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SchworerHaus writes customer Advisor ‘ on the courts prefabricated house ‘ the dream of homeownership unites the great majority of Germans. Who is not ever wandered through a construction area, or a model home center and has painted himself, how nice it would be to make this dream come true. But while it otherwise exactly can consider any major purchase from the TV to the new car, the largest investment of life in the face of the complexity of the topic of building remains of”a gamble. “For those at the beginning of this adventure” are, the Walker journalist Carsten Propp wrote now an advisor in paperback format, which allows an easy and entertaining introduction. His book prefabricated house on the courts”provides many ideas and interesting reading, practical checklists and important phone numbers.

It is not a dry non-fiction with the claim to completeness, but it tells the story of the young family of the author who has researched very carefully as a journalist, what with the House construction coming to every client. His personal experiences in the construction of a prefab home with the Swabian company SchworerHaus appeared initially in the form of an Internet construction diary under the title of the home dream to the dream house”, supplemented by 175 photos and 50 General Tips for budding builders without technical jargon, but understandable and comprehensible. The response was overwhelming: more than 20,000 people have read the online construction diary. Countless E-Mails reached the construction family with many questions, which Antworten have now been incorporated in the present book. At least as useful as fast narrated book journal or the energy balance after the first year are the numerous checklists for prospective clients: The discovery of personal space programme, meaningful comparison of different home offers and personal financial budget are only some of the issues are handled here.

There are precisely those areas that each prospective client must deal intensively, to the right To make decisions. The Advisor with an address directory of large prefabricated house exhibitions in Germany and information about the main quality communities in the German prefabricated house construction is completed. “” “In short: on the courts prefab” is an entertaining as well as informative guides aspiring owner, an ideal introduction to the exciting topic of home “offers and at the same time participate in the reader in the adventure House construction” by Elke and Carsten Propp with their Golden Twins Catherine and Laura. Information about the book: ready prefabricated house “by Carsten Propp, published by EditionDiesbach, ISBN 978-3-936468-44-1; 144 pages in paperback (220x125mm); Price: 9,80 euros. A guide for building owners with 50 valuable tips, numerous checklists, important addresses, 175 pictures and home dream to the dream home construction diary “.”