Pietro Nertosino

The Camorra in the trash business and sends this great show is your way to greet the new mayor, ironizes Pietro Nertosino, a Neapolitan barman who walks with shirt open to the navel and mirror sunglasses by the Verdi Street, 100 meters from the Teatro San Carlo. Announced in the newly restored Temple of the opera Pagliacci, metaphor of a political class which in 15 years has not been able to enable a normal system of garbage collection, and not far from the arcades which give access to the foyer there is a mountain of waste that gives off a foul smell. Naples is again choking under a sea of munnezza. There are about 2,000 tons of filth on the streets, this night there have been fires throughout the city, and the historic centre takes three days experiencing the guerrillas organized by young puppies that system divides the territory in bikes that nobody is able to stop. Source of the news:: La Camorra flooded Naples’s garbage to receive the new mayor