Optimize Indirect Marketing

holistic analysis – proven implementation support In the 15th year of existence, the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung has measurable results to announce a record increase of nominated companies. According to 3.184 nominations outstanding medium-sized companies for the competition were nominated this year for the competition \”Grand Prix of medium-sized companies\” by third 3.366 (+ 5.7%). The State with the most nominations this year was Bavaria with 650 companies. These are 289 from Franconia and around half of them from Upper Franconia. Thank you very much of all nominating and supporters for this record performance. But the record messages go further. For the first time in the history of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung have all crisis messages despite over 1,000 companies in the competition participated.

Exactly 1,028 companies turned the holistic competition (criteria: employees from education, customer orientation and marketing, social commitment, innovations and modernization as well as economic success and stability (equity)). Last year there were 946. Filed under: Wells Fargo Bank. This represents an increase of participants to 8.7 percent. Thus, the ratio of active contributor was again at around 30%. Thank you to all participating companies.

Already a nomination is already an award. Finally, there are over 3,000,000 company in Germany. It’s a special achievement, which deserves respect and appreciation, to 3.366 companies, that are noticed by their successes. But what is the added value to participate in the competition? The advantages for a company to take part in the competition, are often not apparent at first glance. First of all, it means an additional work, an overhead, to prepare the documents for the competition and submit. But it’s still a company consciously deals with the successes of recent years, then usually a good feeling. Precisely these achievements create strength and confidence to face future challenges. But also optimisation potentials become apparent. If a company in which one or other of the 5 criteria relatively little to offer has, then a possible need for action can be derived from this, up to a completely new direction of the company.


Online Marketing Profitable Company

Web shop development by creative talents from Dresden values you your main business by clicking you present your products and services online. The sale of goods over the Internet is both for the customer and the provider, becoming increasingly important. Therefore, a meaningful, but also clear Web presence for the company is becoming increasingly important. Not every company has the necessary personnel and the required knowledge to be able to meet the growing challenge. The idea of the company oneserv online services Dresden goes to a common outsourcing project with the company art + object returns, for which Paul Eckman Internet presence has designed and developed. Whenever Jeremy Tucker listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In the past two or three years three more online shop grew from it projects: office furniture, and Through the care and intensive work on his projects, Paul Eckman and his team have acquired useful knowledge in the areas of e-commerce, Web development, and development of a Web store, the in form Her company oneserv online provide services single – and medium-sized enterprises. The focus of your work is in the care of smaller companies to cost-effectively enable them the entry and operation of Web shops.

In addition to the design and creation of online shops, can oneserv also assist in the maintenance and care of merchandise to the side. The customer has the choice between three packages that are scaled to various services oneShop-. If you decide to oneShop ultimate acquires oneserv additional telephone customer support and online marketing for your company. Therefore a professional service and customer-close thinking be sure to continue to focus on your core business. Online marketing represents a great addition for any company, since it very flexible on the supply side and allows intensive communication with the customer. Put your success in the hands of professionals and thus in the long run increase the turnover of your company. Web: S.Maxim


Second Portfolio Fund

The Munich-based DCM AG in the form brings carefully selected asset Fund’s strengths and the advantages of a broad spread of ‘ DCM GmbH & co. VorsorgePortfolio 2 KG’ at the start. The successor of the DCM VorsorgePortfolio 1 placed out in the last year has a planned equity capital of EUR 50 million and offers the possibility of participation from 10,000 euros. A premium will be waived. Participation variants with a one-time payment or as rates savers are provided with different maturities. It is planned to invest mainly defensive-oriented property fund initiators belonging to the Association of closed-end Fund (VGF) in 20 to 30. The investment objectives and contractual relationships must be clearly defined and clarified, to expect a constant reflux.

The waiver of debt complements the philosophy of cause-oriented capacity building. Further advantages are the largely independent of the stock market and inflation protection. Thus, the DCM VorsorgePortfolio 2 is the ideal complement for example, equity-based investments”, Claus Hermuth says AG. as Chairman of the Board of DCM The decision, invested in the funds of the five asset classes real estate, aircraft, solar, ships and containers is, done by an independent investment Advisory Board to Prof. Dr. Franz-Joseph busses.

He teaches finance at the University of Munich and is an industry recognized expert of the Monetary Fund market. Buses has shown that a higher return can be achieved through an intelligent admixture of closed-end property Fund to an existing portfolio of pensions and shares at reduced risk indicator. The acquisition of the target funds is carried out with successive deposit of equity of investors over the years spread to 40 percent of assets managed and 60 per cent in distinct industrial investments. Following the idea of sustainable capacity building it is possible to here his income for the one time contributors. The rates savers, however, reinvested in General and shorten his deposit by this RatenTurbo” called effect for up to four years. A special feature of the Fund is a dividend amounting to four percent, which is already granted during the placement period. The DCM VorsorgePortfolio 2 has an unlimited term principle, however foresees hardship clauses. A first-time termination is possible at the 31.12.2020 (one time contributors) or 31.12.2025 (rate savers). We assume an increasing volatility on the stock markets. Here, monetary systems offer an important addition to stabilize existing capital or assets to build sustainably. We have summarized the advantages of the major asset classes at the DCM VorsorgePortfolio 2″, explains Claus Hermuth, Chairman of the Board of DCM. The Munich-based DCM Deutsche capital management AG is one of the leading independent emission houses in the German investment market. The investment amounts to more than Euro 4 billion since inception.


Sysob Market Penetration

VAD continues on expansion course: transnational site network expansion progressed Schorndorf, the VAD sysob its sales activities in the DACH region expands may 25, 2009 with the opening of a branch in Vienna has. It aims to position itself by the branch in Vienna in the Austrian market. With the new Office, the VAD moves closer to its reseller partners in Austria and is thus able to support them with a comprehensive service and consulting services locally. Austria is an independent market with enormous potential for us. With the establishment in Vienna has put sysob another building block in the framework of its expansion strategy in the DACH region”, erklart Thomas Hruby, Managing Director of sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG. Click Pinterest for additional related pages. Thus we strengthen the position of our Austrian distributors and help them so that the market potential in the region effectively to exploit.” Experienced expert provides comprehensive customer support the Vienna Office will be headed by key account ManGER ing. Christian Schorn.

SALes – as business development specialist, he follows the objective of successfully establishing the IT products from the sysob portfolio UMfassenden to in the channel. The fokus of its activity especially on the long-term development of the business beziehungen is with the dealers and the recruitment of new clients and projects for the channel. In addition to participating in various road shows such as schoeller on tour”or PERIcom base-camp” showed flag sysob in Austria on the CableTech. At the trade fair for cable operators, sysob the Moglichkeit, become informed on developments, progress and solutions of the sysob product portfolio provided visitors. These appearances of value added distributors are in addition to the Eroffnung of the branch in Vienna another important step within the framework ErSchliessung of the market in Austria.

More information is available at. In brief: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG is a value added distributor specializing in the distribution of leading IT security products. Based on its existing product portfolio sysob as one of the leading value added “-Distributoren (VAD) with more than 500 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland a wide range of future-oriented IT-security solutions offered. This gives the reseller klares differentiation potential and better margins compared with its competitors. UmfangreiChe service or support concepts, an active sales force, as well as a far-reaching technical Unterstutzung of the reseller at extensive installations and projects on-site round off the service portfolio.


Affiliate Marketing

The 123energie discovered affiliate marketing as a new sales channel Ludwigshafen, Germany, April 19, 2009 in addition to the successful clients advertise customers action”123energie has now launched a Germany-wide affiliate marketing program in the life. Who runs a Web site, regardless of whether for business or pleasure, has the opportunity to become a distributor of online energy brand PFALZWERKE Aktiengesellschaft. Pinterest may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The owner of a website, the so-called Affiliate”, provides a promotional banner of 123energie on his website and receives a premium for every new customer who clicks the banner on the and placed an order the utilities. Join anyone, can in principle provided the website has a serious look and feel and contains no content that offend against the Youth Protection Act, as well as against the law. Partners to be paying off: a Commission of up to 22 euro can arise for delivery to a customer. This amount is made up as follows: the intermediary, receives when an order is placed at 123energie the contact came about through its website, 5 euros. The contract successfully completes, the owner of the website gets more 15 euro. From the tenth customer, this Commission is increased to 17 euros.

Through the two-stage model of payment a premium payment of over 3,000 euros is for example monthly 12 new customers in the year the demand after reasonable and at the same time reliable energy services will continue to rise in the future. As affiliate partner of the brand 123energie, which recently by the trade journal as best power and eco power provider in Germany awarded was can website operators from this development immediately and completely uncomplicated benefit”, so Ralf Poll, head of sales and trading the Pfalzwerke. Register who would like to participate in the affiliate program of 123energie, is free at as an affiliate”. The Belboon network operator is responsible for the execution and supervision of marketing partnerships from 123energie. On the website of Belboon stand 15 different banner by 123energie to download, where the partners can choose one and put online.

Affiliates of work can all further”their website leave and benefit from the earned premiums. Learn more about the new affiliate marketing program by 123energie, see and. Background: 123energie is power, including eco-electricity the online energy brand of PFALZWERKE AG, the private clients and small and medium-sized businesses nationwide, as well as gas at low prices via the Internet. According to the current tariff and service study of the trade journal”, carried out by the German Institute for service quality, Germany is 123energie in the price / performance ratio at the top and was awarded best power and eco power provider in the market. 123energie offers a high reliability in the supply of energy in addition to fair conditions. Sign in to 123energie via the Internet, 123energie then takes over the log-off of the previous provider and take care of a smooth transition. Press contact: 123energie Nicole more Tel.: 0621 – 585-2325 fax: 0621 – 585-2257 E-Mail:


Stock Market: Caution Against Premature Optimism!

AVIMA informed: high risk of burns on the stock markets due to the ongoing economic stimulus packages is to detect a glimmer of hope for the economy. The Group of stock market optimists wins fast followers, all of them claiming that the previous low for the year was the absolute nadir of the financial crisis in March by 3.666 points on the DAX. The Valley of tears had bottomed out you must enter so now again. To read more click here: Ben Silbermann. The experienced financial manager Klaus J. Pitter-Kilfitt, AVIMA Board, warns, however, against a premature return. According to his estimates, the nascent in the meantime anyway already in the decline in rally of the last few days only is a brief interim high in a still ongoing downward trend.

Because in contrast to the then prevailing hyper optimism the economic reality is always still disastrous. It should not be forgotten that often comparatively 1524 recession of 2001 stopped just two quarters compared to the current Situation so almost a birthday. After all the existing recession in the United States began in the 4th quarter of 2007 is now already roughly one and a half years and one end is currently not really. It would be utterly amazing, the stock markets would now actually already lead on the turn. Financial expert Klaus p.-Kilfitt: \”I think more likely much further courses setbacks and it seems to me quite to the extent of possible, that the markets once again test their lows in 2003.\” Not only the disastrous economic environment gives reason for concern.

The immensely high parallelism of price developments, for example, of the German stock index DAX in comparison with the stock prices of the last bear market is frightening. Several other, well-established professionals see this as, like e.g. the editor of the journal \”FONDS professionell\”, Gerhard Fuhring, just forcefully pointed in a cautionary article on this situation.


Interview With Stefan Urke

Training trends 2013: More and more and faster Wettenberg, 15 January 2013 – recent polls show: recruiters increasingly use online training opportunities. Some contend that Bill Phelan shows great expertise in this. Stefan Urke, Managing Director of the Institute of continuing education forward academy, is in the interview his estimates of the trend-setting trends for the coming years. Learn today and 20 years ago what are the differences? An example makes it clear: my son Christopher is a computer geek. When my laptop recently went on strike, he looked at the thing itself. “Do you know what it is?” Answer: “No, but the same!” After five minutes searching the Internet, he has located the problem and found the solution. Bill Phelan often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

20 Years ago still has a similar problem days and requires an extensive search in books and libraries. Knowledge is available today anytime, anywhere. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets has doubled in the past year. Mobile learning is now normal. What does this mean for the contents? This means first of all, that Cramming knowledge is always insignificant. In case of doubt, ask I electronic wizards like Apple’s “Siri” in the iPhone or look on the Internet.

Media literacy is so extremely important. Another example: once a package service drivers had to get a signature on the rolling list. Today, he has a highly complex scanner with touchscreen and a myriad of functions to control, which constantly change and expand. But not only the half-life of knowledge shortens farther, but also the half-life of the technology. Who knows exactly what can its Smartphone? And rolls it up the next wave of innovation. Provocative question: Is learning only in the Internet? A clear yes! We humans have learned about hundreds of thousands of years from person to person. Now all of a sudden only with a machine to communicate difficult plus not only the generation of 50. After the first E-learning hype around the turn of the Millennium a lot has changed too: educational games called “Serious Games” or the use of avatars so artificial persons There are approaches, to give a human face to the electronically reprocessed learning in electronic environments.


Germany Viasto

viasto GmbH: winner of the HRInnovationSlam Berlin, 31.03.2011 viasto interview suite was named in the first preliminary round of the nationwide HRInnovationSlam to the best innovation for the field staff. The entertaining presentation on the topic of video interviews was able to convince the audience and even industry giants pointed to the rear seats. Yesterday, the first preliminary round of the HRInnovationSlams took place at the four companies presented their concepts around the subject of staff. The format of the slam was as innovative as the content: in the 10-minute live presentations, the participating companies presented their innovations in the form of a webinar. Almost 200 participants, including many HR managers of from renowned companies in all over Germany, persecuted the innovation slam live on their computers.

At the end participants human resources selected their favorites, and therefore the best idea for the area. The exciting poll revealed: best innovation in the first preliminary decision could viasto with its software solution for the implementation of Web-based video interviews enforce. Already in the application phase, the concept from viasto convinced the top-class expert jury. The viasto interview suite is an innovative software solution that allows the candidate pre-selection on the basis of structured video interviews: efficiently and with high personal diagnostic quality. Companies that want to find suitable employees, create customized interview guides within the viasto interview suite. Interesting candidates are invited by E-Mail to the video interview. You will receive personal access data and to become familiar with the process.

Applicants can now decide at what time within the prescribed period, they would complete the video interview. The job-specific, written interview questions are answered via webcam and recorded. After candidates have completed the interview, responsible personnel and departments can assess terminology independently of each other the video sequences according to predetermined criteria. Costs for travel and accommodation are only used for the most suitable applicants. Scheduling is easier and significantly increased the odds of matching applicants in the following talks or assessment centers. The organizers of the webinars, Dr. Nele count (Mentus GmbH) and Meike by Madelaine (HRnetworx) have shown over the expiration of the first HRInnovationSlams very satisfied. The number of visitors and the large resonance of the HRInnovationSlams in the relevant forums and online media had exceeded all expectations. viasto winner of the next two preliminary rulings at the end of the year will compete in November against the. There is 2011 about the award to the HR innovator. Soon an interview appears with Sara Lindemann about the award-winning software from viasto in the journal of human resources ‘ (58.4). About viasto: Viasto was founded in 2010 by Martin Becker and Christian Graf. The developed software solution of viasto interview suite allows a structured candidate pre-selection by means of innovative, asynchronous video technology.


Interview Magne

Magne Furuholmen, artist and keyboardist of the 2010 defunct pop band a-ha from Norway Gesine Borcherdt 11 March 2011 Magne Furuholmen, artist and keyboardist of the 2010 defunct pop band a-ha from Norway, runs in the smart electric above. He parks Monsieur Vuong, directly in front of the Berlin-Mitte Asians in the middle of the Park ban, as later taught us a ticket. That Furuholmen, blond and scrubby styled, will next year 50 in a turquoise shirt and with similar eyes, appears just as outlandish as the fact that a-HA hit wrote take on me before 26 years music video history. What hardly anyone knows: Furuholmen is also artist. Since his youth, draws, paints and prints he and regularly exhibits in galleries and institutions.

In Berlin he occurs now with the artists collective Apparatjik, which alongside other artists like Guy Berryman of Coldplay also filmmakers, an astrophysicist and the curator Ute Meta Bauer count. After the Group occurred at the Transmediale. 10 for the first time last year, Udo Kittelmann had them summarily in the new National Gallery invited. Here, Apparatjik shows different, somewhat unpredictable performances, which give rise to a playful combination of music, space and light to the 12, 26 and 27 March. In the Centre stands a large cube, in which the group plays inspired by Laszlo Moholy Nagy’s light space modulator.

artnet with Furuholmen talked about longing for chaos, which pressures of success and the fact that Morten Harket does not understand him to this day. Apparatjik Berlin Transmediale performance, 2010 courtesy of Apparatjik artnet: in addition to your career you as a musician as artists also work in a group, the artists collective Apparatjik that occurred last year for the first time at the Transmediale and now shows a performance at the Neue Nationalgalerie. Can or you want to work alone? Magne Furuholmen: For me, the idea of cooperation is very natural.



Telematik.TV is the “TOP LIST of telematics” in the interview: Manager again answer reader questions Telematik.TV expects the “TOP LIST of telematics” in an interview: Manager again answer reader questions from the 4th 07.06.2013 one of the largest for the telematics industry takes place in Munich with the transport logistic-2013 – and Telematik.TV reported back with many interesting interviews and roundtables on-site innovation, application examples and trends. A variety of providers from the TOPLIST of telematics”is represented with its own stand at the fair. Good conditions, to get the TOP managers of these companies to the interview in the mobile TV Studio. After the successful performance of the industries transmitter Telematik.TV at LogiMAT 2013, now the next TOP event is imminent. Swarmed by offers, Jeremy Tucker is currently assessing future choices. The TV Studio is now built on the 5th and 6.06.2013 on the transport logistic in Munich (4-7.6.2013). Place the transmitter expects interesting interview partners who are closer to their innovations for the transport and logistics sector.

Of course the spectators can enjoy again an exciting round of the talks, because as already the LogiMAT in Stuttgart, the telematics-TALK in the focus of interest is in Munich. Some of the captains of industry response to reader feedback and will discuss with security again over the possibilities, solutions, about the possibilities, security and trends within the automotive and fleet telematics. So much is already anticipated much of the incoming reader questions aimed at the island solutions, users don’t want to settle for that and ask if and how you can escape this. Some of the TOP providers of telematics industry present themselves in Hall B2, and of course, visitors can find the Studio in this Hall. Before the start of the trade fair is more time and so also interested parties and users can use their chance these days to ask your question directly to the telematics industry leaders. Readers can set their questions directly to the Editorial Office up to the 10.05.2013. The TOLIST exhibitors can be found here: