“Virtualisation & Storageforum’ combines the central contact point for all those who want to get an overview of current solutions of leader compressed on CeBIT realization competence of product innovation, the virtualisation & Storageforum” at the CeBIT. From 06 to 10 March 2012, cloud, virtualization and storage specialists meet in Hall 2 stand A 40. Well-known manufacturers such as Citrix, VMware, DatCore, IBM, igel, NetApp, Cortado, Wyse and others are represented here. Accompanying present implementation partner currently cloud projects in addition to the latest virtualization concepts and inform with in-depth practical knowledge. The cloud becomes tangible. “Because the new products of the manufacturer clear the way for cloud concepts that offer real economic value to the company,” as Thomas Steckenborn, Chairman of the Board of the Federal IT system House of the CEMA AG.

So Citrix in his family in addition to XenDesktop, XENApp, XenServer Citrix receiver client-related key component a high-performance technology with virtual desktops, applications, and content as on-demand service to users anywhere, on any device can deploy. A convenient and also affordable option for IT, security, central to manage performance and user activity, without having to have access to the physical device or its location. With the built-in security features, the IT Department can centrally manage data and access control policies. Thus, it is ensured that all data are encrypted and remain certain IT services reserved exclusively to users depending on their role, their location, as well as the used network and device may access it. VMware offers a wide range of products for the cloud in the areas of end user computing, platform-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service.

With the virtualization platform VMware vSphere, VMware provides a tool available with the to highest levels of availability and responsiveness for all applications and Services in business infrastructure to deploy can be. So, you can start gradually with the construction of a private cloud. Central, powerful tool is the vCloudDirector order to use cloud computing in terms of infrastructure-as-a service. The vSphere CloudDirector distributed aggregated resources to the virtual resources, and client-friendly. Also others – about public clouds – to easily connect. More effective components are available with the vShieldFamily (security) and the vCloud Orchestrator available products. Which solution is the most appropriate now but at the respective customer, must be decided individually”, so Rolf Braun. The IT system House CEMA is available on two focal points, Citrix and VMware for multi-vendor information. The advantage of solution partners such as CEMA is the more than 20 years experience in the field of IT infrastructure, virtualization specialist for the first hour and now the practice of the past projects of realized cloud solutions”, so Brown. You are in the focus “Increasing user satisfaction while reducing costs through standardization, as well as aspects of green it.” For more information about server and Storagevirtualisierung, backup and archiving IT experts on the two CEMA info stands are on the virtualisation & storage forum available. Dates and registration details are available at cebit.html, arranging expert discussions is also possible. In addition CEMA offers there CeBIT package a free CEMA for all visitors to the stand.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

VISION trail connects the eye lasers in Turkey with concert of red hot chili peppers in Istanbul and offered cheap packages. A perfect opportunity for the red hot chili peppers fans, through to connect the new freedom without glasses or contact lenses eye lasers in Turkey with a live concert in September in Istanbul. Eye lasers in Istanbul has established itself in the meantime. There are now some good eye clinics that very professionally perform the LASIK Wavefront treatment. And the best thing is, a much cheaper alternative eye lasers in Turkey has become a treatment in Germany.

The experienced specialists of the eye lasers in Istanbul have won a great trust position in connection with eye lasers now also in Germany. For the eye lasers in Turkey, the laser eye agency SEHILFE way from Aschaffenburg, has chosen one of the best and most respected eye clinics in Europe. “The ISTANBUL SURGERY HOSPITAL”, TuV SuD certified with German hygiene standards and the latest Laser technology. The experienced specialists have a wealth of experience, one must first find in Germany with more than 100,000 successful LASIK treatments. Red Hot Chili Peppers finally in Istanbul another reason more not just to come to Istanbul to the eye laser that offers red hot chili peppers concert.

The summer not only hot is also a little louder than usual in Istanbul, but this year. After Guns N ‘ Roses now also the next rock sizes for a gig in the city of Istanbul have announced: on September 8 this year, one of the most famous bands in the world, is the red hot chili pepper that rock stage of Santralistanbul in Istanbul. ” The super opportunity for all red hot chili peppers fans their new freedom by the eye lasers in Istanbul in the renowned eye clinic “Istanbul surgery hospital” to gain. The preliminary investigations and the LASIK Wavefront treatment (the actual laser treatment for both eyes takes no longer than 10 minutes) in Istanbul was taking a day to complete. The next day finds in the morning the last follow-up visit instead and then is the metropolis of Istanbul patients available. Eye lasers in Istanbul and the red hot chili peppers concert: an unforgettable experience! The laser eye agency corrective way and the internationally known eye clinic ISTANBUL SURGERY HOSPITAL for the occasion offers complete offers, flight, hotel, eye lasers and red hot chili peppers concert include. Of course always included; The individual services in Istanbul from arrival to departure. More information at offers

Educational Opportunities

In the first ten days of learning occurs in the so-called household level. Already, even at this stage, you could calmly go to the various countries and to communicate freely with citizens who speak English, you could talk to a shop with taxi drivers, with the employees of banks, airports and hotels. The second phase, and lasts 10 days, gives you the opportunity to obtain knowledge of the language at a conversational level. After the second level you will be able to communicate with native English speakers on various topics, politics, weather, about hobbies and their hobby. In the third and final stage, which lasts 15 days your vocabulary will become such that you could already be working with the language at a professional level! By the way, at this stage of training you could have substantively to teach the language, according to their preferences and desires, and perhaps on the basis of their profession.

Even if you for some reason to doubt their abilities, this method will develop your abilities. This method allows you to develop a comprehensive human memory. Because, unlike most other methods, which aim to memorize foreign language, this method improves the function of human memory, This method relies exclusively on natural natural properties of the brain and, therefore, perfectly works on leverage, which is responsible for improving your memory. Incidentally, in the memory of human life has paramount importance, it is one of the main functions of intelligence. And the memory is connected with the mind, it always reflects the general state of mental activity. Scientifically proven that Trained memory always affects the rate and severity thinking.

Research in the field of neurophysiology have revealed that the development of memory and a general state of mind is directly related to the amount of information processed by the human brain, which is very connected with the study of foreign languages, particularly English. The human brain is able to effortlessly absorb information, 10 times more than usual. Memory training is after all not one-sided, and a complex mental process. However, you do not think you can learn English quite easily without making any effort in this case. Efforts will still have, namely: system do not miss a single class. And these efforts will not go in vain, after 45 days you will be perfectly fluent in English, at the level of a professional guide. And this is worth it! After the training, thanks to this method, you could take the exam in any U.S. college, you could work a guide to go abroad as tourists and get a paying job. And even at home, you could get a prestigious post with a high salary, and potentially make spectacular career. Perhaps it is not even all of your benefits, knowing the English language, you can always be perfectly informed in all directions, because, thanks to your knowledge, you can read magazines, newspapers and internet pages in English. This method is unique on two factors: firstly, because it's super fast method of learning English, and secondly because this method is a complex man improves memory and mental abilities. However, whatever method you have chosen is not the main thing – it is to succeed. A knowledge of English you are without a doubt this helps!


At the beginning we must act and act despite the adversities, we set in our mind that we will do everything necessary to achieve that purpose, it is called persistence and the great secret of the habit is the ability to perform any work with quite easily that it generates in the subconscious mind and what initially became a burden now is a satisfaction. How does that?, look at several examples: when we have the habit to get up at a certain time, the case that we have scheduled in our mind that fact and you will notice that many people say they have a good biological clock really is a good mental programming, now that can be induced to pure practice. Thus, in life we can program anything and it will happen that our goal is now scheduled for example now we are athletes and we therefore act as such, why is it easy to desist? The answer is easy, what happens is that the opposite information is stronger than the new information, it is there where the real successful make a difference, great musicians are working hard to achieve new habits are implanted with greater force than the previous ones, that way we find new millionaires, people who succeeded in losing weight dramatically and are kept,, writers, etc. Many of which were previously anonymous, remember something important to achieve their goals should both insist until you achieve it install in your subconscious mind, when that happens the success is guaranteed. To know more about the mental programming and appropriate techniques to achieve install in our subconscious mind we recommend the excellent book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt, appropriate information more rapidly in order to lead us to the achievement of our objectives can visit the following page: Blog Archive abundant number 49 the importance of complying with our word Marketing by