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Marcelo Lasagna on the importance of identifying with the new paradigm says, to take into account that today’s complex world requires complex thinking and that means changing the culture of work. ICTs have made possible a global world where sharing is the antonym of prey. Official site: Donald Gordon. Exploitative competition should be overcome to get into forms of sharing: niche business, markets, information, suppliers, customers, strategic objectives, etc. To maximize the creative potential and learning capacity of an organization, it is crucial that their managers and executives understand the relationship between their formal structures and informal networks self-generated. The first is a set of norms and rules that define the relationships between people and tasks and determine the distribution of power within the organization.

The limits are established through contractual agreements that delineate subsystems (departments) and well-defined functions. The formal structures are described in official documents of the organization, organizational charts, internal rules, strategies and procedures. By contrast, the informal structures are communication networks and fluctuating fluid. The concept of network is the emergent property of the new organizations. The ability to internally structured as a network and in relation to its environment is becoming a key organizational value.

The vital force of an organization, flexibility, creative potential and their ability to learn-is precisely the ability to generate their internal networks and their environment. Juan Freire speaks of the organization interface, ie one that attaches and detaches quickly and ductility regarding plans, objectives Ultimately, schools must identify which management should be the administrative knowledge to be provided to prospective managers, so as to ensure that they generate favorable results in performance, especially when companies have led to changes in their structures, management, human resources management, in adapting the new technology that has an increasingly short life cycle and requires a process management to use their potential until they disappear. Must be integrated within reach, impact of computing has led and influenced the new organizational culture, forcing to reformulate the classic functions of the departments in order to make way consonant administrative processes based on results involving appropriate use time and costs invested. To all this must be added, which should encourage future self-managing, an aspect that should not be neglected, finding weaknesses that create a behavior according to their performance, reviewing their strengths, determining how it is integrated with their values, how to influence, persuade towards the low human resource office fully identifies with the company, with his leadership. I believe that opportunities are given according to corporate behavior in the current scenarios for business schools that provide a more determinant role than at present is leading, otherwise it will not bring solutions that organizations require to be one that will encourage proactive participation. It is legal to have presented what is says is necessary to identify and combine the various forms of organization of knowledge (disciplinary, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary), all to bring a new paradigm that favors business.

Liability Management & Administration

Inside one of the basic features that a good manager should have is their commitment to effective, proactive work according to the requirements that the environment demands. You forget a lot of managers as idealizations says that a responsible person consciously makes decisions and accepts the consequences of their actions, ready to account for them. Responsibility is the virtue or habitual disposition to accept the consequences of their own decisions, answerable to someone. Responsibility is the ability to respond to their own actions. Wikipedia tells us, in turn, that charge is one that is consciously direct or indirect cause of an event and therefore bears responsibility for the consequences of that fact (ie, an accumulation of previous meanings of responsibility) , ended up configuring a complex meaning: that of responsibility as a virtue par excellence of free human beings.

In the Kantian tradition, the responsibility is individual virtue freely and consciously designing the highest universalize of our conduct. For Hans Jonas, in contrast, social responsibility is a virtue that is configured in the form of an imperative, formally following Kant’s categorical imperative, commands, “work so that the effects of your action are compatible with the permanence of authentic human life on Earth. ” This requirement is known as the “principle of responsibility.” We add, that require two conditions for the existence of responsibility: freedom .- For there to be liability, actions must be carried out freely. law .- There should be a standard from which to judge the facts made.


We all want to complete more work in less time. However, you got the feeling that never arrive on time? Do you work non-stop and never strikeouts things of to-do list? Well, you’re not alone. You have to manage time. In fact the key to productivity is not more work, but work better. Below I describe seven small but important tricks to dramatically increase your job performance. It is increasing every day as often as you can say “this is already done.” 1. Sotheby’s Art Auction helps to elucidate the arguments at hand . Before you start the day, decide that you are five major tasks to complete. Learn more at this site: Santie Botha. I did not say “want to end” but “you’re going to end.” Of the 5 ensures that at least three (best four) are important (those that bring sales, earn medals or increase your career opportunities).

Write to hand a list of these five tasks. 2. Before you start your day, check your “urgent tasks.” Of these, which ones can be deferred indefinitely. Almost always, the urgency may simply be forgotten. These tasks are what we prevents end the important thing. We must learn to be fierce in the denial of fooling. 3.

Reduce distractions. The best way to complete the important tasks is disconnectedness the world. It is not always possible, but try to handle calls on a fixed schedule. Do not be always open the mail and put the Skype, Messenger and others in “Offline” By nature people are sociable and like to communicate with others. However, rational creatures we are also able to stop (at least for short periods) our impulses.