Climate Savers: CO2 Neutral Football And Green Printers

Droughts, cyclones and floods visible signs of climate change are Dessau/Dusseldorf – droughts, hurricanes and floods are the visible signs of climate change and put humanity before one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. A study of the Federal Environmental Agency according to every German citizen caused annually a CO2 emission of 10.6 tonnes per year. Accordingly, the voluntary compensation of greenhouse gas emissions has become a growing business segment. Provider calculate the quantity of emissions to offset this and fund their own climate protection projects through a corresponding amount of money. By CO2 neutral flying, the nature protection Association WWF offers the possibility to avoid the carbon emissions elsewhere. 14 euro for a flight under 1,000 kilometers will benefit a biogas project in Nepal.

The Climate Alliance provides for 99 Euro the certificate of the climate-neutral citizen”on. Here, too, environmental protection projects offset total CO2 emissions. Among the international celebrities, there are already numerous pioneering. So Martin Hiden actively contributes as first footballer to voluntary climate protection. This emerges from a report by the online magazine. Therefore the national team players will to compensate in the future all CO2 emissions caused by car or train journeys, and air travel, investment in Austrian climate protection projects. And also businesses have recognized that commitment for environmental protection is an important criterion for an increasing number of customers and investors.

According to the Kyoto Protocol, a company produces then climate-neutral, if it creates a proper balance for the greenhouse gas emissions that occur during the manufacturing process. ClimatePartner with the business model provides climate-neutral printing”printers the opportunity to integrate the voluntary climate protection in its own business processes. The compensation payments will be invested directly in a hydroelectric power plant in Guatemala. Now more and more companies opt for climate-neutral printing. Pinsker print and media, with locations in Mainburg and Munich, added as one of the first printers in Germany in the last year its offering in the commercial printing with climate-neutral print products. Ingrid Amon-Tran, environmental expert at the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, stressed that currently different methods when calculating the CO2 emissions are offered. They differ, for example, whether and with what emission factor paper as a key raw material included in the calculation. Therefore uniform standards in the printing industry for the calculation of emissions would be desirable in the future. “Regardless of this discussion we should not lose sight of, that any measure to reduce the energy consumption for the environment means a profit and cost savings”, sums up Amon-Tran. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG 2008 writes out the environmental eco printing award at this year’s drupa in Dusseldorf. On the international trade fair for the printing and media industry an independent jury will evaluate future-oriented individual solutions by printers. It includes representatives from the industry, as well as scientists from the Institute for energy and environmental research Heidelberg GmbH (IFEU) and representatives of environmental organizations. The environmental award want, we show that the image increases, make a commitment to the environment money helps and corresponding investments pay for themselves quickly. Heidelberg wants to promote eco commitment and support and make sure that print is green”, so Jurgen Rautert, Member of the Management Board at Heidelberg. Patrick Schroeder, Gunnar Sohn