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Civil Code

According to paragraph 7 of Article 32.1 of the Federal Law of 26 December 1995 N 208-FZ "On Joint Stock Companies", as measures liability for breach of shareholder agreement may be used for compensation, recovery of damages, compensation for damages, etc. 1 However, there are not simple. In particular, the appearance caused by loss is not always easy to prove, and recovery of damages in court is generally little effective, because by virtue of Art. 333 of the Civil Code the courts may, and frequently exercised this right, without limit to reduce the size penalties, if they think it disproportionate consequences of default. During the development and discussion of amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and Federal Law "On Joint Stock Companies ", noted that the payment of penalties that courts should not be reduced in accordance with article.

333 of the Civil Code, should be the only realistic way to protect the aggrieved party of the shareholder agreement 2. However, this provision so and did not find a legislative fix, and therefore the courts continue to legitimately reduce the size of penalties, making this an inefficient measure of responsibility at the Institute of shareholder agreements. The overall trend in equity agreements is that somehow or other resolution of liability for their failure, as well as challenging the transactions made with their offense, enters into the framework of the trial. Already exists and not numerous arbitration practice from which I deem it necessary to identify the most exemplary case of OJSC "MegFon" (case number A75-3725-G/04-860/2005), JSC "Russian Standard Insurance" (case number A40-62048/06-81 -343 from 26/12/2006), and the company "KM Invest" (case number A40-68771/06-81-413 from 13.03.2008). However, it is noteworthy that the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation (SAC) did not consider more than one of these cases in order of supervision, though it would be very important, in my opinion, to determine the position of the RF. In one from an interview with "Vedomosti" SAC Chairman Anton Ivanov, the 20 009 in June pledged that SAC will prepare an explanation for the use of shareholder agreements, but to date these explanations are not accepted you, in Apparently due to paucity of such cases in courts of arbitration 3.

With this in mind, we note that liability for violation of shareholders' agreement may be prescribed in the shareholder agreement, but the prospect of relief measures to ensure a highly dubious in view of the unformed more enforcement on this issue and the lack of clear-motivated attitudes and practices of the RF. List of sources used Legislation: 1 Federal Law of 26 December 1995 N 208-FZ "On Joint Stock Companies", / / Collected Legislation of the Russian Federation, 1996, N 1, Art. 1, 2001, N 33, art. 3423; 2002, N 12, art. 1093; N 45, art. 4436; 2003, N 9, Art. 805; 2004, N 11, Art. 913; N 49, Art. 4852; 2005, N 1, Art. 18, 2006, N 1, Art. 5; N 31, art. 3437, 3445, 3454. Electronic Resources (Internet resources): 2 Transcript of the meeting of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation on Codification and improvement of the civil law of the city 29.10.32007 (Minutes 52) / / M, 2007. – Mode of access: 3 D. Kazmin, Sterkin F. / / Vedomosti newspaper N 105 (2375). M, 2009. – Mode of access: Posted: Styopkin SP Responsibility for violation of shareholders agreement and osparimost transactions made with his violation / / Actual problems of Arts and Sciences. Moscow. – 2010. – 11. – P. 243 -245. – ISSN 2073-0071).


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Ignorance And Fear Our Worst Enemies

There are things that can be good or bad, depending on how use them. The debt can be good if you use it wisely to create cash flow but can be bad if you use it to acquire liabilities (things that do not generate you any income, and conversely you cause output of money) when somebody says that one thing is always bad, he says so out of fear or ignorance or to take advantage of fear and laignorancia of other people. Therefore, when the self-appointed financial experts tell you that having debt is bad, they are directed to andthe ignorance of people fear. Many of these experts know the difference between good debt and bad debt. In fact, they probably use good debt for their businesses. But hide that information because it is easier and more beneficial for them to give the traditional advice: go to school, get a good job, save money, buy a House and have a good portfolio of investments. That old financial advice and the old rules of money are now riskier than ever.

Those who save money are losing it and the middle class is disappearing. Today, the # 1 public enemy is ignorance. And that fear and ignoranciase manifest in the form of a massive bad-debt crisis. Life becomes more expensive each day and how Roberto Kiyosaki writes it in his book: conspiracy of the rich: the 8 new rules of money; There are four forces that pull us away from wealth: taxes, debt, inflation and retirement all these interrelated. The good news is that these four forces may also be valuable tool if you know how to use them according to the new rules of money. To use them effectively, you must have the antidote to ignorance and fear: knowledge and courage.

The investors and successful entrepreneurs possess both. If you teaching you financially and acquire financial intelligence through knowledge, can know what kind of investments and business do to reduce your taxes, how to use the debt to increase your profits, how to invest to protect yourself from inflation and use all this to produce cash flow which will ensure you a comfortable and dignified retirement. If you have courage, you won’t fear make such investments because you trust in your financial knowledge and your financial education. It’s your decision: live in ignorance and fear and suffer the pain that come to see how the middle class succumbs to the effects of the crisis caused by debt or get trained and get knowledge and courage and learn to play with the new rules of money. Original author and source of the article


Peruvian State

That is, this a norm of conasev, which by the way only is application to the securities law, but not to societies that are outside of their implementation. And as regards the legislation of banks it is only applies to banking companies, which make it clear that deserves appropriate studies, to increase the scope of the law to all societies through a law this within Peruvian law. 14 Poster the poster is a course of business concentration, which has really deserved a few studies under Peruvian law. By which recommend his study by writers, who are created doctrine, so that it is spread by legal operators. Poster occurs between companies, is therefore not exclusive societies, nor any other type of company, in this regard there is a cartel of societies, poster for individual companies of limited liability, cooperatives poster, poster of communal enterprises, poster of entrepreneurs engaged in business as natural persons, among others. The poster is not defined in Peruvian legislation, therefore, it is clear that deserves its corresponding regulation to have greater certainty in it, it is not advisable in these cases to go to other sources or parts or elements of the law. In this sense we hope in the not too distant future have in the Peruvian State legislation on cartels or business karteles, in such a way that locate more easily to economic agents to invest in a market increasingly more competitive as it is the Peruvian market. In the doctrine we find abundant definitions of poster, which we refer to it to have solid knowledge of business law or business law or law of the company, in a market as in the Peruvian that there is little information on this branch of the law. The cartel aims to maintain the autonomy of the companies but occupy the market, so if for example constitutes a cartel of companies that manufacture sodas is clear that can deal with the market, with a view to their domination.


International Labour Organization

(Espinosa, 2002). Adds further in its analysis Camacaro, the special importance of this approach lies in the fact that the behavior of a worker is not one resulting from existing organizational factors, but that depends on perceptions that the worker of these factors has. However, these perceptions depend on good measurement of activities, interactions and another series of experiences that each Member has with the organization. That is why the quality of life at work reflects the interaction between personal and organizational characteristics. Also, we are reminded that the concept of quality of employment has been widely promoted by the International Labour Organization (ILO) (1997), as antithesis to job insecurity and the growth excessive in some cities in the urban informal economy. For this organism labor progress is measured by the quality of the behaviour of the labour market, through the rate of open unemployment, informality, the real wage of the industry, the real minimum wage and productivity. The quality of life at work is a management philosophy that enhances the dignity of the employee, makes cultural changes and provide opportunities for development and personal progress. Chef Carrie Levi shines more light on the discussion.

(French, 1996: 375). Definitely exposes Camacaro, that the quality of life at work allows us to explain the purpose of evaluating the policies of human resources or, for example, of check the incidence and impact of changes, or of certain specific actions. The measure can serve, equally, as a tool for evaluation of the different styles of management, when it is possible to compare the results by departments, areas or sections. But let us not forget the theory: is measured primarily to improve. It should not be forgotten, that the quality of life at work assimilates two antagonistic positions: on the one hand, the vindication of employee well-being and satisfaction at work and, on the other hand, the interest of organizations by their potential effects on productivity and quality of life. (Chiavenato, 2003: 407).

Insists Camacaro in pointing out on the scope of the topic and implications, that the quality of life at work is a different way of life within the Organization, which seeks the development of the worker, as well as its business efficiency. There are benefits for both, these benefits will allow the Organization direct its forces and resources previously used to tackle problems of the workers, towards activities of greater importance for the achievement of its objectives. There is no single definition accepted by all of the term quality of life at work, but all or almost all the conceptions related with this notion, enclose several common characteristics, namely: that must be considered. Conclusion are given opportunities for changes in the quality of life of the work in a business sector venezolana unproductive, risky, consequence of the actions of a State Socialist has been declared and that has seriously affected organizational behavior, its climate, because all of this, in the way that has affected and suffer the quality of work life. Should management evaluate working conditions in all its aspects from its ergonomics, features, performance, organizational structure, wages and give way to actions, which rescue trust and identification of a good quality of life at work, not neglecting that when a significant number of employees develop their quality of life, projected to the community a competitive advantage as a company. Original author and source of the article.


Gerardo Romero

Things that if excite them are out of work. Only their paychecks, their holidays and their pensions matter to people. The general attitude is: don’t do something that you don’t have to do. Then do as little as possible. Everything seems to indicate that in the day all seem to move in slow motion until it is time to go home: then all act quickly. When it comes to do a better job, what happens?, many looks empty. Nobody assumes more responsibility than is needed.

If the job does not come out, is my problem, not of them. All do just enough so you don’t yell them or dismiss. Improvements; import to anyone all are afraid of change. If he says, if not throw you desire, they will stay without work, but that only demoralizes them and things get worse. When comes to motivate people, the results, when they exist, are of short duration. It pays very little attention to the recognition, the performance very little participation in the decision-making process very little motivation in favour of the initiative, creativity. Aimed at improving these situations discussed, many companies to try to improve these situations have tried many methods, such as: quality salary talks motivational circles more high quality of life in the work organization flattened teams work systems tips plus training best communications closer relations security in the participative leadership work training and developing other programs. Other considerations since then, companies face other obstacles faced in relation to the absence of a technological development that ensure their productivity according to the attributes, characteristics that products presented where quality is one competitive advantage.

In the Venezuelan case, indeed uncertain, where the vast majority of SMEs do not have developed its own technology, technology that has been acquired from the developed countries, where firms have given way to a dependency that has curtailed its own development and technological research. From here, which has been written, as Dalmary Salazar and Gerardo Romero, point out, that the small Venezuelan companies, are mostly considered as a sector lacking and dependent on technology, which has prevented it from sustaining a process of autonomous and sustainable development planning towards productivity and competitiveness. The country’s business sector has failed develop systemic and organizational activities for learning, innovation and conservation of technological know-how, characterized by maintaining a massive importation of technology, which has led to a high State of technological dependency. Companies in general technology-based work with two types of hard technologies, which are characterized by the application of advances in information technology to classical operations processes, their effects are in sight, and with soft technologies, referring to the set of organizational practices and human resources. Therefore, the management of technology within small businesses should be seen as a process which integrates resources, activities, and the infrastructure of the business unit in the achievement of its purposes, its objectives, its strategies and its operations (Brazil. IDB SECAB CINDA, 1997; Gaynor, 1999; Bates, 2001). To this is added, the absence in many companies of an operating personnel trained according to the demands of the modern business topics, as well as a good management proactive, visionary, strategist, able to face the challenges, learn to take advantage of opportunities, give way to efforts that promote the development of the company in the conquest of new markets. Original author and source of the article.



JOSE BRECHNER while Venezuela loses positions among the economies of the world, occupying the 28th among 29 countries of America and its inflation accumulated from 13.6 percent is the largest of the continent which has led her to fix prices to basic articles of the family basket as chicken, meat and sugar Lieutenant Colonel still squandering abroadfeeding related extremists to its ideology and supporting their allies with multi-million dollar loans. Chavez is giving away more money than the United States in Latin America. The Associated Press said that for 2007 it promised more than 8.8 billion dollars in grants and financing, but is not known with certainty how much really gave nor where it was the money. The U.S. assistance is handled with strict fiscal controls and specific objectives, which makes their cooperation not grotesquely visible as the Venezuelan, which is used for advertising poster for the Bolivarian regime. United States is who brings more to the IDB and the Bank World, they delivered the funds to Nations needy, usually by forgiving the debt of the poorest countries like Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guyana and Haiti who forgave the payment of 7.5 billion dollars in three years.

While the neocomunista military continues gaining ground strengthening as the maximum Chief of unwary Latin Americans, 25 percent of the 26 million Venezuelans subsists on less than three dollars a day. Much of the capital distributed in Latin America, is used to bribe individuals with true leadership not initially sold to chavism. In Bolivia the Mayor of the small town of San Lorenzo, among other intendants, received a check of the Venezuelan Ambassador for 427.000 dollars to build a new agricultural market. The delivery was made without conditions, as if it were a personal gift, but in politics and in business there are no free lunches, the invoice, sooner rather than later, is going to reach everybody, and Chavez will resort to blackmail or other coercive methods, legal or illegal to recover their investments with the appearance of donations.


United States

Humberto Cantu of course, my good friend, Professor young Peruvian who attended his postgraduate degree in that school who taught administration, Alejandro Makino, me also since then other teachers collaborated on my identification of what represent Administrative Sciences in favour of the development of enterprises, organizations. Applies which proclaims the school in their advertising is the only Latin American school that integrates in its academic programs in all strategic areas of the business: management, finance, marketing, international business, management for manufacturing, e-Management, services management, financial management, entrepreneurship and Latin American business environment. The privileged places that the school holds in international rankings are result of the quality of its students, graduates, professors and programs, which translates into a constant commitment to strengthen their processes and ensure that their academic standards meet international criteria. Thanks to the expertise of its faculty, the EGADE Monterrey has reached a international position, where professors designed learning experiences aimed at the solution of problems and capitalize on business opportunities that encourage student self-determination. This internationalization is complemented by the international environment that exists to study at the EGADE, where study materials with classmates from 25 Nations. In addition to programs double degree with leading schools, exchanges at distinguished universities with which we have agreements and classes with visiting professors from United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America. As any school in its initial stage ara then experienced was the best way to grow and this caused gaps that over time, I hope already corrected them. One of my concerns that chased me until I graduated and I expressed some of my teachers, was that the case studies were not linked to the reality that was then facing Mexico, especially Monterrey, which required contributions of new models that involve the prevailing organizational culture in the enterprises of the region where were considered the main administrative problems that are faced and proposed solutions could be given to generate changes that youth organizations, in general case studies to discuss were Americans, very few of Mexico and some Latin American countries.


Template Monster

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