Chaotic conditions prevail in the troll world, since the trolls were cursed, and no longer are allowed to read. Troll girl Sofia is distraught: she loves books, and for them, there is nothing better than good stories. To save her beloved grandmother Piranhia from the curse, must find the magic encyclopedia and Albert, owned the encyclopedia needs the genius of young, lonely eight. Using the wishes Albert learns the value of friendship and befriends precisely with his mortal enemy of Sebastian. However, the unpredictable side effects of desires cause that Albert’s pregnant mother rushed to the hospital must be. The last remaining wish is Albert before the election: mother or child? Albert a way out is through the help of his new friends? A fairytale story for young readers aged 8. Excerpt: Sofia looked first on the cover of the book, then on the growing gap of the door. The door creaked and struggled, in vain but in the long term.

The gap grew inexorably. The light some fireflies fell through. Sofia saw something, rather a being. Troll skin shimmered Green through the gap. She shivered. No troll was allowed to get them reading! Not only that! She included on the neck and rubbed it.

The last piece of paper slipped down her esophagus. She blurted after air, swallowed too much and burped. A claw they eulogized the mouth and suffocated the Rulpslaut with the other so she rubbed her belly. Her gaze went to the book. Treasure Island banned it, she could hardly move. Slowly she managed to stretch their legs at least. Still a few inches further, she thought, and pushed through the knee. Finally, her feet covered the book cover and based off the distinctive aromatic troll cheese smell. Sofia breathed. At this moment, an adorable warty appearance entered their hiding place. “Umma”, breathed Sofia. She admired the furry old troll more than any other troll on the world.

New Market Opportunities For Service Providers

IT security solutions from Clavister: efficiently exploit business potential Hamburg, July 15, 2009 security services are one of Internet service providers (ISPs), operators of business hardly used data centres and telcos. These mountains these services, especially in times of impending margin erosion, lucrative business opportunities. Clavister, specialist for IP based security and unified threat Management(UTM)-Losungen, presents new security concepts for data centers, ISPs and telcos to improve their market opportunities. Andreas asander, VP product management at Clavister, explains: Service providers operate their businesses in a competitive market segment. There, the market saturation pushes the price of standard services so that profit margins are no longer available. Thus, the suppliers have few ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, or to gain a decisive competitive edge.

Because new customers are hard to find, the answer that is, services for existing customers to expand, which in addition, cost-efficient can be obtained via direct mail.\” Parallel to this the Internet business platform has become but a larger target for cybercriminals, who use them for your illegal machinations. asander continues: every technical or Internet users deal with General security concerns. However, service providers have it with very specific safety-related aspects to do: Cybercrime is growing, and the malicious data flow has ever more rampant. The increasing complexity of attack techniques can exacerbate this trend. \”The threats include infections caused by viruses and worms, phishing, spam E-mail, redirection of the data flow and break distributed-denial-of-service attacks (DDoS),-in the components key to the change in the configuration.\” Some service providers have recognized this trend and offer security services already. Often a physical box installed but when the Required for local customers.

Costly hardware and additional resources for the installation are the result. Not uncommon is the final price of the security services beyond the financial means of a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). The network security specialists Clavister virtual security solutions offer an economically attractive alternative for service providers, eliminating the installation complete a physical box for customers.