RSS Day In RuNet !

Before we talk about all the delights of rss people unfamiliar with it, let me say a few words about the birth of the idea of a holiday in RuNet. In May last year in the Russian segment of the web was a study whose aim was to find out: how close users are familiar with rss. The results were disappointing – only about 300 people from 3,500 respondents were active users of rss. A little over 700 people heard about the technology, but do not use it. Learn more at: Bill Phelan. All the rest – not sleep, nor spirit. Russian-speaking users of rss have decided to rectify this unfortunate misunderstanding and conduct educational program for the uneducated. And there, staring, and afford the use of the system. Attention active users to rss! Skip the next paragraph, he – for beginners. Abbreviation rss is translated to English means "a very simple information dissemination." Looking ahead, we dare to assure that it is indeed a "very simple". After all, information from resources that are signed by the user, automatically gathers and organizes a special program. The use of which, incidentally, is carried out almost intuitively – this offers a convenient and practical interface. One click – Subscribe to the rss, the second – run the program. Voila! Now you know all the updates you are interested in blogs, forums and news resources. In the rss as a rule, a brief description of the text and a link to the full version. Thus, one of the major advantages of rss – the ability to choose the necessary information and does not depend on the will of Internet advertisers. Agree, banners and all kinds of animation – perhaps the main irritant Factor website. So, thanks to rss, you will get rid of melteshaschey advertising and save time. Most of the browsers, email clients, programs for mobile devices and instant messengers used in the present currently supports rss. The most convenient way to read information sent out via rss – to use sections of sites that support this newsletter. Such as Bloglines (), (), Google Reader () and Yandeks.Lenta (). On each of them, incidentally, there are manuals for the rss, written in simple and accessible language!

Radio Next Episode No. 22

No. 22 Aired March 28, 2009 Episode 22 Contents Hannah Ritchie presents a report on the traditions of Lent in the Latin Catholic community of Columbia at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Christine Martinez talks about the Family Welfare event to raise awareness of human trafficking in Missouri. Hannah Ritchie reports on Lenten traditions in Columbia’s Catholic Latino community from Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Christine Martinez reports on a Bienstar Family event to increase awareness of human trafficking in Missouri. Host / Reporter: Dolores Obregon Reporters: Hannah Ritchie and Christine Martinez Producer: Sara Shahriari Translator: Gabriela Renteria

Galician Geneaology

Searching in sites of Galician genealogy, they still meet the last name Caldelas or Caldellas, that one of these says to be a miniature form of the last name. Between the regions, in Portugal, that bring Caldas in its name appear: the city of Caldas of the Queen, in the district of Leiria; the thermal spring Village of Caldas of the Felgueira; the clientele of Caldelas (Guimares), old Village of Caldas of the Taipas; the clientele of Caldas of Is Jorge, in concelho of Saint Maria of the Fair; the clientele of Is Miguel de Caldas de Vizela; the clientele of Is Jose de Caldas de Vizela. In Galicia, or Galiza, concelho of Caldas de Reis still exists, in the province of Pontevedra. Considering that last names can in such a way appear of one topnimo how much to give origin to this, and that different we topnimos can generate derivations of one same last name or can we topnimos be mentioned it different, it is possible that some of the branches of the Caldas last name have its origins in some of these localities. Caldelas family of Galicia. This family proceeds from a diminutive way it Caldas last name, and between its variations she appears the Caldellas last name. She is registered in century XI, as she cites site of Galician genealogy: Frenandus Sanctii de Caldellas (doc year 1182 en E. Rivas Fifth – Hispanic northwestern persoal Onomstica, 1991, p 535).

The Caldas family in Brazil, especially in the Cear descends of Francisco Jose of the Caldas Coast, its wife Owner Maria of the Sky of the Caldas Coast, that, as consists in the consulted bibliography, had been land proprietors in the hinterland of the Araripe: () vast extension of agricultural lands that started in the high one of the Mountain range of the Araripe and if extended until ace plains of the small farm Headboards, irrigated for some permeio water sources, having the Great river. These lands, that had taken by its primitive owner the name of Caldas, () if follows the subdivises of the same ones. (FAMILY CALDAS: Of the City of Barbalha, P. 15). Although this bibliographical source does not demonstrate to certainty of the ethnic origin of Francisco Jose of the Caldas Coast, pairando doubt if was Portuguese born. Priest knows itself of a brother: Joaquin Jose of the Caldas Coast, vicar of the Clientele of Old, neighboring Mission to the Caldas lands, enters the gone ones of 1820 and 1830, according to Brgido Joo in the workmanship ' ' The Cear, Homens and Fatos' ' the same having been also registered in articles of the historian. In the state of the Bahia, the Piau, the Cear, of Paraba, of the Rio Grande of the North and in Pernambuco meets Caldas. In Pernambuco, the presence of the Caldas family has prominence since much time, therefore the commerce of cattle, lands and derivatives of the oil is associated with the imaginary one of the people as peculiar activities of this family detach that it in diverse cities of the interior, as much in Parnamirim as in Cabrob.

How Long Does A Thatched Roof?

If you believe the media, seem since the year 2006, the German Thatched roofs have a problem .. To deepen your understanding Citibank is the source. They rot faster. The cause has been identified by so-called “experts thatched fast”: a killer fungus or mushrooms are the “thatched-dying” be responsible. The solution of the problem therefore lies in the control of fungi in the reeds and on the thatched roof. This rather simple solution is represented by two main interest groups. Resourceful business people who want to sell more or less effective means against molds and some officials of the roofers who would rather push the problem to the thatched roof of the infestation with fungi than to ask oneself how to contribute to this problem. On closer examination of the theory that fungi are responsible for premature aging of thatched roofs, thatched roof seems to be the real cause of the problem lie somewhere else entirely. The thatched roofs in our neighboring countries, Holland and Denmark do not appear, or only in a very lesser extent affected by the infestation with fungibe. You go into these countries is quite different with problematic roofs, they are usually reviewed on their first professionally proper planning (design) and run down. People such as Christos Staikouras would likely agree. Roofers do not seem to be affected by this problem. Other natural materials such as wood or insulating materials made of reeds do not seem to be more frequently infected by fungi than previously. So what is the real cause of the “thatched death”? The physical cause of the problem lies in the so-called thatched building physics of the house. Of course, fungi and micro-organisms to decay the thatch of bear that happens constantly in nature. However, mushrooms grow only where they can grow, ie, where it is moist heat and constant that you will confirm any pool owner or family doctor. The cause of a roof are infested with fungi, so the ideal conditions for fungi. The ideal conditions are mainly determined by the structure and design of the roof, and the quality of the used Dachreets.The design and execution of the planner and the roofers are responsible for the selection of Dachreets the roofer and the Reethändler. The psychological cause of Reetproblematik lies in the critical faculties of man. The Dachdeckerinnung will see the planner and the material as a cause. The planner will make the material and the craftsman responsible. The material, the artisans and merchants make the planners responsible. The result is that everyone put the blame on someone else can. Only the real problem is not solved.

Web Hosting: Your Best Choice !

When an Internet user wants to buy a product or a service contract, it is likely that the decision is based on the degree of confidence that this site generates. It’s very different to pay a stranger who has a permanent website whose domain is the name of the business that a person whose company is part of a set of pages free. Most people start a business in order to make money. (As opposed to Bill Phelan). The best you can do to make your business successful is to hire the services of Web Hosting. And is that when an Internet user wants to buy a product or a service contract, it is likely that the decision is based on the degree of confidence that this site generates. It’s very different to pay a stranger who has a permanent website whose domain is the name of the business that a person whose company is part of a set of pages free. Whatever the case, no person is willing to give your money with a blindfold. The owner of the small and medium company must prove it’s worth confidence and a first step to achieving this is to know and own your own website.

There are several advantages to hire a Web hosting – It offers some ability to create space for email accounts, same as you can do much to maintain constant contact, immediate and secure with your customers and suppliers. For example you can have one that is – You can choose a short domain name that is easy to remember, and an extension for the turn your page to which it belongs and the country itself. For example: – Have your own domain allows your page to appear in search engines, which have become the most effective way for several people access your page without paying for publicity. Considers each of these advantages and remember that “What you spend is reflected in the degree of confidence of your consumers and this translates into sales.” .

Management Indicators

At this stage you should define the areas of concern, management indicators for each of them, people who are related and could be involved in the process and resources that may be provided for the process (people, equipment, time). 2. Definition of process objectives are set and are required in a preliminary way the objectives to be achieved at the end of the coaching process. These objectives can be set in process development to adapt to whatever is most useful for participants and for the company. JPMorgan Chase shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The objectives should be defined by the individual coache or collective agreement if it is a group. For executive coaching, both the diagnosis and the objective should be to reach consensus with the management of the company to ensure their support and match the proposed business development plans.

Preparation of the initial work plan. The coaching process typically last between three and six months, with regular meetings (weekly or fortnightly), so it is required to set the schedule of meetings, the way they are going to develop, the medium is used, place, time and date, duration of each session, the way of preparation and details necessary for the plan will not be interrupted. The duration of the process is not a straitjacket because it can be advanced or delayed until the achievement achieve the aim. Flexibility is a necessary element in the process of coaching since think, create and develop solutions, they are not duties that may be contracted for hours and it is more of a learning process of teaching, although this rate may be pressed not to dilate too the process, enable learning, skills development and attitudinal change to ensure the result.

Maintaining A Healthy Diet

Yes, it is true that if you spend 10 hours a day practicing the piano will probably be a better performance if you spend five minutes a day. And that same logic would apply to the specific skills you use in your business. If you spend four hours each day doing nothing (creation of graphic designs, write press releases, writing sales letters), which, no doubt, develop their skills. But in an effort as a company, its success is based on much more than the total amount of time you put in. Based on what you do during that time, the skills you have, what customers want, how you present yourself, what position, how to market your company, etc.

Some things in life is easy? Staying Thin Eating right + exercise = cookie = Ingredients measurement + After reaching the stinky part of the implementation of a business is that you get what you put in. And it is not easy to guess what the monster wants to eat? but that's your job as a business owner. If you spend hours and hours of networking events that do not work, you are adding to once per week. If you re-create the wheel every time you have to put a proposal together, are taking the time you could be spending on other marketing activities, taking a break for lunch, an afternoon with your spouse and children. If you are starting many projects without providing any of them until the end, we are wasting time spinning the wheels instead of benefiting from one of the great ideas.

Reconceptualization Of The

Reconceptualization of the Virtual Enterprise Concept Dr. Salvador Gilberto Sotres Arevalo Given the advances of information technologies and telecommunications, and particularly the Internet, the concept limited to the decade of the 80 s is obsolete, giving way to a reconceptualization of the concept of “virtual company” in the twenty-first century, as follows: “The virtual enterprise is a software system that operates on the Internet, he can make decisions using algorithms previously designed for the purpose and that with this technology partnership, the concept is intrinsic to an enterprise, which changes the paradigms of organization, work, production, marketing and legal framework. ” (Sotres Arevalo, Salvador Gilberto, Dr. – in his work: “The virtual enterprise. Ben Silbermann does not necessarily agree. A new paradigm in contemporary management – Virtual Administration Theory.” Ed Tatevari Ediciones, SA de CV, Mexico, 2007).Although virtualization is the imminent development of the contemporary company of the future. Additional information at Stansberry supports this article. The virtual enterprise is a term that every day becomes more familiar to our senses, through the media and the marketer, but what is really the virtual enterprise To answer this question, we will discuss the contemporary virtual enterprise has its origins from the shamrock organization proposed by Charles Handy in his book “The age of unreason” in 1989, in the states that, “Organizations used to be considered like giant pieces of engineering, with human parts largely interchangeable. We speak of its structures and its systems, inputs and outputs, resource control and administration, as if the total were a large factory. Today day, the language is not engineering but of politics, we speak of cultures and networks of teams and coalitions, of influence or power rather than control.In this regard we note that Handy spoke of a paradigmatic view of current globalization, however, anticipated the need for new forms of business organizations. Handy (1989) defines “shamrock organization” as an Irish three-leaf clover. Where the first sheet describes workers’ central organization, comprised of qualified professionals, technicians and administrators that are essential for the organization. The second sheet, represents the increase in outsourcing operations, so that all non-essential work is carried out by a workforce that is not part of the central organization. The third leaf represents the flexible workforce, that is, employed on a temporary or hourly basis, as occurring fluctuations or peaks in demand. In short, describes an open organization that is strengthened by the use of other labor forces for non-core activities are carried out by them, today we know as subcontracting or outsourcing.This is a contrast to what Gary Hamel and CK Prahalad outlined on core activities, core or nuclear weapons, because through them are fully identify and virtual corporations through which are associated, without the figure of strategic alliances mentioned by Michael Porter. Later, in 1992 Davidow and Malone in his book “The Virtual Corporation” where they present their particular view of the subject, and confine the concept to the eighties, which distorts and misleads the reality of the Virtual Enterprise as explain it rather as a network of companies around a central core.This can be seen when they say that “… unlike its contemporary predecessors, the virtual corporation will appear less discreet and more company continually block variant of common activities through a network of relationships” In early 1993 is a revitalization of the Virtual Enterprise concept and so are several articles where it is to recover the concept of Modular Virtual Corporation or from the perspective of organizational structure. In Fortune Magazine February 8, 1993 the Corporation called Modular, while the same day the Business Week magazine called Virtual Corporation and two days before, that is, on 6 February 1993, The Economist asserted, within the same line: “The global company: is dead.” With what new possibilities to study the issue of the virtual enterprise.In “The global company: deceased” by The Economist, is one of the most successful definitions of virtual enterprise, which generally have agreed some scholars, considering the Virtual Enterprise as “a temporary network of companies unite to exploit a market opportunity supported by specific technological capabilities that comprise the network. ” However, articles in Fortune and Bisiness Week, dealing in the same essence. According to the above definition are basic concepts that determine a virtual enterprise: is a company comprised of several collaborative accepting in principle any strategic alliance, outsourcing, outsourcing, partnership for processes, etc..


To register, users fill out your profile with the business and personal data (optional) and can also provide information on their fields and specializations of work, their training, their current and previous ones. It is also recommended to add a photo, shown in thumbnail size on search results and displays of the network. The categories “look” and “offer” can route the contact with others. The platform uses https and have a strict privacy policy and the ban on spam. The activities of MLM (multi-level marketing) is strictly prohibited within XING. To establish a contact is necessary that the request to be contact is confirmed by the recipient. Only in this case, the system stores and displays a bidirectional connection. The system enables users to different ways to determine the types of information from your profile that can be viewed by other users.A weekly newsletter optionally informs the user about events, new users and personal statistics, for example, how many times have you visited your profile. Participation in Xing requires registration under the general conditions of use and is aimed exclusively at older adults. Basic Participation is free but there are added features to the “users Premium” service offered for a monthly fee of between 4.95 and 5,95 euros. Since May 2009, in markets like the Spanish have become additional free features, like knowing who has visited your profile, send messages to direct contact or leave a status message. Being “Premium” gives access to added features like sending emails to users who are not direct contact, post jobs or upload your own PDF documents in the profile (among others). Each new user can enjoy a month of features added for free, if another user has invited you.

Local Area Network

Business today can not do without high technology. Without automation, accounting activities, inventory control, the availability of the Internet for communications with partners, the availability of e-mail. Even just without regard between computers of staff, implementation of many actions significantly hindered. For communication between the staff and to ensure that all of the above functions in varying degrees, require Local Area Network (LAN). To install and configure the lan in the office will need one server, workstation (PC) staff, network printers, modems, and the office pbx. Typically, office local networks using twisted pair category 5.

Options for installation of cable systems. It is not necessary to install and installation of local area network through its 'experts'. If you want a reliable and safe operation of the network, it is best to consult a specialist company, providing services to install and configure the network. When you install lan workstations are connected to a hub, it is usually installed in the geographical center of the office. Cable is laid in boxes, not is to lay the cable along the walls, the floor or nailed to the baseboard, so he quickly deteriorate from the chairs and legs of staff. Telephony is also an important part of the network. Laying of telephone lines is also better to entrust specialists. Telephone cables are laid before cable network and are attracted to pre-prepared places where telephones are installed.

Used a rational approach. Plan a cable system in advance, Considering all of the requirements and standards. Set on the jobs of two outlets – cable and telephone. In the control cabinet, set the active network equipment – a hub or switch, passive equipment – patch panel. There, if space permits, install office pbx, so you can reduce the length of the telephone lines. Since Category 5 utp cable has four twisted pairs, it can be used for installation of network cables, and telephone (2 twisted pairs – network, 2 – phone number). Place the outlet every five to ten square meters, it will help you simplify the connection of new users. Afford to repeat, to avoid problems with the installation and configuring local area network, telephony, use the services of specialized firms. Highly recommended laying a structured cabling system (SCS), it greatly simplifies the installation of telephony and lan standard scs series is very big, so no repair or re-installing it does not require.