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Which craftsmen are searched frequently? Who deletes my apartment? 100 sqm wall area, color will be. Until the 5th of may in Cologne.” “Or: who performs my move?” So or something like it looks, the Cologne request after a craftsman on MyHammer. Right now in the spring, it’s fun to embellish your own four walls. For those who don’t feel free to create paint, this means to hire a master painter. Find a handyman in the Internet, which is according to the study “Craft auctions on the Internet” by Michael Gapes, Humboldt University of Berlin, to the trend. More and more people are looking for hard-working helpers in the World Wide Web. MyHammer as biggest provider is popular also with the Cologne and is commonly used. Over 5,000 Cologne tradesmen and service providers are looking for interesting jobs on the portal and 20,000 Cologne contracting authority find support for their projects.

As a craftsman from the close quickly and easily can be found for technical problems! In the “” “Comparison of different categories reflected the preferences of the Cathedral City residents: while painters, painters” and removals and transports “are the most popular categories and include almost as many orders, followed in third place by garden and landscaping”. The requests for supply and installation of rolling lawns, as well as the construction of fences are popular in this season. “” Slightly further back in the popularity scale: carpenters, wood, carpenters ‘and EDP, telecommunications”. With the fifth place in the popularity test cuts EDP, telecommunications”as largest Cologne from services category. Because you can find easily and quickly on MyHammer not only the craftsmen, but also the service providers. Search the Web for craftsmen? Easy and quick to.

Amendment To Packing: Associations Expect More Legal Certainty And Competition

Amendment to packing: Associations expect more legal certainty and competition Bonn/Berlin-Association food industry experts through the adoption of the fifth amendment of the Ordinance (Ordinance) expect fair competition, more legal certainty and the inventory of the household recyclable material collection. It reported dairy news magazine. So, as well as the brands Association had positioned among the Federal Association of the German food industry (BVE) according to. The GNI have for years for an appropriate amendment campaigned, to ensure the existence of the household collection”, so the magazine. While the political discussions many trade associations, including the dairy industry association, had opted for the new vertices.” “The amendment can handle now a mandatory participation for first placing of sales packaging filled with goods are dual systems starting in 2009.” Include with the exception of the private labels of the Trade the producers filling from. To create more transparency on the sales packaging put into circulation, the first placing must return an annual completeness, if you distribute sales packages beyond the legally specific amounts.” The Federal Association of the German confectionery industry e.V. (BDSI) expressed his positive amendment.

Through the new regulation, legal certainty will created who must license the dual systems namely the so-called first placing. This is typically the manufacturer or trade marks the respective trading company. Should do not diminish the competition of different providers”, so the opinion of the Association. The competition for the former monopolist Duales system Germany will in the meantime (DSD/green point larger.) Altogether, there are nine dual systems in Germany. From 2009 the packaging must no longer wear the DSD logo in accordance with the amendment, the Labelling is eliminated. The Franconian BellandVision, since the beginning of disposal partner of the trade giant Edeka, is likely to the winners of the amendment include. For many retailers, so the milk news, ask their suppliers now, to license the supplied packaging for its cooperation partner BellandVision and its dual system BellandDual.” The alternative, which consent find also at the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU), is trading companies as third parties commissioned to carry out the licensing for their suppliers even. As a result, this exonerates the supplier, trading could ensure that no so-called black driver packaging would delivered to end users. “For sensitive fines for negligent dissemination of free-riding packages threaten the trade.

Subcontracting Services

ue45.de gives orders for entrepreneurs with older staff the increase of the retirement age to 67 years requested by the policy collides in practice with the partly very age hostile actions of the industry. “It will have serious implications on the society already in the foreseeable, if older deported workers continue to”, rather than useful in the work system are included. Ue45.de with its initiative would like to counteract this negative development. Companies with employees over 45 years of age should be promoted advertising on this Internet platform and conveys to consumers. Developing services, jobs for over 45-year-old people should be secured. Workers over 45 years should continue to remain engaged in their companies and again the possibility of employment for unemployed people, or but come to work on a self-employed basis. ue45.de would like to strengthen the self-esteem of the people, by a management decision from their working lives were torn.

The concept aims to provide targeted customers independent and commercial operating companies employing workers over 45 years. Customers who buy a conscious or give orders that the experience and reliability of older employees in their supplier or service provider is essential, and only in a team can offer real added value to quality by all age groups. “The concept of ue45.de companies from all sections, which employees (also), the 45 years and older, or lone” who are over 45 years, offer their services on the platform of ue45.de. The concept of ue45.de gives consumers the ability to show solidarity, to find relevant companies on ue45.de and to instruct. “So can jobs for older people are backed up.

Ue45.de can present themselves to the company with a free basic listing or choose a low-priced value added package. For the Consumers are offered all services free of charge. ue45.de want to sustainably secure jobs for over 45 years with its mediation services or create. In our society the knowledge promote, that we can not dispense on the experience and the proven expertise of older employees and learn this as appreciate genuine added value in production and services. The requirements for service providers: At least every fifth employee in the company is over 45 years or the sole trader is even over 45 years of ue45.de service provider pays its taxes in Germany and is one of the quality of work.