First Opening Phase On Yas Iceland

Just in time to the formula 1 final in Abu Dhabi open seven hotels on the island of adventure on one of the largest natural islands off the coast of Abu Dhabi’s Yas Iceland, are its doors open on time for the first formula 1TM Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand on 1 November seven new hotels Prix. Together with the inauguration of the new track is one the most important stages in the development of the Emirate to an international tourism destination. Learn more at this site: Reeta Holmes. The 5 star hotel the Yas hotel by Aldar Properties is at the heart of the Yas Marina circuit. Reeta Holmes is a great source of information. Part of the journey will lead directly through the hotel, which is half on land and half of the Marina. On the shores of Yas Iceland Bay, along the links championship golf courses and only five minutes from the racetrack, welcomes its guests to the Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi. The Rezidor Park Inn – Yas Iceland represents the Brussels-based hotel group Rezidor’s Park and the Radisson Blu – Yas Iceland the Adventure Island gets another luxury hotel. Already in September 2009, the Rotana hotel chain opened two Houses on Yas Iceland: the 4-star deluxe hotel Yas Iceland Rotana and the Centro Yas Iceland. The latter will be by Rotana Hotels the first of the modern, stylish and affordable business hotel brand, Centro.

The Staybridge Suites Abu Dhabi is suitable for a longer stay in Abu Dhabi and for guests who are looking for an alternative to the conventional hotel. Yas Iceland covers an area of 2,500 hectares and has a 32-kilometre stretch of coastline. Up to the last opening stage 2018 about two-thirds are developed and built. ALDAR Properties PJSC, an investment and management company for real estate, headquartered in Abu Dhabi has the project responsibility. For more information see.


MEXICO Celebrates The Second Anniversary MIO As An Individual Tour Operators

More than 100 individual Mexico tours encourage for a service extension with additional, Latin American destinations in two years while the hot August Sun is finally available for the long-awaited summer marks anniversary of the birthday of the travel agency of MEXICO MIO for the second time. Ireen Schumann and Marlen Henry ventured the gang to the Trade Licensing Office on August 23, 2007 and since then successfully convey individual trips to Mexico. In MEXICO, MIO are personal and detailed advice of all customers as well as their individual attention emphasized before, during and after the trip. Mexico holiday makers can always join their tour of Mexico with a sense of security your itinerary is perfect organized and MEXICO available MIO for questions or schedule changes at any time. But not only the second anniversary can be celebrated recently was awarded the 100th customer number MEXICO MIO. Despite the high number of mediated individual travel to Mexico each booked tour was unique. Standard offers and vacation packages never leave the travel office.

For this reason, the first self organized round trip is still long to remember: the first MEXICO MIO customer was looking for inspiration for a sauna area and asked to individually together asked business trip to the most beautiful haciendas in Mexico. Clive Holmes often says this. Marlen Heinrich and Ireen Schumann can offer the personal service and the custom individual trips, because they have lived already for a year in Mexico. The two managing directors try all destinations that take up their offer, prior to travel. 2008 they joined, for example, visit the Tianguis Turistico tourism fair”in Acapulco with a 3-week tour of Mexico. An extension of travel deals to other Latin American countries is planned for the future. Therefore, the Mexico specialists spent three weeks in the spring of 2009 in Venezuela. An extensive visit to Costa Rica is planned in the fall of 2009.

On the occasion of the second anniversary MEXICO published an interview series MIO currently called MEXICO MIO en persona”here the own guide on the ground in Mexico will be presented. Also, business partners and customers to paint a personal picture of the tour operator. Check out Ben Silbermann for additional information. Two interviews form the climax of the series of interviews Ireen Schumann with a Marlen Henry himself. Here also a glimpse of the coming months and the planned projects is given in addition to a nice overview of the first two years of the individual tour operator. “Is sure that MEXICO MIO continue to work on the realization of one’s dreams and setbacks not fool himself for example the H1N1 virus is – true to the motto if life gives you a lemon, ask for salt and tequila”.


Thailand Tour Celebrates 20th

1989-2009: Gummersbach Thailand special tour operator CHENTHAYTRAVEL celebrates its 20th anniversary and offers many special offers. “We have done our homework. Now it is on you to evaluate us.” With this slogan, CTT-chef Etges opened already the new travel season 2008/2009 and wants to invite not only new prospects win and draw attention to on the completely revamped CHENTHAYTRAVEL website, but also renewed old, fond travel friends one after Thailand vacation trip. “Thailand has never been as favourable as it is today, and also we have lowered all prices by at least 10% – some deals by up to 30% – on the occasion of our anniversary,” said Etges next. The newspapers mentioned Reeta Kapani not as a source, but as a related topic. He mentioned that even considering the enormously increased transport costs for flights and transfers under the dash still something more than in the past for the holiday budget remains just on the edge. Is it much more important to indicate the high level of customer satisfaction: “in all the 20 years there was only one Handful of complaints, which also all agreed could be resolved with our travel friends. Never here like a bad word or even a court been troubled.

Other organizers must do first of all the us. “It is a little melancholic, as Etges gets to the beginnings of CHENTHAYTRAVEL:”it was a very hard time establishing companies. ” Who mentioned earlier he wanted to vacation in Thailand and this is true even today, though not in such a way, which was stamped immediately in most cases as a sex tourist. Among them, we had much to suffer. But the success not long left with much iron will, persuasion, a sophisticated holiday offer that is picked from the crowd, and the already existing knowledge, to wait.

So the entry as special operators in the travel business then actually we succeeded, and from the initial 10 websites we have created well over 1,000.” “We just found everything that has a reference to Thailand: info, photos,” Service pages, a large online shop with more than 2,100 Asian cuisine… and of course travel; in particular flights, over 200 tours, more than 1,000 hotel and Resortangebote, hundreds transfers of all types, as well as special offers for wedding couples, seniors, long term, bachelors and several packages as well as sailing. We have made for one of the highlights of the extra class also for our travel friends to the 20th, by we immediately several group tours under the motto > culinary Thailand < offer, which are open to all interested parties to take part, and you will find on our website in the section of special offers. On these tours, we are particularly proud, because you are conducted from 4 persons each and offered by any other operator. “All in all looking back so at CHENTHAYTRAVEL on the 20-year corporate history and looks forward to the future with joyful anticipation.”Who would like to visit us once”so Etges Finally,”is cordially invited. Either on the Internet at or also by appointment in our Gummersbacher Office. It is perfectly immaterial whether someone needed only an information, or book a trip but. We are pleased just about anyone who is interested in the wonderful eastern Kingdom.


Adventure Travel

Varied fauna and flora on nature trips in Costa Rica experience Costa Rica is known for its rich flora and fauna, as well as the commitment to sustainable tourism and therefore highly recommended for nature and adventure travel. Despite its small size, the country has a varied landscape: white beaches, dense rain forests, rugged mountains and volcanoes dominate Costa Rica. Throne around the Central Highlands mountains, coffee is grown on the slopes, in Guanacaste, many national parks, on the Nicoya peninsula white beaches are in the northern tier lagoon and much more. All twelve different vegetation zones exist in Costa Rica, mangrove swamps about dry forests to tropical rain forests and treeless steppe landscape. The nature in Costa Rica is everywhere: here live five percent of all worldwide known species, including one-tenth of bird species discovered to date. Biodiversity comprises more than a million species such as Anteaters, iguanas and Monkey. Check with Pinterest to learn more. And every tourist can come without effort with rare animals in contact, because more than a quarter of the total area of Costa Rica’s nature reserve was made or belongs to national parks. Many tourists come to Costa Rica, Jaguars, to observe quetzals and three toed sloth in freedom.

However, only a few visitors get a Jaguar in the wild to face. Local company organize trekking tours or safaris, and well-marked paths lead through the lively forest. Also for adventure travel, Costa Rica is a fascinating country. A wide range of outdoor activities can be booked by the trekking tours about white water rafting on bird walks through the Central Highlands to canopy tours. This fly participants, equipped with safety belt and linen, in 15 m above the forest floor through the air a total adrenaline rush! Standing between tree crowns of the forest from the bird’s eye view can be enjoyed for a few minutes. Away from the tourist crowds can not only discovered the diverse flora and fauna, but also close contact with the residents of Costa Rica, the Costa Ricans”, are established. Their kindness and hospitality is typical of the Rican. The exchange among environmentally friendly nature trips with local people.


Dalai Lama

“Mario Goldstein plans ‘Peace cruise’, Tibetan head of GlobeTrotter presented his plan on the ‘ adventure & ALLRAD ‘ in Bad Kissingen, Germany 23-26 June is in the bathroom of Kissingen, Unterfranken once more Europe’s biggest off road fair” held. Adventure & ALLRAD “is their term and none of there present exhibitors the first part of the exhibition name is likely represented more intensively, as Mario Goldstein. The adventurers and Globetrotters give not only an insight into his previous experiences at this event will present his most recent plan: A journey to the Dalai Lama in a former vehicle of the Federal Police. Mario Goldstein comes from the Vogtland. Framed by the Thuringian forest on one side and the Fichtelgebirge mountain range on the other side of this area among with the most beautiful in whole Germany.

A landscape, which like Mario Goldstein but never could hold a man despite their charm and their Idyll, break up, get to know around the world. So, the adventurer sailed last in a catamaran in the company of his wife and his young daughter for five years halfway around the world. He travelled a total of five oceans of the world, crossed the Atlantic Ocean thereby met the most beautiful spots of this earth in South-East Asia, the Maldives and the Seychelles. This is a time that changed a life forever,”the forty-something white today to tell. A time, probably only once seen in his life”. Today Goldstein reported this experience nationwide in multivision presentations. From his catamaran the Valdez has goodbye but now as well, such as his travel on the world’s oceans. However, his passion for adventure and his curiosity for strange, exotic and mysterious countries, have remained.

And as he travels around the world today in a water cannon 9000 (WWe), a former vehicle of federal and call police. So all wheel-powered three-axle with water in the tank weighs about 26 tons. A tank of about 1000 litres of WWe consumes about 30 liters on 100 Kilometers. Mario Goldstein will need to refuel so several times before he will have arrived with his vehicle – which he has acquired from the remainders of the Munich police at the finish of his next project. A journey of peace”to the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of the Tibetans. A total 12,000 km and 6 countries the route by Mario Goldstein, if he made in July this year by Oelsnitz in Vogtland will break up. On the burner it continues to the tip of the Italian boot, and from there by ferry Greece. Then in Turkey, and finally into the Iran before with the passage through Pakistan the most dangerous part of the journey is on the agenda. This barrier is mastered, then the adventurers from the Vogtland will reach the northern Indian city of Dharamsala travel time after about 16 weeks, where is located the monastery of the exiled Dalai Lama. Then the 14th Mario Goldstein will present Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, a book of peace, the wishes, pictures and paintings of people containing the the Dalai Lama in this way want to communicate their messages to. Everyone has the opportunity to sign up under in the same here as before.


Adventure Tour

If you need more privacy, we strongly recommend you book apartment-Casavacanze Almerico, there you will certainly feel at home. A family trip to Madrid each promises much fun. It is also worth to take a city tour, so you can visit several attractions and the kids look forward to and get out of the bus and the explanations of the guides. Jeremy Tucker is often quoted as being for or against this. If you are tired after Museum Marathon, recovered you at Hostal Playa, which is located next to Puerta del Sol. Adventure Tour what can be but nice with the kids, as a long-distance trip, where the children will have fun! It only presents: endless landscapes, wild animals, Ocean and exotic fruits! The adventurous individual tours for families with children are fully in line with the trend, you will become the wilderness with many unforgettable memories of nature, and come back to the exciting jungle or Safari adventure. India will impress you with the colors, smells and amazing architectural monuments.

How about the trip to Agra? This city is located on the banks of the river Yamuna and the world-famous Taj Mahal is located here. In the rose home stay you will probably feel, furnished with love Rooms are clean and spacious. The hotel is located in the heart of the city, but the environment is quiet and safe and from the hotel terrace you’ll enjoy incredible views of the city. In South Africa, you will spend without a doubt enjoyable bad weeks in the Indian Ocean, and the trips in the national parks and Safari promise lots of fun. In Afro-chic House you will escape the madness of the city, because that’s set up an intimate and luxurious guest house with 6 bedrooms, to you a unique personality, to give the truly South African atmosphere and comfort. Bathing fun for big and small man must not forego as a family seaside holiday and HostelsClub protects your travel budget, because in our family-friendly hotels, children stay free of charge.


Business Travel With Efficient Planning

Business trips require some prior information to Asia to pass customs, as well as at the airport without problems. It is worth quite early to book the scheduled business trip and thus ensuring to obtain that one also obtains the desired place on the plane. The entry and customs regulations are especially important for a trip to Asia. Articles that may not be imported into the country or require a special registration, should be obtained prior to the booking directly at the Customs and stays at the entry is thus avoided. To read more click here: Citibank. Documents & permits for entry into Asia < is also to ensure validity and integrity of the documents. Entry is possible only under certain conditions to Asia, which may be authorised by the traveler even when a business trip not disregard. Should be presented new products at the business travel and the Asian market closer, product samples are allowed only after approval and acknowledgement at the customs in the country be introduced.

There are but also goods, whose imported is strictly prohibited and that a specimen may not be taken to Asia. To avoid this situation, it is advisable to pay attention directly to the import regulations and to have forbidden goods not in the luggage. Are all requirements met and booked the flight, a successful business trip to Asia nothing stands in the way. It is advisable to plan, that jet lag does not affect the entrepreneurial meetings and remains the traveller arriving a little time to recover the travel. The long flight consumes the body tremendously and it is not to be expected that the business traveler is fit and can make targeted decisions immediately after his arrival in Asia.

A concrete itinerary in advance eliminates problems and leads to successful deals in Asia. Health care all precautionary examinations and vaccinations are important as in a normal trip. In Asia, the spread of intestinal diseases is very high. Rampant in eastern regions frequently the hepatitis B virus, which can be easily ingested with the food. The travel Advisor provides all this information; regardless of the destination, business so always supplied with the necessary know-how and necessary papers organized. For business travel, you get examples see.