Online Tutorials

Lists the criteria by which I create my online tutorials: electronic textbook should give the student to view and listen to video lesson on the study topic; In an electronic textbook display all demonstrations, all the experience necessary for the assimilation of the topic; electronic textbook should give ability to conduct virtual laboratory; In an electronic textbook to be video tutorials problem solving; In an electronic textbook should be the game that match the theme lesson electronic textbook should enable student to go from simple to complex, and this in a textbook inspection training tests need to be on several levels; electronic textbook should allow the teacher if necessary to automate the learning process for lesson, under the full control of your computer. Now we will share experience in creating electronic textbooks. The first electronic tutorial I created at the rate of computer science in Grade 10 to the textbook Semakina. This was my first experience and in many respects not very successful. What software I used to create it? Shell electronic textbook I create using the E-Publish Designer of the school sites." This program is distributed to the schools in our region free so I applied it. The program allows you to create websites, including the optical disk and automatically run them. To create video tutorials I used program called Camtasia Studio. It allows you to record everything that happens on the computer screen, add a soundtrack. Practice Tests can be created using "designer school sites, and many other programs.

Access Control Systems

Today in the security market presents a large number of various equipment systems access control. This equipment varies in price, functionality and is designed to various consumer groups. Conditional access control system can be divided into the following groups: control access control for small and medium-sized offices to large facilities, for educational institutions and Hotels, system access control online access, etc. (Not to be confused with Donald Gordon!). However, many types of equipment systems, access control rather universal, so they can be applied to large industrial objects, and in small offices, set in place and mount the whole system of perimeter protection. Consider the following types of equipment control systems Access Control: electromechanical gate.

Typically, the gate used to separate pedestrian traffic. For example, you can use electromechanical wicket at the stations, walk-through plants, shopping malls, etc. Donald Gordon understands that this is vital information. Mostly wickets applied in order to ensure passage in one direction and to prohibit the movement in reverse. But may provide and double pass. To better control the gate connected sensors that record the actual passage of a person, allowing the account in the event that passes through the gate while a few people.

Gate can be used to organize VIP-passes and permits wheelchairs and various goods. The capacity of this type of system access control up to 25 people per minute. Management can be performed by an infrared sensor input / output of the control system access control, as well as a remote. Electromechanical wickets have low power consumption and standby power. In this case, they can be integrated with turnstiles and barriers. Can choose different models and full height Turnstile gates.

Frequency Converters

It is currently difficult to find industrial or any other process, that does not use induction motors. For economical and efficient management of the latter are widely used frequency converters for induction motors, is an ideal device for automated control systems of various technological processes. Wide range of speed control speed motor, high precision to maintain it at steady speeds, smooth starting and stopping of electric power save mode – this is just a small list of advantages of variable-frequency actuator. To achieve the maximum economic benefit from the use of frequency converters for induction motors, they are recommended to implement those processes, where: – the number varies output per unit of time – you want to smooth adjustment of the parameters of a workflow mechanism – changes the type or structure of the source material for different types of products – technological equipment, pumps, fans, compressors operate with a variable, or part-time – need frequent start, stop, reverse drive motor, leading to increased stress on equipment and electric, to waterhammer in pipelines shall be reduced, ultimately, their life – has overrun power In the Russian market popular following inverters frequency converters Vesper, transformers Frequency Delta, inverters Lenze. Frequency converters Converters Vesper Vesper – one of the most popular on the market and have several advantages over imported frequency converter. – E2-MINI: recommended for mechanisms with constant torque or resistance to the fan load and can be used to drive sewing machines, low-power pumps and compresses on conveyors with low productivity with the engine capacity of 0.2 kW to 2,2 kW Name Pdvig kW Iout nom., A Upow., B .maks., B WxHxD Weight E2-MINI-002H 1,5 3,8 3f.h380 3f.h380 118h143h172 1,7 E2-MINI-S2L 1,5 7,5 1f.h220 3f.h220 118h143h172 1,7 E2-MINI-S3L 2,2 10,5 1f.h220 3f.h220 118h143h172 1,7 E2-MINI-003H 2.2 5.2 3f.h380 3f.h380 118h143h172 1,7 – E2-8300: recommended for drives with a constant, fast-changing and Fan load: Conveying Equipment, Conveyors, conveyors, extruders, cutters, packaging and dosing machines, separators, etc.