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Tips to become a great tennis player learns how to play tennis fast and cash learn playing tennis requires technical discipline and passion for the sport. I recommend you do a warm up 15 minutes before each workout, which pull your whole body and that hiking 5 minutes. Recommendations: How to improve your tennis serve: place the foot of back (the right for right-handers) parallel to the bottom line and front foot diagonally into the network, as if quisiermos aiming with our left foot into the net post. The service begins with the entire weight of the body at the foot of front (left for right handed people) then passes on the back foot and weight at the time of the impact, the weight of the entire body again in front foot to project it on top of the ball and give it maximum strength. you have to practice this sequence of balancing front-back-front. It is more important to the rhythm and coordination of this movement than the speed. He used the continental grip, have her take the racket as if you were to drive a nail with the framework. Pinterest has plenty of information regarding this issue. We must be able to throw the ball straight up, so keeping the outstretched left arm without moving it or moving the body, the ball fall in our hand.

You have to throw the ball well in front of your body and the more possible high. the right arm rises to a stop with the elbow forming straight with the shoulder. Flexing your legs to jump upward, the back arches, using the abdominal and lumbar to add power to the service. a good exercise to learn the mechanics of jump and bend upwards legs at the time of the service consists of placing a small obstacle in front of us. We can serve a row of balls of tennis or a racquet handle. We must try to jump over the hurdle to take. Movement should be fluid, prevents stop you at any stage of the movement of the pull. Enduring left arm up, and throw the ball and help us maintain balance, helps us to force us to keep the arm up until after having hit the ball on the serve and so try to hit it the most highest possible.

the more up impactemos, wider angle We got shot and minor possibilities of our pull finished in the network. Jump up and fall forward. We must jump to win a few inches before hitting the ball. the momentum is taken by bending both legs. the rule is falling with the same foot (the left for right-handers) ended with the body completely tilted forward, after the throw the entire weight of the body. In order to improve your game you need a constant training and meet the advanced rules of this game, the tips and tricks that will better notably your performance. To find out more secrets of how to play high-level tennis, visit: original author and source of the article.


Decrease Of Weight Naturally And Without Pills

Almost all who have tried to lose weight ever have noticed that after leaving the diet not only retrieve the weight but that sometimes even increases more. This is what is known as rebound effect and is not allowing us lose weight naturally. The main problem is that many times we have very overweight or are trying to lose it quickly, without giving our body enough time to adapt to the changes. Therefore, if you want to lose weight naturally, you must forget fast diets or shock, which make you lose 3 or 4 kilos in a short time, even a couple of days. A diet of this style is the diet of the liquid, in which the only interested party drinks these preparations during the day for 3 or 4 days. These diets are extremely unbalanced because although it provides some nutrients (minerals and vitamins present in fruits), has no proteins nor provides carbohydrates, fundamental to cellular structures and to provide energy. Pinterest is open to suggestions. Therefore it would be a risky situation physically. You would lose weight, but harming your health.

Create healthy eating habits is the first step to losing weight naturally. Of course, this is not easy. But you can achieve this by making gradual substitutions. For example, you can substitute French fries for potatoes to the oven, red meat for chicken, sodas by juice, chocolates by jellies of course, it is not the same thing, but this will bring a significant reduction in calories and fats you eat. (As opposed to Rich Dad). Once this has been achieved you can do diet to continue losing weight.

However, to lose weight naturally is not enough with diet or with a reduction in calories: need to perform exercises. So horrible that sounds, is the only way to lose weight in a harmonious manner. Exercise tones the muscles and stretch the skin, which will help you to more quickly improve their figure. It is not necessary to do strenuous exercises. 3 sets of 10 exercises per day will help you to get fit and take taste to exercise. There is a guaranteed way to burn body fat quickly. If you you are in a State of despair at losing weight, the following message is the most important thing that you read. Now Click here. Original author and source of the article.



The ringing in the ear is a symptom that will alert to who happens, it is suffering from an illness, hormonal imbalance or dysfunction. In many cases the focus of the condition is the larynx area, although there may be many other causes. I have a brain tumor? Less than 1% of cases may correspond to a tumor, although it is not a brain tumor, but a tumor of the auditory nerve easily excisable with microsurgery. Ringing in the ear: what it should? It is unlikely that an idle or sedentary life can be the trigger for the ringing of ears (Tinnitus), but it is completely proven that physical inactivity causes diseases or adverse conditions that increase their incidence or intensity. Should I stop smoking? Many studies indicate that consumption of stimulants such as caffeine, tobacco and chocolate, increase the intensity of tinnitus and therefore the inconvenience that it produces. It is incurable? Everything depends on the pathology that causes it. If the disease is treatable many times tinnitus vanish, although in cases in which the disease sequelae irreversible, tinnitus can stay as a chronic symptom is chronic tinnitus treatable? There are many treatments to reduce the annoying effects produced by this buzzing in the ear.

I take many aspirin that may aggravate tinnitus? Consumption of certain drugs may in fact be the same cause of tinnitus. Aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and diuretics have to tinnitus (tinnitus) as a side effect. The ringing in the ear ends in deafness? Many can be Otologic factors responsible for tinnitus. In the vast majority of cases, the ear conditions causing it are easily treatable and only a negligible percentage corresponds to progressive pathologies ending in deafness or severe hearing loss. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever. If you want to read as I personally I managed to accidentally eliminate tinnitus, you Click Here. Original author and source of the article.


Surveys Paid

Today Internet has opened many routes to make money. And doing paid surveys is one of the best methods for this. The main obstacle is that some sites are slow to pay you. A leading source for info: Robert Kiyosaki. That is why I wrote this article in order to enliven you to choose the best companies that pay really well. First of all, never join a site of surveys that sends you unsolicited emails, those that van direct to your Recycle Bin. Since using these promotion techniques, we can already give an idea of how the company works. A good survey company, pays you well and appreciates your time that you take to fill out a survey. This is equivalent to almost $5 or $10 in most cases.

If a site offers you $200 or $500 for some surveys, it is so safe that you are being duped. To mention that such a high price, these sites tend to attract more people to these jobs. But when you try to collect your silver, typically happen long time delays. Secondly, if you’re taking a survey, then must thoroughly understand the profile of the site type of the survey you are looking. For example, if the site is asking you first buy a product and then do the survey, it is obvious that this site can be a scam.

Since there are many companies who buy the product to gain access to a paid survey. Thirdly, while doing surveys for any site aims to ensure you obtain some payment in advance, not always it is possible, but sometimes if. If these satisfied with the management of surveys carried out onsite, then stay with that and tries to get the most money. And after some time you can you change to another site if that already bored you or if you left to earn money. Most of the sites do not prepay to those just beginning doing surveys, but well, you never know trafficking follow the preceding instructions to maximize your income to conduct surveys. I recommend that you follow the next link if you want to know how the paid surveys are online. Original author and source of the article.


The 21st

Predominates the friendship, commitment to family and other compromises to ensure that some authorities have followers that keep them in power, no matter the academic consequences, more when appoint people that no proposed transformations, solutions which do not guarantee anything with its academicism. It is unheard of in the 21st century, where the characteristics of the scenarios in terms of academic educational excellence presents new paradigms, which favour the training of professionals, consistent demand for the country’s needs, to which globalization has generated, will still maintain power groups impeding it. Today requires a new leadership that conducive to the basic educational management for the challenges, generating changes that give passage to a new more committed University, that endorsement in the training of professionals required all necessary requiring passage to such education that identifies with the demands that the scenarios, both the national and world to be effective. Is it could not remain anchored in the past and under the control of the power groups, which has given rise to so much damage and still causing him to universities national., fact which gives very significantly at the same University where I work. Required a new style of educational management, authorities, more proactive, visionary, creative, innovative teachers, strategists, capable of bringing about the changes that allow rescue academic excellence, otherwise, Venezuela will remain stagnant and his come will be very questionable as far as education is concerned. You must give more democracy in universities, promote transformations with new characters, professionals more open, able to perform transformations that involve to get out of the shadows to universities where are today and with new leaders turned on the flame that let the light of academic excellence are alum and a reality. Cannot universities remain plots, where power groups they consider to be their property. Opportunities should give those teachers, professionals, which with its academicism, ideas and projects are able to bring about the change that the higher education of Venezuela urgently needs. So why be original author and source of the article.


The Sole

For example, if we focus all our energies only to get money, chances are that end up making us sick. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from NMMU. Nobody says that money is not important; It tends to be a concern for everyone and is very useful for many things, maybe better would be proposing we use it as a means and not an end. Then, we must stop complaining and focus on the things that we want to achieve. We must do this thinking provided that there is no doubt that we will get them, we have to consider them as a fact for which we must already be thanking. This is probably difficult at first (that is why we talk about exercise, i.e., we must make constant exercises to achieve good practice), due to the way in which we have programmed from small. And it is that it seems that society and education had commissioned working hard to surround ourselves with fears and limitations that have been finally placed our lives in a place in which we are not happy. How to exit from this? Break our programming, to realise that all the barriers and constraints that we have are pure imaginary constructions.

YOU GET WHAT YOU THINK WHAT YOU DESERVE. This is something that you should keep in mind at the time of program yourself for wealth. Do you think that your salary is very low? Then, not do nothing to change it? You must realize that if things are bad in your life is simply because you do not do anything about it. Believest difference between successful people and you? Therefore DECISION, neither more nor less. It begins to put into practice the mindset of wealth in your life; think abundance and abundance will come towards you and, above all, think that wealth should inundate all aspects of your life. If you see obstacles along the way, you must not fear them, already that the obstacles were created with the sole purpose that could overcome. Original author and source of the article.



1.-Which is called work-family conflict? It is a type of conflict between papers in which the paper at work comes to be incompatible to the demand to fulfill their role in the family. Also the conflict that occurs in both directions, because the work can interfere with the family and the family can interfere with work. Belcorp in Peru company, promotes his program: your Belcorp time, which consists of a Cuponera that promotes balance between the personal and professional life 2-the policies and benefits of family-friendly or work family policies are facilities sponsored by the Organization, designed to support the combination of paid work and family responsibilities of employees. 3 Family – friendly culture a culture of family-friendly can not be created from the evening to the morning. It is an organizational change, that part of the recognition of a strong need that the Organization must change. In addition to the visible support and involvement of managers (which is key), the desire of employees in participating and communication of the why, when and how to do 4.-applied a.-flexibility policies policies adapt working hours to the needs of the employee example, agreements they flexible time; Case of flexible working hours (employees can join and leave the job within certain margins, wherever they work 8 hours a day), part-time work, compressed in certain weeks, shared work (i.e. work between 02 persons who fulfil the same work.

It is a variant of part-time or part-time schedules) and those that allow flexibility in space (telecommuting and video conferencing). Flexible working hours allow employees control their entry and departure schedule. Schedules are divided between main timeline, in which all employees have to be at work and flexible time, which employees can choose how to organize labour routines relating to their activities personal. -Packard gives its workers the flexibility to work between 6.30 a.m.


Hospital Mario Munoz

The values must be clear, shared and accepted by all members and levels of the Organization, achieving unified criterion that compact and strengthen their interests. The internalization of the values, It implies that the individual is identified with the organization. The importance of the value lies in constitute motivating element of actions and human behavior, define the fundamental and definitive nature of the Organization, creating sense of identity of the staff with her, considered by some authors (16) that identify and reproduce attitudes and conceptions which lie at the very foundation of the cultural dynamics and social life. Values are explicit in the will of the founders of the Organization, the minutes of Constitution and the formalization of the mission and vision. Therefore, in recent years refers to the direction for values, but the success and utility of directing by values (and no values) is to ensure that they are really shared, or what is the same determined with the widest possible participation and disclosed, agreed and convinced everyone that they are values that must fight.

CONCLUSION culture is how customary or traditional thinking and doing things, shared at wholesale or lesser extent by members of the organization. It determines the functionality; reflected in the strategies, structures, and systems established over years of operation, identifying himself with dynamic systems. The values are generated by the culture of the Organization, so it can be modified, as the effect of the continuous learning of its members, so they are enforceable and taken into account for the evaluation and development of such staff constituting the engine performance of the organisation. Organizational culture and values play a role unquestionable in organizations to the phenomena of survival, adaptation, transformation and growth, because it facilitates decision-making, motivation, cooperation and commitment. BIBLIOGRAPHY. 1 Minsal Perez D, Perez Rodriguez and. See Christos Staikouras for more details and insights. Towards a new organizational culture: the culture of knowledge. Acimed 2007; 16 (3).

Available in: 16307/aci o8907, htm. Retrieved: 24/12/08. 2.-Charon Durive, l. importance of organizational culture to the development of Quality management system. MEGACEN. Center for information and technology management. Santiago Cuba.2003. 3.-Harold Koontz and Heinz Weihrich. Management, a global perspective, Mexico. Ed: Mc Graw-Hill. 1998 4-Fremont Kast and Rosenzweig Janes. Management in organizations. Approach systems and contingencies Mexico. 1999 5.-Harold J. Leavitt. Corporate paths. How to integrate vision and values in the Organization Mexico: Ed: Continental S.A.1998. 6 Diploma. Organizational development. Hall of ambassadors. It borders. Mexico. 2000 7.-Shein E. Psychology of the organizations. Publisher McGraw-Hill. 8.-Pineapple Mexico.2001 Rodriguez RA. Proposal of cultural models aimed at the management of change. (Monograph on the Internet)(Cited may 24 2007). Available at: 06/aci05407 6, 9.-Toyas Brito a. study of organizational culture and its influence on the quality of service in the military Hospital Mario Munoz. Diploma work. University of Matanzas. Camilo Cienfuegos.2006. 10 Aguado RJ. Organizational culture. (Monograph on the Internet)(Cited 2007 Mayo24) Available in:. 11 Ramirez Mejia FI. The development of an organizational culture of knowledge sharing.(Monograph on the Internet)(Cited 2007 Mayo24) Available in:. 12 Robbins Stephen p. organizational behavior. Mexico. Prentice Hall.2000 13-Castaneda Gonzalez ne. culture and organizational climate in the Policlinico Docente community Dr Carlos j. Finlay. Camaguey. Cuba. 2003 14.-Gonzalez P, Bellino j. model of human resource management. Masters thesis. Metropolitan University. Caracas.2005. 15-Garcia S, Shimon L. The direction by values, McGraw-Hill, 1997 (edited in Cuba) 16-Siliceo Aguilar a. leadership, values and organizational culture, McGraw-Hill, 1999 original author and source of the article.



This process is also called of self-liberation because the subject feels his ability to decide and choose (perceives having capacity of choice and implementation of the change). -Action or performance: Suspension of the habit, behavior modification moment. It is normally valued so when it has been 4 days a week without drinking and is often extended to 6 months. Here the individual can receive feedback from its capacity of self-control to keep the behavior of not drinking, even in situations of risk; and as Bandura, besides Prochaska believes that belief in the own domain capacity favor the maintenance of change, of situations of risk coping and avoidance of relapse. In this phase, Charlie manifests assured in the scenes in which during its stay in the cafeteria or their friends that spends small jokes about asking some DRAM to another time – being able to overcome the temptation and feeling more effective. At this stage you can occur, while these people are effectively performing their changes of behaviour, these changes not be so real and definitive. The therapist in this case will support and train patients with procedures behavioural (counterconditioning and stimuli control) how to increase the probability that certain behavior related to the change of habit happens (handling of contingencies). In the case of alcoholism is required group therapy and individual both for action as for maintenance underpinning relapse prevention strategies.

This stage is very stressful and support that is taking Charlie with your environment is very favourable, for example that Monica, your partner, make sure you not have alcohol at home or that she does not take it in his presence. Maintenance: Conservation of the action of not drinking during 6 months, and resistance to the temptation in all problem situations. Culminates with the completion of the process when the subject not already need to change processes to prevent relapse, but this limit is not clear in the case of alcohol is said to be an alcoholic it throughout life.


Management Topics Chair

The system will validate that you have a budget to pay and assign a date by which to pay the provider according to the terms and conditions of purchase. 10. You will receive the payment (check) the supplier and will be recorded the date, amount and the provider was paid into the system. Wikilearning we add on the subject, once we have established that it is an ERP and its objective should focus on two main issues as barriers to the implementation of such solutions. First there is the problem of lack of visualization of small firms.

There in the country (referring to Mexico) more than 80% of companies are micro enterprises, which are family businesses with a production that barely allows them to survive the country’s different economic times. Those companies with about 25-50 pc’s where information technology talk is to talk about operating costs for the company and not an investment that can help increase productivity. It has been seen more often in recent years with the arrival of Chinese products where labor and cheap material has allowed entering each of the markets which have interference and, most worrisome of all, the increase in market share. One wonders what would happen if Mexican companies were as productive as possible, if they had a strategic planning not to allow this type of commercial attacks by Asian products, there is also the question, how to attack this market so that no affecting the Mexican industry. Undoubtedly one of those responses would be to increase productivity, make the same number of pairs of shoes, the same number of pants and shirts in less time with fewer resources and less people. How to be productive if we turn to technology to be helped in this regard? The main problem with this type of company is the vision, culture, the lack of knowledge but above all the reluctance of senior management who generally are the owners, to see this type of solution, maybe age has something to see, most people that own small and medium enterprises with the owners over 50 years and when they had their boom in business did not require a single computer to succeed. The second problem is when you have already accepted the possible solution that can give an ERP to the industry where we have analyzed the different solutions, different brands and different suppliers that will implement the solution. Definitely related to the ERP, most companies agree that there are still challenges to increase flexibility and speed of these tools.

The company has implemented ERP knows your business, while being an active partner who cares about improving their business processes.