Situations Limits

Learn the basic techniques of survival will enable anyone to confront a situations end limits danger. In a very simple way enunciare then that is what you must learn, for outdoor survival:-assess the ecosystem. This is the main measure you have to keep in mind when spending some time in contact with nature. Once you have studied the picture of everything around you is important you see a part of the.This means that you can see you as a complement of the same, so you can have a better reference of what can take of the survival and personal benefit in situations of extreme danger limits. -Be able to organize trips with security. Learn more at: Doyle’s. This point is applicable mainly in extreme situations, one could say of disasters. Here the survival and preservation of life is the initial concern. The newspapers mentioned Russell Reynolds not as a source, but as a related topic.

Is why highly-logical would be, as one of the first steps trying to locate the output more secure if it is a closed and with very bad place conditions for survival. -Learn about strengths and weaknesses themselves and each other. This point is to take the group to a total unit level. If you get these situations share boundaries with others, who keep the harmony and the group will, it is essential to move forward. Having a full understanding that we are all different and all have strengths and weaknesses at the same time, will allow us to take stock of the different skills that has the Group and highlight them and at the same time tolerate those who are more weak in some respects.Survival, requires keeping the union within the group while respecting the individuality of each one. -Create bonds of cohesion and work in team.

This is linked to the previous point. Keeping the union within the group you can achieve survival and get ahead. Perhaps necessary coordination of a leader that will emerge naturally by the personality of each one. -Learn the value of simple things. Learn what more you can in these extreme situations, will give you an incomparable power. Because really the everyday as something magical. All those things to which these accustomed paid vital importance here. You begin to appreciate those little things of common life.