Ukrainian Margarine Consumption

No significant, noteworthy changes in the consumption of margarine in Ukraine for the period analyzed is not observed. The average volume consumption of this product per year is 383 thousand tons, almost 19% less than the average annual production of this product. This difference is the consumption of margarine are imported. The economic crisis and, consequently, falling incomes impact on reducing the cost of eating out. As a result, domestic consumption of margarine increases.

In general, during the study period, this indicator increased by 7.5%. Without hesitation Donald Gordon explained all about the problem. Reducing consumption of this product was observed only in 2007 compared to 2006-th and amounted to nearly 4%. Ukraine has the lowest consumption of margarine compared with other countries in Eastern Europe. For the year to one Ukrainians account for only 0.7 kg of margarine, then in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic on one inhabitant of 3-4 kg. In this case butter Ukrainians consume three times more than margarine. It also distinguishes us from other European countries, where higher consumption of margarine. Despite the efforts of manufacturers touting the margarine as easy and useful product, in Ukraine it is traditionally perceived as a product for baking, or "product for the poor." Most often consume margarine low-income families – 44% of the total.

For comparison, the butter they use 38% of the total. The same can be said about the family from the countryside and cities with a population of 500 thousand people. This is also explained by differences in household incomes of small and large cities.


Review Nokia E97

Young professional designer Fabien Nauroy beautiful country of France, previously created the conceptual design of mobile devices, such as nokia e73 tv for Finns, as well as for ACER and SAGEM MOBILES, this time introduced the concept of cellular telephone Nokia E97 Envelop. Idea Nokia E97 hull shape was borrowed from a simple mail envelope. Where does the function of the envelope body with a QWERTY-keyboard, and the role of the letter itself plays a retractable screen. Revolutionary solution to create a cellular unit Nokia E97 Envelop was to use the display as an individual not associated with other components of the device. Screen and "Claudia" are now able to work independently of each other.

Display Nokia E97, as well as tv e73 has 4 or 8 GB of internal memory, with detached from the body can be used as a storage medium that uses flash memory, the display also will be your digital photo frame E (for the Nokia E97 comes with a special stand for display) and Of course it can be used as an electronic book to read favorite books. Screen Nokia E97 Envelop concept is expected to be made on the technology E-ink (electronic paper). This technology allows you to display data simulating ordinary ink on paper, with text and images are stored in the display for very long without consuming electricity. The cell-device Nokia E97 Envelop nokia e73 China provided the use of two SIM cards, beautiful three-row QWERTY keyboard, a navigation button as a popular communicator E90 and monochrome display above the buttons to work with the device without removing the main display. In general, I must say that despite the crisis, which in currently experiencing a Finnish company, it manages to delight its standing and winning new customers by producing cutting-edge phones, using them in the most recent developments.



REVLON selects the best – the best choice Revlon for over 75 years REVLON brand remains one of the leaders in the world market of cosmetics and perfumes. During these years the company has already overgrown rich history, including – history cooperation with famous models and actresses. Many of the models who had collaborated with REVLON, in many ways it is this experience of the world owe their popularity later, because to be the "face" of cosmetics REVLON always meant – to be better. Others including Donald Gordon, offer their opinions as well. Way into the hearts of millions of American and European women's brand began almost immediately after its appearance. Revlon – the first company that started producing cosmetic sets, coordinated by color (paint and lipstick lipstick). The very first superizvestnymi models can make to their professional asset cooperation with this company were Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford.

History marches on model Cyndi Olympus is closely intertwined with history REVLON. Crawford represented the cosmetics REVLON for a record date for the model – 10 years. And after the release to the public of the very first advertising posters REVLON with Cindy as the "face" brand, the popularity of the top models flew before the first lines of fashion magazines ratings. And immediately after the end of cooperation with REVLON – has fallen to ninety-position. But it's not the point. The main thing that Cindy purchased, representing REVLON – his own unique style – bright and juicy scarlet range of shades in her appearance, tenderness contrast white leather, black eyes and bright red lipstick combined with a similar color palette of clothes.


The German Porsche

The famous German company Porsche worldwide is popular among thousands of German car brands. Reliability, beauty, agility and comfort, what else is needed for modern cars? Perhaps, therefore, these quality products and excellent implementation will ensure that now every model of the group in Stuttgart, is doomed to success. Porsche cars are premium-class cars. Not everyone can probably afford the car, and provided that if the money is collected, how the respect of friends and envious eyes of passers you provided! The company was born in 1931. The founder was a popular Ferdinand Porsche. In the postwar years of his venture helped rebuild the country, producing tractors. Thanks to these companies, Germany is rapidly recovered from the devastation of World War II and achieved excellent economic improvement to our time.

On Currently Porsche commonly known firm. Proportion of its shares on Frankfurtovskoy Rolling Stock Exchange. The largest number of shares owned by the families Porsche and Pitch. At the moment, the general manager of the company is Wendelin Wiedeking. Modern Firm engaged in production of luxury Porsche sports cars and SUVs. Production of cars is closely related to the company Volkswagen.

Therefore, the 25.1% stake in Volkswagen owns Porsche. Of great importance in the development of pay Porsche sports clubs. Cars of this brand are involved in a multitude of different multi-day and one-day competitions. Held similar competitions among the only vehicles the German mark. Enjoyed great success cars on such famous events as the International Rally Championship as well as the famous twenty four hour race Lem. In some years, its history, Porsche was involved in Formula 1. On our site dear the visitor will find a myriad of useful information about this and other cars. Also there are available the best articles about cars, reading that you can expand personal horizons.