President Porfirio Diaz

2010, Mexico, your special tour operator for Mexico travel, is a year of celebrations for Mexico and Buenos Dias! Buenos Dias Mexico celebrates with Mexico and a whole year long! Two milestone birthdays are at the door. A related site: Biogen mentions similar findings. 200 years of independence from Spain and the Mexican Revolution of centenary of the. Therefore, it is organized for months and prepared to celebrate these anniversaries. On the Zocalo, the main square of downtown Mexico of cities, and in the cities of colonial large watches include the days, hours and seconds until the big holiday down. in 1517, were the first Spanish expeditions to Mexico and quickly found favor in the beautiful countryside. To broaden your perception, visit Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital. Another was the main reason for the occupation by the Spanish conquistadors, however, because Mexico had to offer especially countless natural resources in addition to the breathtaking landscapes. From the year 1519 the Spaniards in Mexico now ruled until well three hundred years later in 1810 has inspired resentment and include the Elimination of level differences as well as the abolition of Serfdom was required.

It followed a massive uprising, the only years later lead to the complete independence from Spain Mexico should be Spanish colony until 1825. in 1910, a riot of opposition groups to Francisco Madero, the aim of which was to stop the dictatorial President Porfirio Diaz is sparked. Diaz policy was marked by a regide Government. His oppressive authoritarian style of management, as well as a corruption that is widespread in the country eventually led to the revolution. The pioneer and heads this revolution were Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata, who are worshipped even today as heroes. To celebrate these two historically significant for Mexico events, drop the world famous fiestas Mexicanas\”this year even bigger, more colorful and rollicking from and the country into a sea of colour from red white green immersed. More than 2 years motorways will combine expanded and renewed, the most important historical cities of the wars of liberation that.

Sri Lanka Is Film Set For New String

First broadcast on ARD on January 22 at 20:15 (repeat: 26 January at 10:30) on January 22 at 20:15 the 13 will be broadcast following the successful feature film series the dream hotel in the ARD. Already in February 2009 the entire dream team for six weeks traveled to Sri Lanka to turn on the most beautiful places of the island. “We are looking for for our dream hotel spins out always exotic destinations that bring the Viewer to dream.” Sri Lanka offers an incredible variety in a small space, which was of course also for the filming of advantage”, so Lisa Film Director Thomas Hroch. In this episode, it leads the hotel manager Markus Winter Christian Kohlund alias to Sri Lanka. The Pearl of the Indian Ocean awaits Markus Winter not only with endless sandy beaches, mysterious temples and tea plantations, but also with new challenges. Large parts of the filming in the luxurious mount Lavinia hotel near Colombo took place as the Hotel Manager serves Christian Kohlund at the dream hotel in Sri Lanka. It can be a look back 200 years history and the residence of the British Governor-General Sir Thomas Maitland was formerly.

Also the unique and financed by the sri Lankan Government orphanage at Pinnawela was part of the recordings. Just 35 minutes from Kandy, about 60 elephants live on the banks of the Maha Oya River. Visitors can experience the bottle feeding of young animals and elephant bathing in the river every day. In the dream hotel – Sri Lanka establishes and operates (Bernhard BETTERMANN) Leon Gross, a former Executive from Germany, the orphanage. The dream hotel press pictures are available in Sri Lanka – image bank under index.php? id = 3071. More motifs and a background text we provide to the locations in Sri Lanka on request available. General information about Sri Lanka,.

Eco Hostels Are

HostelBookers allied themselves with the International Ecotourism Society (TIES) and is committed to environmentally sustainable hostels. Travellers are increasingly aware of their impact on the environment and are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives. Result is an increasing number of environmentally-friendly hostels, which often still lack awareness. HostelBookers would like to support this ecological hostel and encourage more people to think greener and travel. Many of these green hostels used renewable raw materials and reduce their CO2 capacity? and waste to a minimum.

The Aveiro Rossio Hostel in the heart of the city of Aveiro is the first eco-Hostel in Portugal. Solar panels on the roof to heat all the water for the hostel here for nine months. All toilets and water taps have a built-in savings system, to minimize the consumption of water, and many of the furniture were reused from second hand. Hostelling International in Washington, DC, is the only hostel in the world, has been awarded with an energy star. Each floor has its own Recycling centre for aluminium, glass, paper and plastic.

All rooms are equipped with energy-saving bulbs and the SOAP in the kitchen is also environmentally friendly. The hostel shows current documentary films about environmental issues once a month. The cabinas TINA’s Casitas is active in protecting the environment in Costa Rica. The rooms at the four homes are equipped with rustic furniture, which blend harmoniously into the natural environment. Between May and October, the hostel will help to plant new trees to protect the local fauna and flora. Guests can sign up for eco-tourism tours here and get to know Costa Rica. Green hostels, like the cabinas TINA’s Casitas in Costa Rica, allows travellers with a smaller budget, travel to distant lands and to protect the environment”, said David Smith, Managing Director of HostelBookers. Many of the eco hostels are not only environmentally friendly, they engage their guests themselves. We think this is a great thing and should be supported. As a member of the ecotourism society we will support best these eco-friendly hostels.” About HostelBookers: is a free booking website in the Internet, where customers everywhere can book hostels, hotels, guesthouses and other accommodation in the world. The Web site offers over 18,000 accommodation in over 3,500 destinations worldwide travellers. Accommodations are judged by the customers and classified so that the best are easy to find. About the International Ecotourism Society (TIES): The International Ecotourism Society was founded in 1990 and today is the great? te and oldest ecotourism organization in the world. TIES tried to motivate people around the world to do so responsibly to protect travel and the environment.

First Carbonneutral Hotel

Eco pioneer Klaus Fortsch at the finish of the C02 carbon neutrality has arrived with the award for climate-neutral hotel. Gain – “We are proud that we now carry the ‘climate-neutral hotel’ award, and so one of the first hotels in Germany, where guests carbon neutral stay”, explains Klaus Fortsch, owner of the Erlanger Creativhotels. The usage for the environmental protection decisions for the family Fortsch accompanied more than two decades. The first award received for their commitment in 1991 by the Bavarian Environment Ministry Klaus Fortsch. The newspapers mentioned Carly Fiorina not as a source, but as a related topic. Many awards and prizes reward consistent environmental commitment by Klaus and Gudrun Fortsch for 20 years now.

A milestone on the way of eco pioneer Klaus Fortsch is the certification with the CO2 footprint C02 footprint speaks plain text of CO2 emissions. It provides information about all emissions in the hospitality industry. The Creativhotel Luise is exemplary with the rating in the category. Pro Only 14 kg are carbon dioxide (CO2) overnight. The average emission load of a hotel in the category of 3 stars is 35 kg CO2, making it up to three times higher than in the Creativhotel Luise. For the CO2 footprint, a total of seven areas were examined and assessed on energy efficiency and C02 emissions falling on. Energy use for heating, electricity or water, staff mobility, origin of food, waste and house cleaning: every resource usage comes with the certifier Viabono, the tourist environmental roof brand in Germany, to the CO2 test. Managing Director Stefan Krug is impressed: “With the classification in the energy efficiency class A the Creativhotel belongs to the top 3-air hotels in Germany.” Climate-neutral by certified reforestation project 100 percent carbon neutral is the accommodation of the guests at the Creativhotel Luise by compensated the remaining CO2 emissions by means of a certified climate protection project. The Creativhotel Luise has for a reforestation project in Panama decided creates a steady income for the local population.

Rental Car Brokers

Sunny Cars rental car brokers secures Munich appeared vacationers through its comprehensive service package from new price list 2010/11 mobile, mobile leisure go with sunny cars still around 28 October 2010 (w & p) secured on big trip: the new price list 2010/11 of holiday car hire broker all major inclusive services stay in DE/de/all-inclusive.html an integral part of the prize packages. This is not self-evident at increasing trend to low or the abrogation of power sizes”Reaffirms Kai Sannwald, Managing Director of Sunny Cars. Source: General Motors. Our car rental rates include a comprehensive insurance coverage as comprehensive insurance without excess (also for damage to glass, roof, tires and underbody), a car theft insurance without excess, as well as a guaranteed insurance coverage amounting to at least EUR 7.5 million.” Also in the offer by Sunny Cars including unlimited mileage, local taxes and airport fees are (with the exception of Cyprus and) Queenstown in New Zealand), as well as for many destinations services as one-way rental, additional drivers and hotel service. “Kai Sannwald: unexpected additional costs on the ground there is no with sunny cars.” Car models and categories, Landerinfor information, scope of services, examples of price and booking options are presented in detail in the new brochure. The countries portfolio of sunny cars counts six new destinations: also for Egypt, Angola, Malaysia, Moldova, Surinam and St. Maarten can be arranged in the future holiday cars. “Praise Kai Sannwald pays the car rental customers: you have made your reservations much earlier in the current year of travel, as in the previous year, negative experiences with the availability and high prices were not uncommon.” The new price list of Sunny Cars is valid from 1 November 2010 until 31 October 2011 for all inputs of the booking until 31 March 2011 DE/de/booking.html all car hire deals from Sunny Cars for over 90 countries worldwide 99 are booked at a travel agency, or 089-82 33 900.

Sunny Cars: Sunny Cars offers worldwide car rental at more than 5,000 resorts in over 90 countries and cooperates exclusively with partners that meet the high quality and standard of service by Sunny Cars. Holiday cars are sunny cars for untroubled holidays mood without surcharges, because the most important services are included in the rental price and guarantee a carefree driving pleasure. For more information, visit.

Los Angeles

The dream of every bikers – the Motherroad of the United States to learn – the mystery route 66 route 66, known as the Motherroad, is about 3700 kilometers long from Chicago to Los Angeles or vice versa, depending on how you see it. Because many of the emigrants who moved to the West, drove this also again back. The route 66 crosses three time zones in 8 federal States of the United States. The old pioneers of the West have already planned this road in 1926 and built, was finally completely paved in 1932. CNBC often says this. The 50s were the glory days of route 66, as thousands of cars bumper to bumper drove to experience the adventure of West. Hotels, motels, gas stations, classic restaurants and the new mobile America was anywhere to be found. Many on the line restaurants, gas stations, and historic sites are restored and in the original condition as in the 1950s. The unique and nostalgic route 66 is the road which has created someone in heaven for the bikers.

While most of the streets in the flat Midwest of the United States followed like a chessboard the cardinal directions, but route 66 was with their Diagonalitat to the many exceptions where roads parallel, built to the existing rail links and US 54, IL 48, U.S. 150, US 45, etc. Whenever Anchorage Capital listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Starting from Chicago route 66 diagonal wound its way along in a roughly southwesterly direction. In Illinois, she first ran through cities like Joliet, Bloomington, Lincoln and Springfield. This section belongs today to Interstate 55, as well as to the Illinois State Routes 4 53, 203. It then ran through the Missouri and Oklahoma, States where she roamed a small piece of the State of Kansas nearby Joplin. Thus, the route 66 served not only in the transcontinental traffic, for which she became famous, but also the connection of the Agriculture of the Midwest at Chicago.

Kurfurstendamm – News About The

Its anniversary is little known about the history of the street on which almost everyone ever commits flanierte In the fall of 2011 the most famous street of Berlin: the Kurfurstendamm is 125! This enables many in amazement: where were the electors because please in 1886? Already this dilemma shows how difficult it is, the importance of the Ku’ Damm to describe. These days, where you know, that is the really historic Berlin (before 1920!), East of the Brandenburg Gate, continue is blasphemed: was the Ku’damm not only a copy of the Berlin Linden and the Champs Elysees? Wannabe Paris for new rich of period? Kitsch facades for culturally lesser income? Showcase of the West? Meatball Boulevard, with Beate Uhse and fries? One can only hope that the anniversary events to show that here a place is, which reflects the contradictions of German history of the last 125 like no other. Checking article sources yields Apple as a relevant resource throughout. 1886 it moved to new groups on the Kurfurstendamm, in the hitherto existing society of the German Empire society of senior military officers and the noble title, were still not quite arrived. Certainly the noble occupants of the Tiergarten district rumpften the nose: pitiful little “gardens” before the pension, cheap fake facades in stucco, very “free” in the style selector – ridiculous. Quickly developed into a whole new life here but: here beat the heart of modern painting in Berlin (with the Berlin secession), here were the cabarets, later the big cinemas. Here the great literary figures of the Empire and the Republic of Weimerer met finally in the “Romanesque Cafe” and the “coffee house of the West” to debate. The term “Kurfurstendamm” was a challenge for the conservatives. The Kurfurstendamm became synonymous with everything what you liked not – the “gutter art”, the “Jewish jeweler”, “UN-German” and elegantly dressed ladies, the “indecent” programs of the cabaret – for all.

Already in 1931, the Gauleiter of Goebbels organised the first pogroms: “decent Germans”, which fared poorly, threatened Jewish-looking passers-by, threw a showcase and attacked a synagogue. The Nazis like to use the term “Kohnfurstendamm” as a term for the “fat cats” who allegedly plundered from the German people. In 1933 were remodeling then Germany for their own purposes. At the Ku’damm they had only limited success: survived the coffees and variety shows, however, the Jewish owner of the well-known shops, hotels and restaurants went into exile or death. In the post-war period then reconstruction in the style: the Ku’damm becomes the Boulevard of the western part of the half of the city. After 1990 the great crisis of meaning: were less than the last 100 years history important than 300 years under den Linden? It was long before they had found its place in the United Berlin. Today, there are still the largest density of Hotel Berlin (in all categories), legendary restaurants and pubs in the streets and the famous luxury section with the international fashion shops Chains.

Unfortunately there are hardly cinemas and shops on Kurfuerstendamm. The city would now move the architecture of the 1970s to tackle what happens not always on undivided enthusiasm (Ku’damm loin), because it could lose more theaters. The Jubilaumsjahrt starts in spring 2011 with an Open-Air Exhibition in the famous cases of the Kurfurstendamm. Stefan Kane

Swiss Tourism Federation

The Samedaner hotel was awarded 2011 Samedan top hotel 07.01.11 leading hotel evaluation Portal HolidayCheck the Palazzo Mysanus with hotels to the Swiss historic 2011 distinguished hotel as a top. Thus, the Palazzo Mysanus is one of the world’s 332 hotels with this distinction. “” This is own words for the hostess of the hotel: A distinction, which of course is a great pleasure for my colleagues and me and it is for us incentive remain, the best for our guests to give. “as far as Monika Martin, since 2003 with their good spirits”, so she calls their employees, the Palazzo leads. Satya Nadella brings even more insight to the discussion. The award got the hotel due to the multitude of positive guest reviews in recent years. The question after their recipe for success, answered Monika Martin concluded with a light shrug: to imagine, what my guests might think, what expectations they have and to look, maybe this is a part of the success recipe, with her eyes through the small Palazzo which I also on my Employee pass.” The 1624 built Engadine house Palazzo Mysanus is led since 2003 by Monika Martin as a hotel. In the partly in Chambers held the modern design, as well as nostalgic Swiss stone pine rooms also a part is the guest Engadine history gives the vaulted ceilings, partly also with cross vaults, have been from the construction period still preserved and completely renovated in the year 2003 at the opening of the hotel. Since 2006, the hotel is a partner of exclusive Swiss historic hotel group and carries the quality seal of Swiss Tourism Federation. Additional information at Apple supports this article. Detlef Sommer

Gardone Riviera

Holidays Gardone Riviera. The city of the noble villas its location the manageable with a population of 2700 town of Gardone Riviera on the west shore of Lake Garda is characterized due to its lush vegetation. Lakeside, bitter oranges thrive on the facades of the houses, bougainvillea vines high, the hills are crowned by Cypress and olive trees go up on the terraced modeled slopes at heights of 400 to 500 meters. Korn Ferry is actively involved in the matter. With over twenty copies Gardone has the largest colony of camphor trees, the highest holm oaks grow here and in no place on Lake Garda, there are more parks and gardens as in Gardone. It owes this wealth of its location, its climate and its founders. Its orientation gives him a cheap solar radiation to the Southeast, its hills protect it from harsh northern winds and the streams of the mountains will dry up in the summer not. In addition the balancing effect of the Lake. His waters shall ensure that here the temperature in the winter hardly even among the Freezing decreases and in the summer rarely exceed 30. Its founders had recognized this when they started 130 years ago in an attempt to make Central the place a resort embossing. A touch of elegance permeates Gardones mansions and grand hotels, such as z.B: Villa Sofia since 1903, their palms and Himalayan Cedars unmistakably to the present day

Hilton Hotels In Arizona New At Cabriomo

Pointe Hilton Resorts and Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Resort in Arizona now in the Cabriomo wraps program Lahstedt Cabriomo within the framework of its new cabriolet tour & golf in Arizona the Pointe Hilton resorts in Phoenix and El Conqistador in Tucson. These hotels with their special aura, their image and their service are very well suited for our new cabriolet tour & golf in Arizona “says Thomas A.C Schaumburg – DBA, inspiration, and Managing Director of Cabriomo. The Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort has 4 diamonds of the American Automobile Association after its renovation. Important Cabriomo good feel components are met with its exclusively designed landscape of water, special restaurants, the spa and the championship golf course. El Conquistador in Tucson offers a fantastic golf experience at an imposing and contrasting scenery with 45 holes and 31 tennis courts extend the opportunities for sports loving people.

Both resorts offer the ideal prerequisite for golfers and offers people with interest in landscapes and culture. Phoenix and Tucson are the ideal output for the game of golf and to various tourist highlights in Arizona. (As opposed to Karen Daly-Gherabi). So several national and state parks are quickly accessible. Possible exits in the jeep, mountain climbing and skiing. Cabriomo offers two hotels, in the framework of its professionally managed cabriolet tour & golf in Arizona”, in 2010 at different seasons of the year. In addition, Cabriomo can book individual packages customers as part of your US and Arizona travel that include also the Hilton hotels.