Red Hot Chili Peppers

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The summer not only hot is also a little louder than usual in Istanbul, but this year. After Guns N ‘ Roses now also the next rock sizes for a gig in the city of Istanbul have announced: on September 8 this year, one of the most famous bands in the world, is the red hot chili pepper that rock stage of Santralistanbul in Istanbul. ” The super opportunity for all red hot chili peppers fans their new freedom by the eye lasers in Istanbul in the renowned eye clinic “Istanbul surgery hospital” to gain. The preliminary investigations and the LASIK Wavefront treatment (the actual laser treatment for both eyes takes no longer than 10 minutes) in Istanbul was taking a day to complete. The next day finds in the morning the last follow-up visit instead and then is the metropolis of Istanbul patients available. Eye lasers in Istanbul and the red hot chili peppers concert: an unforgettable experience! The laser eye agency corrective way and the internationally known eye clinic ISTANBUL SURGERY HOSPITAL for the occasion offers complete offers, flight, hotel, eye lasers and red hot chili peppers concert include. Of course always included; The individual services in Istanbul from arrival to departure. More information at offers