The Balanced Scorecard

In other words, it can noted that the Balanced Scorecard is a tool that allows you to translate the vision of the organization expressed in terms and specific objectives for its dissemination at all levels, through its strategy, establishing a system of measuring the attainment of those objectives. The Balanced Scorecard or comprehensive demand box, resolves one need critical information to management that has been unmet so far, complementary indicators of measurement the results of the performance with financial and non-financial indicators of the key factors that will influence the future results, derived from the vision and strategies of the organization. The scorecard box emphasizes conversion of vision and strategy of the company objective and strategic indicators. To do this go to the organization from four perspectives: financial, customer, internal business processes, learning and growth. Since then, the scorecard box can help a powerful climate of continuous learning within an organization. The name reflects the balance between objectives in short term and long term, between financial and non-financial measures, provisional and historical indicators and external and internal performance perspectives. Comprehensive control panel is something that a measurement system, the new system of measurements to communicate and align organizations with new strategies; away from historical approach and short-term reduction of costs and competition at low price and towards the generation of growing opportunities, offering customers products and services with added value and to measure is a vehicle to help the company to translate and put into practice the strategy.

The scorecard box, transforms the mission and strategy into objectives and organized indicators; also provides a framework, a structure and a language to communicate the mission and strategy, is expected to channel energies, abilities and concrete knowledge of all staff of the organization toward the achievement of long-term objectives. Comprehensive control measures must be in a different way; to articulate and communicate the business strategy, to communicate the business strategy and multi-departmental in order to achieve a goal in common. Four prospects for the box of scorecard, financial, the of the client, the of internal process and the of formation and growth, allow the balance between the short-term objectives objective performance of those results and measures inductors between desired outcomes more DURAS and the more gentle and subjective; Although the multiplicity of indicators in a scorecard box apparently confused the Dashboards built properly, since they contain a unity of purpose, because the measures are directed towards the achievement of an integrated strategy. Impact. u strengthen human, technological, information resources, and cultural and these are aligned with the expectations of customers, which in the long run will be the basis for achieving the financial results that guarantee the achievement of the vision. u indicators are tools to control behavior and to assess past performance, but the integrated control box should be used to: articulate and communicate the business strategy, to communicate the business strategy and to coordinate to align individual initiatives, the Organization, in order to achieve a common goal, not as a control system.