Pietro Nertosino

The Camorra in the trash business and sends this great show is your way to greet the new mayor, ironizes Pietro Nertosino, a Neapolitan barman who walks with shirt open to the navel and mirror sunglasses by the Verdi Street, 100 meters from the Teatro San Carlo. Announced in the newly restored Temple of the opera Pagliacci, metaphor of a political class which in 15 years has not been able to enable a normal system of garbage collection, and not far from the arcades which give access to the foyer there is a mountain of waste that gives off a foul smell. Naples is again choking under a sea of munnezza. There are about 2,000 tons of filth on the streets, this night there have been fires throughout the city, and the historic centre takes three days experiencing the guerrillas organized by young puppies that system divides the territory in bikes that nobody is able to stop. Source of the news:: La Camorra flooded Naples’s garbage to receive the new mayor

Cars Exhibition

From the Switzerland Hispano H – 6 c Xenia (1937) until the Aston Martin Zagato (1961), passing through prototypes of Jaguar, Chevrolet, Porsche, Tucker, Alpha Romero have the value of luxurious sculptures, rare and brilliant, say organizers. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Wells Fargo Bank and gain more knowledge.. They have the beauty and balance of a perfect industrial design (comfortable, useful, easy to handle, durable), but they are also precision machines, Golden bullets of mechanical engineering infallible to transport us on four wheels. These cars combine the most advanced engineering, meticulous craftsmanship and innovative designs to create rolling sculptures. The words of Brian Ferriso, curator of the exhibition The Allure of the Automobile (the charm of the car), are not exaggerated. 15 Cars which referred to cut the breath like any great work of art. The Portland Museum (Oregon, EE UU) presents 15 vehicles as if they were regular parts Museum unique and exclusive that once in life can only be contemplated.

Nothing or very little they have to do with the idea of car of series that we will most mortals, even in the case that economic matters are going very well. Between 1930 and 1960 we are talking about conceived as works of art, luxurious, expensive and bright, and automobiles manufactured in the golden age of motor vehicles, between 1930 and 1960 (with an impasse, by the disastrous war, imperative during World War II). The Allure of the Automobile intends to demonstrate how car manufacturing was also inspired by the lust for experimentation of modern art – whose beginning is usually set with the Picasso painting Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907) – and the sensuality of modernism. Sample studied the evolution in the design of automobiles, explores the contrast between patterns, European and American, and analyzes the influence of the decorative arts.

San Sebastian

The reason is because, apart that these gentlemen have why meddle in Spanish policy issues, he believes that it is one wrong decision, since it is not true that the capital of culture will contribute to the peace process but will harm it, she added. Besides trying to curb this, it will propose to the mayors of the other four candidates continue the program and create a network that allows exchange experiences and collaborate in the implementation of cultural projects, in the event the decision of the jury is not modified. Impair the peace process in the case that the jury issued a verdict without political arguments and again win San Sebastian, there would not be, according to Belloch, legal reasons to oppose, or to continue with the process that aims to put up with the other candidate cities. Belloch sees logical backup that there is in the Basque country to the candidacy of San Sebastian but has insisted that it is a mistake to mix the capital with the peace process and involves the discrediting of an institution such as the European Capital of culture. One thing is the culture of peace as a value and another process of peace, meaning, has pointed out, ctiva contribute to put an end to terrorism in the Basque country, to what can’t help and is outside the criteria according to which the valuation should be carried. The Mayor fears nor be squabbles with Donosti relations with who, has asserted, am not going to be a nice person, in allusion to the Bildu Government which now manages it.

Freedom to choose one of the members of the selection Committee for the European capital of culture, the salmantino Enrique Cabero, has dndido this Wednesday the freedom with which its members have chosen to San Sebastian and has denied that his appointment responds to political criteria. What was the European capital of culture of Salamanca 2002 Coordinator? He has insisted that at no time the Committee has followed political criteria for the decision, but that its deliberations have been based on the rules and bases of the call. Cabero has ensured that the debate has developed as it should be in the framework of the Committee, as we have analyzed each of the cultural projects of the nominations, without political pressure by any party. With the intention of maintaining its confidentiality commitment regarding the deliberations of the selection Committee, Cabero has declined rrirse to the vote and has been forwarded to the words spoken by the President of this group of experts, Manfred Gaulhofer, who explained that the choice of the Guipuzcoan capital was by majority. However, when asked by the counts that have emerged from sources of nominations that have not been selected, Cabero has contributed a fact: that in the final deliberation only twelve people, participated with what a result of votes that total thirteen is not possible. Source of the news: Belloch asked the jury to issue a new report without political criteria about San Sebastian