Eight Times City Adventure

57th Festival European weeks Passau on the border region of Passau (tvo). Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy would have been 200 years old this year. Georg Friedrich Handel died 250 years ago, Joseph Haydn 200 years ago, Richard Strauss 60 years ago and Alfred Kubin 50 years ago. The Federal Republic commits its 60th anniversary, 20 years, it’s been that the wall fell: 2009 is a year with many fixed and holidays ceremonies messages. The European weeks Passau honor carry the with their theme, credit is due”invoice. In his 57th year, the internationally significant Festival from 12 June to 19 July presented a multifaceted program that covers numerous artistic fields from music to literature.

The European weeks are exceptional by their geographical and political dimension. Artists from the so-called Eastern bloc occurred as early as times of divided Europe. The Festival takes place between countries since the fall of the iron curtain. Locations are the most beautiful churches, monasteries, castles, Courtyards and other romantic places in Czech Republic, Bavaria and Upper Austria. The Festival now were due to its importance as a promoter of creative and innovative abilities”and of intercultural dialogue as Ambassador” at the Conference of the Association europeenne of des Festivals, 106 outstanding festivals are United by European Commissioner Jan Figel with the FestLabPass”award.

Patron of 57th European weeks is the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and EU President, Karl Furst zu Schwarzenberg. The Bavarian, Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch Minister of Science takes over the ceremonial opening on June 12 in the Passau Town Hall. In addition to numerous classical concerts are”a series of lectures on the subject of Germany and which turn, theatrical performances, (musical) readings, film screenings, guided nature walks and a journey to Linz, the European capital of culture 2009, part of the program. Specially the young art lovers a Haydn fun contact”, a Children’s concert of Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, children’s musicals and the 1st baby concert in Passau. Outstanding events are the dream day in Bohemia”with enjoyment of the landscape and various concerts in historically significant churches and castles or the picnic concert” in Thyrnau. From the classic frame fall an Open-Air concert for the 100th anniversary of Benny Goodman at the Deggendorf University of applied sciences or the Scottish folk songs”by Joseph Haydn in Vilshofen. Information and tickets: Festspiele European weeks e.V., Dr.-Hans-Kapfinger-Strasse 20, 94032 Passau, Tel.