While the usual ad, you can simply turn over or miss, from olfactory effects to avoid possible. Filed under: russell reynolds. Today aromatization in advertising finds its application in areas such as printing fragrant, aroma marketing, advertising items flavored (advertising flavors). The use of aromatic substances in the printing industry makes printed materials more attractive and interesting for each individual consumer. Aromatization promotional printing products (aromapoligrafiya) allows you to: identify the advertising appeal, among others, paying attention to him the recipient, to extend the contact time with ads, causing the recipient to learn more about a promotional offer, to increase memorability of advertising, but also promotes positive attitudes towards the advertised product and motivating consumers to purchase it. All of these factors at times increase the efficiency of print advertising. Aromamarketing includes such areas as: aromamerchandayzing dealing deodorizing air spaces of commercial premises and the surrounding areas, as well as the application of the flavored POS-materials; aromabrending, responsible for developing and implementing aromalogotipa company or brand; aromadizayn offices, exhibition stands and space for negotiations and presentations. Today in Ukraine offers a range of promotional gifts including pens, lighters, flashlights, and much, much more. Technology can deliver a modern print advertisement or logo on any item that is potentially interesting as the advertisement.

Of these gifts will not give up, but for the most part, with mass advertising campaign – it's not expensive, and sometimes very cheap products. (Not every company can afford to let thousands of expensive 'VIP' gifts as advertising) They do not throw, but will use them? After all, every smoker has their favorite cigarette lighter, and each has its own coffee lover privychnaya cup. Which (for example) will use a pen man when he had them for several handed to as promotional gifts? Likely to be used by its own, not as a gift from advertising and purchased as needed, comfortable and liked the subject. Therefore, aromatic Souvenirs (flavors, fresheners) have the advantage of other promotional gifts. Sponsored flavors will be used for legitimate purposes, as it were, a lot of you were not handed! In this case, as shown monitoring, high-quality promotional flavors continue to decorate cars and space for a long time after it no longer function as a flavoring.