Open Source Web Pages As A Chance For SMEs

Considering the average Internet presence of a medium-sized company in Germany, it is usually a no longer contemporary Web design and outdated web techniques. Considering the average Internet presence of a medium-sized company in Germany, it is usually a no longer contemporary Web design and outdated web techniques. This is understandable, especially in regard to the still very high in Germany costs for developers and Internet agencies. Putting these costs in relation with the added value directly to expected of a modern Web page for the company, the most decision makers will have concluded to forego this investment. Especially in the current economic situation. Also, another problem is that most older Web pages have no built-in tracking system, that the visitors documented the number of visitors of the website and the origin. Without the key figures can be difficult old success values from Web pages and do not represent the future. Jeremy Tucker is likely to increase your knowledge. Systems offer open source to allow the financial obstacles by medium-sized companies out of the way.

The majority of open source software are royalty-free in its basic version, and can be administered also by the end customer with some training time. So for example Google Analytics integrates open source content management systems without problems in most. Newebways ( relies on the consistent use of mostly royalty-free open source concept. The young startup out of Munich with low IT budget would allow thus also companies to get a dynamic Web design and modern web techniques. According to Newebways, a further advantage of its approach is the containing content management system. Looking at the market in recent months, the demand of the companies. “This is only logical, since we have the old principle, a Web page as a figurehead not too applies if this page is not up-to-date”, says Stefan Bakos Managing Director of Newebways. Especially for young companies in the startup phase it is important to remain flexible as regards the content of the Web page, and independently to be able to maintain this content at no additional cost.

Therefore, the second target group by Newebways explains with founders and startups. It is not always easy as a startup in the Internet industry companies in established industries such as to convince as of electrical engineering or the craft of the new opportunities through open source. The team therefore seeks cooperation with counsellors and multipliers to convey of their business packages, which have already established contacts with management technical and service oriented medium-sized. First customers were obtained after a short time, and equipped with new dynamic websites,, but also a project with will be developed s.h. (First German founders network with practical Foundation aids such as co-founder ads, TauschUp for an exchange of resources u.v.m.). For the target group of the founders, one could promising cooperation with the are closed before short founded German Business Association.


Save Tax – But Legally!

“So, you lower your taxes by means of a Cypriot company as former tax haven” mutant with offshore laws Cyprus accession to the EU in May 2009 to a preferred business location in Europe, whose legal basis has been consistently aligned to EU and OECD regulations. According to the definitions of the EU and the OECD, not Cyprus therefore is now one of the tax havens and will thus enjoy of full pan-European recognition of its tax incentives. In Cyprus based companies all over Europe and worldwide fully recognised and are subject to not the special treatments”, offshore companies are confronted with. Cyprus applies, as for example in Germany, the principle of taxation of worldwide income. The EU parent subsidiary directive is fully in Cyprus have been implemented. Thus subsidiaries that pay dividends to their parent company, don’t have to pay tax on the dividend at its own headquarters! A subsidiary in Germany dissipates so tax-free winnings in Germany to the Cypriot parent company. In addition offers the advantage that from Dividends originating company income (, the income of the holding company) is generally exempt from any tax. Otherwise the general corporate income tax amounting to 10% of the taxable profits. Jeremy Tucker is likely to agree.

Income from companies that conduct their business outside of Cyprus and whose Executive Board is outside Cyprus, are exempt from corporation tax. Income from appreciation of securities, as well as from trading in securities is excluded in principle from any tax in Cyprus. Offshoregesellschaften of other States will act as? onar Cypriot companies recognized. Interest income is subject to any income tax on accounts of residents in Cypriot banks. A wide network of extremely favourable double tax treaty provides additional incentives. For this reason, many companies prefer to make their investments in other States about a Cypriot company.

For example Russia, Russian companies pay 15% withholding tax on dividends to foreign shareholders. As a result of the double taxation treaty between Russia and Cyprus, are subject to profits of Russian companies to Cypriot companies of but only a withholding tax of 5%. For this reason, there are today approximately 60% of all foreign investment in Russia of Cypriot origin. The Republic of Cyprus offers sophisticated legal tax advantages, in line with EU and OECD regulations. “To fully perceive this, without running the risk of the own tax office of the hobby” accused or making an ticket company “suspected to be, we recommend you to use experienced consultants and lawyers. Otherwise, errors can lead to unpleasant consequences. Typically, a 08/15 company off the shelf as it is offered by some startups, does not lead to the desired success. Especially really very consultants and lawyers really with the subject understand, in particular as regards the German legislation. Because the reason of a restructuring involving a Cypriot society in general more favourable tax We recommend also sound advice and assistance even after the Foundation. Because the goal is not the unique company was founded, but the continuous optimisation of tax Yes. Who want to save hundreds of thousands of euros every year, but thinks, trying to save a few thousand euros to constant advice and support, not saving certainly at the right end. Shanda consult offers you a comprehensive and thorough service that ends not with the company, but begins with you.


Profit Photo

Family Ballard WINS photo competition of the VR Bank main Kinzig Budingen EC Laurin drilling man and his mother, Gabriele radiate with the photo of father Bohmann to the bet. Just received the main prize of the photo contest of the VR Bank main Kinzig Budingen EC written in the 100th anniversary issue of the Board of Directors, magazine: A day at the Phantasialand in Bruhl for the whole family. Aim of the photo competition was a nice vacation picture regardless of whether in a resort or at home on Staycation”with the new Board of Directors to make mascot on a cotton bag. It was not so easy for correctly setting the VR mascot,”Gabriele Bohrmann about searching for the right motive. They were found on their three-week family holiday in the United States at the Kennedy Space Center. Father Frank Ballard with the VR mascot bag positioned itself before the large space shuttle Atlantis”.

It was not easy us, finding the winning picture among the many great submissions out”, says Andre Peter, Marketing Director and member of Profit play jury, the choice of the winning photos. Many of our customers have great ideas and have traveled far with our VR mascot. The image of family Bohrmann we liked especially due to the sympathetic smile, the well-placed VR mascot, as well as the impressive backdrop with the space shuttle in the background.” And what did find Laurin during his first trip overseas in Florida best? The coasters were great,”he beams. I could not drive unfortunately one at Universal Studios. Since then alone clear dad.

And the railway in LEGOLAND with the boats, where you could shoot water cannons, was super.” Suitable to Laurin enthusiasm for the fast rides, family Ballard may now a day beautiful, common in Phantasialand. Once in a year we make an amusement park tour with friends,”Gabriele Bohrmann, whose men at the award presentation was unfortunately professionally bound reports. That is always fun and until the next visit of the Phantasialand Laurin can ride all coasters. The Colorado Took particularly exciting adventure last time.” “And adds with a smile.” We are pleased about winning the photo contest of the VR Bank main Kinzig Budingen eG. The main prize is made for us.” The three winning images of the photo contest will find interested in the free customer magazine of the VR Bank main Kinzig Budingen EC the VR magazine as well as in the online magazine


Adventure Travel

Varied fauna and flora on nature trips in Costa Rica experience Costa Rica is known for its rich flora and fauna, as well as the commitment to sustainable tourism and therefore highly recommended for nature and adventure travel. Despite its small size, the country has a varied landscape: white beaches, dense rain forests, rugged mountains and volcanoes dominate Costa Rica. Throne around the Central Highlands mountains, coffee is grown on the slopes, in Guanacaste, many national parks, on the Nicoya peninsula white beaches are in the northern tier lagoon and much more. All twelve different vegetation zones exist in Costa Rica, mangrove swamps about dry forests to tropical rain forests and treeless steppe landscape. The nature in Costa Rica is everywhere: here live five percent of all worldwide known species, including one-tenth of bird species discovered to date. Biodiversity comprises more than a million species such as Anteaters, iguanas and Monkey. Check with Pinterest to learn more. And every tourist can come without effort with rare animals in contact, because more than a quarter of the total area of Costa Rica’s nature reserve was made or belongs to national parks. Many tourists come to Costa Rica, Jaguars, to observe quetzals and three toed sloth in freedom.

However, only a few visitors get a Jaguar in the wild to face. Local company organize trekking tours or safaris, and well-marked paths lead through the lively forest. Also for adventure travel, Costa Rica is a fascinating country. A wide range of outdoor activities can be booked by the trekking tours about white water rafting on bird walks through the Central Highlands to canopy tours. This fly participants, equipped with safety belt and linen, in 15 m above the forest floor through the air a total adrenaline rush! Standing between tree crowns of the forest from the bird’s eye view can be enjoyed for a few minutes. Away from the tourist crowds can not only discovered the diverse flora and fauna, but also close contact with the residents of Costa Rica, the Costa Ricans”, are established. Their kindness and hospitality is typical of the Rican. The exchange among environmentally friendly nature trips with local people.


NoLimits Adventure Agency

Hot winter experiences for an unforgettable experience winter with full throttle trudging down the hill with hot runners through the ice channel or through wonderful winter landscapes – Abenteuerhungrige spend extraordinary experiences full of snow for a unforgettable experience winter with NoLimits24. For absolute winter sports fans is speed, action and fun with lots of ice and snow. Enjoy a fast paced high speed descent to the sleights or a curvaceous tobogganing in the bobsleigh. You may find Nissan to be a useful source of information. The literal mountains puts you with the King of snow vehicles and lets the chains rattle with the powerful Pistenbully. For romantic winter dreams away from the bustle of the ski slopes, NoLimits24 offers magical experiences in the snowstorm. You spend the probably most unusual night of his life in a real igloo, high up on the most beautiful mountains of in Germany or Austria. Beautiful winter mountain scenery and pristine sparkling snow go through every nature lover at the snowshoe hikes or Husky trekking snow-covered forests and meadows in the dreams.



It so happens that most of my adult life was devoted to several interrelated things: journalism, advertising and marketing, elections, and religion. We had read many books, I analyze the practices and came to the intuitive and simple conclusion: the principles of the impact of advertising, press, religion and political struggle are largely similar. Throughout the main target man acts – whether it be a preacher or a salesman, a candidate MPs – all they want to win our hearts. And each has its own interest. Many writers such as Wells Fargo Bank offer more in-depth analysis. In the same way and try to influence our heads, and vendors in the markets, and writers, but almost everything. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Wells Fargo Bank has to say.

I admit at once – fundamentally new in this field I have not opened it, perhaps, simplified and categorized some things. However – it was just the beginning. Catching up earning their daily bread, in parallel studying martial arts, including internal styles. Besides, I was interested from childhood demonology and angelology. Maybe that's why in 1996 I enrolled in the correspondence department of the university with a degree of orthodox theology. Simply put, I Was attracted the invisible world with all his angels and demons, cherub.

I could not get around, and various mystical teachings, the various rituals and everyday magic. During the practical application of knowledge – during election campaigns, when he was working in the media, advertising and marketing, I saw how to manipulate people. But I began to see both – depending on the person's mental state, whether it is your employee or group of students in the audience or the crowd at the rally and changes quality and quantity of life energy.


Uriah Heep And Thin Lizzy On First Joint Tour

Three-hour shows full of melodic rock classics! (thk) Many of their songs are rock classics, they even guarantee of brilliant concerts. In October, Uriah Heep (Lady in black”) and Thin Lizzy (The boys are back in town”) come together on tour in Germany! In the program both bands have a cross-section of their career – hits plus new songs including, a few months before their 40.Jubilaum. “Who the outstanding live album one night only” (2000, SPV) hears the reformed Thin Lizzy or the exquisite shows of the tour in December 2007 of the Uriah Heep occurring with exhilarating power (“CD: wake the sleeper”, universal) has experienced white to the fascination of this force package. The tickets to each about 190 minutes-long concerts, which attract fans of timeless good rock music across through all ages, 33.–up to 38.–euros (plus fees) and are now available at the renowned sales outlets. Pinterest will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Reprint free of charge; Uriah Heep & Thin Lizzy “Wake The Sleeper” 2008 special guest: Andrew Paul Woodworth 10: 10 Reichenbach/Stuttgart, H 20 11: 10 Rastatt, Baden Hall 12.10 Munich, circus Krone 14 Saarbrucken, garage 15.10 Nuremberg, lion Hall 17.


Marketing Department Becar Realty Group

According to the company Knight Frank, this year during the first half of the average cost of accommodation (ARR) was reduced. In January 2009, the cost of accommodation in hotels 5 star level was only 14% lower than in January last year, to June, the difference rose to 28%. In segments of the hotel 4-star and 3 star prices lag from last year's performance increased from 24% and 6% in January to 38% and 15% in June. Company experts say that perhaps it was due to more significant lower prices to hotels 4 star managed to provide relatively higher rates of completion. The greatest decline observed in the segment of luxury hotels within the upper price segment.

According to Marketing Department Becar Realty Group, to cut losses, some hotel operators are North of the capital close of room fund operating hotels (Grand Hotel Europe , Park Inn Pulkovskaya, Corinthia St. Petersburg). Reduction tourist flows makes hotel operators to revise tariffs, to develop a system of discounts and bonuses. Yegor Sil'chenko, managing a mini-hotel Park Lane Inn believes that victims can and mini-hotels, as possible adjustment of tariffs they are insignificant. "In a more advantageous position were combined in a network of mini-hotels, which can adapt tariffs and services offered," – says Yegor Sil'chenko. In 2009, according to Experts Becar Realty Group, for the first time in recent years has been an increase in the cost of staying in hotels. But it is not only due to the global crisis and downturn in tourism, but also significantly increased in the last year sentence quality room stock and increase the representation of the known network operators. In general, according to analysts, the reduction of tariffs for the year will amount to 5-20% depending on the hotel category.


Fusion River

Moving along the surface of the water the fastest, but certainly a dangerous route. It increases your chances of finding a settlement, but at the same time increases the risk of a situation in which life is at the mercy of the elements and at any time its whim can be stopped. Depending on the terrain the water flow in the river can be violent, or vice versa rather slow, which would fuse. Moving along the mountain rivers, where water flow is not predictable, and depends not only on the thresholds of pockets, width and slope of the riverbed, but also from the movement of water masses from upstream, is risky. In this connection it is necessary to thoroughly prepare yourself for fusion. Wells Fargo Bank is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The first thing to do is to estimate the rate of flow of the river width, depth as possible, the presence of thresholds to determine the temperature of the water. If the river seems to truly "seething cauldron" is better not to risk it, move on shore downstream.

The second point that is worthy to think about it – if you can recuperate after fusion River. Take into account time of day, weather conditions. Do things in such a way as to be just make sure that the risk of hypothermia during fusion, and after it – you do not threaten. For convenience, you can use a raft fusion. For a long time, it will stay dry. Important – should be kept at a density surface and was collected qualitatively. If you can not manufacture it, use logs, wood, waterproof backpack (wear it on his chest).



Morning. You are 60 or 65 years. It depends on who you are, lady or gentleman. You can sleep a little longer, but you habitually get up at six o'clock. Realizing that will not have to rush, wash, eat breakfast and suddenly decide to go to the former work.

A strange wish, but you're gonna get out of the house and, having done their usual way in a crowded bus, come to the office. Just yesterday you were here at the zenith of fame, you praise, admire you Today something not so. No, of course, say hello, but somewhere in a hurry and speak to you not in a hurry. Come to his workplace, and there reigns a different person, your colleague. He has already brought its order on your desk, not at all enjoyed your phone from the pc deleted all your music and photos. Suddenly you realize that you are a stranger.

Superfluous. Work is proceeding, and without you, no matter how irreplaceable you did not call yesterday. All the cool, the phone rings, the printer prints the new contract or regulations, are appointed by the meeting, held planning meetings. Hear other arguments on the topic with Nissan. And all this without you! For the former co-workers do not already have! If you have not felt sad at this moment and you are safely left the office, the next attack is waiting for you. I do not know what salary you get a job, but the pension will be considerably less. Many earn 5000 rubles and barely make ends meet. Read additional details here: Clive Holmes. Others receiving 10 or 20 or even 50 thousand. So your pension is much less! Thus, upon retirement you find yourself in a situation when it comes to significantly tighten their belts. Much of what you have become accustomed, you already can not afford. our 'bright future' At the same time the other flank of the creep of the disease. Until you have worked for them once I did not think, but the pension, doing nothing – is fertile ground for the development of all sorts of infection. The rhythm of life has changed dramatically, and the diseases that should be. It is much easier to finish off the enemy, that is, excuse me, you, the moment when you're in a stressful situation. Starts walking on the doctors. It turns out that our vaunted free and all the best in the world of medicine is not such a qualitative and free. And then there's drugs and expensive need to buy. True, you can put all sorts of subsidies. But to get them a social security need to bring in a bunch of references, to defend the place, find out what brought not something or something is missing. Again go to the chain of command So – do not be fooled! The life of pensioner – is also hard work, which is where something akin to the hard daily work. And it will do the rest of his life. And then Well, we will not continue. And so it is clear that life is not infinite, and once we all find ourselves somewhere very far away.