumption in the new law is that each candidate for a visitor’s visa to The United States is a potential immigrant. Therefore, applicants for visitor visas must overcome this presumption showing that: the aim of his trip is to enter the United States for business, pleasure or medical treatment; They plan to remain for a limited and specific period; Possess sufficient funds to cover their expenses in the United States; They have social and economic ties abroad; and they have a residence outside of the United States as well as other binding ties that will ensure their return abroad when culminates his view. The application process for a visa for visitors applicants for visitor visas should apply at the Embassy or Consulate of the United States with jurisdiction in place of residence. However, applicants for visas may apply at any consular office of the United States abroad, but it may be more difficult to meet the requirements if the process is carried out on the outside of the place of residence.

Today applications for visas are subject to a higher degree of review that in the past, so it is important to apply for your visa in good time in advance to the departure date of your trip to the United States. As part of the application process for visas, it is necessary to carry out an interview at the consular section of the Embassy. The interview is required for all applicants who are between 14 and 79 years old, with very few exceptions. Persons under 13 years of age and older than 80, usually do not require an interview, unless the Embassy or Consulate to request it explicitly. The first step in the application process for a visa is the appointment for the interview. The waiting time for quotation can vary, so it is advisable to apply for a visa in advance. Learn how to schedule an appointment for an interview, pay the application fee, review specific instructions each Embassy and much more, entering into the web page of the Embassy or Consulate of the United States where he carried out his application. During the visa application process, normally during the interview, will be taken him quickly a fingerprint in a digital form. Some visa applications require further administrative processing, which requires some additional time after the interview made by the Consular Officer.