Weight Loss

Another great Aristotle more than two centuries ago, said: kill the extreme. He himself professed moderation in all things, and thought it the basis for success in any business. With this approach today, he would have been very successful instructor gym. That moderation weight loss program allows the fastest and most important, irreversible effect. Trying to force weight loss leading to the opposite result – you get even fatter. Paradox? Not at all! This is the fundamental law of evolution. Argue in nature is useless.

It is better to take it as an ally. You know the main law of survival? You can not starve. Otherwise affected cells, and with them the genetic code. Well violation of the genetic 'chain' of times and is the death of the species. So, when you're losing weight swings, you come to grips with the cosmic forces of evolution. They taught millions of years your body to store fat in case of lack of food.

In advance we can say that the battle will not be easy. Your body is trained on a variety of natural surprises. Such a simple measure of how banal reduced calorie diet, it does not smell out. Moreover, the body hint that it has a long 'hunger strike', and he takes a perimeter defense that can not cope with it and American special forces. Believe me, there's no journalistic exaggeration. A couple of hours of hunger, and the body begins to roll out the heavy artillery in position – firmly locked inside all the reactions that go with the flow of fats. More – more. Organism puts out the light. No kidding. In the language of science, this is the mechanism sverhadaptatsii. It's about slowing down all processes within the organism, in other words, about the kind of lethargy, reduced power consumption which aim at a minimum. Agree, it is reasonable. Festive illumination is inconsistent with logic of economics. Moreover, the body prefers to play safe. You reduce the calorie content of their diet by 25%, but the rate of exchange crumble immediately by 35-40%. It is clear that only as reduced growth and fat burning (this is one of many metabolic reactions). At this point Pedal bicycle ergometer at least to blueing, to sense all the same will not happen! That's great! And you had thought: I will have enough and train hard, and that's losing weight. How can that be? Read the blog about diets, figure and nutrition. In the full article "Philosophy of weight loss' you will learn how to lose weight and to always look your best!



However, the stars are formed from cold dust and interstellar gas. Elementary particle: electron, proton, neutrino, the photon is stable for at least 10 degrees in the twentieth years, indicating a reluctance to break up into particles of energy quanta. Stars, these huge fusion reactors, flood the surrounding space of all energy ranges. Are stable for billions of years. The distance between stars can be a spherical surface, around most of them, with an energy level that existed on Earth.

In the presence of planets in these places, really the origin of life. Deviations from the natural process emphasize the artificial impact on everything that happens. The classic example in the frame of reference, when the passenger rides on a train. With respect to a passenger car is at rest, and the switchman saw that the passenger moves speed trains. Argued that the right and the passenger, who believes that he is at rest, the rights and switchman. All depends on the system.

Causes dissatisfaction with the fact that the passenger, and rides, and is at rest at the same time. Come to the reference systems in terms of approximation to the truth. Then it turns out that a human cog, because it takes into account the momentum of the passenger traffic, and in the frame "car" that momentum is simply discarded, although passenger possesses them, even when at rest relative to the car. Conclusion: The closer to the truth is the system of reference, which is global and farther from the truth reference system, which is locally.


The Hlderlin

As well as it is capable of making to shine to it, for times, dims to it. It revigorates its autoconfiana, at the same time in that it is capable to absorb its lucidity. These opposites are necessary to keep the person in balance, so that it can reach its objectives of coherent form, with moderation. That one that does not fear to dare to conquer its objectives is taken by an enthusiasm and an intense passion, that its desire signals it how much to be able to be true. Therefore, it does not have to think about giving up, exactly that the too much people consider an adventure. The dream of each one must be understood and be lived by the person, independent of the opinion of the others.

To have the desire to reach its objectives, to believe them, to create strategies for atingiz them is basic to be able to dare. Thus, it will be able to open hand of the mesmice life that is accustomed to live, perceiving that how much bigger will be its belief in what it desires and itself, greater also will be the possibility to become it reality. To make the difference, as much in its personal, professional life, in its relations, are necessary that you dare. It is not only plus one in the way of a multitude, either only you, but knowing that to give credit themselves and if to search what it is considered, could be a control point for many, that they will also search to dare, in order to conquer a better life. ' ' The man is a god when he dreams, but a beggar when reflete' '. The Hlderlin poet was very happy in this rank, therefore the human being instigates to reflect on its position front to the life, being invited to leave it the beggar condition, being shown to it that the base for any change is the reflection, is to think.


Where To Hide Your Happiness ?

We always want something from life. Continuing to strive for something and go to your goals. We always think that's a little more, and we grabbed the fortune by the throat and never let go of it not. But this is nothing more than an illusion. Everybody knows that Happiness is inside us, not somewhere far ahead, where is the implementation of all our desires. But just know this – obviously not enough, we must also be able to apply knowledge in practice.

Than ourselves now and loans. Surely you've read the book by John Kehoe, who tells them about the power of our subconscious. This man has achieved a lot in life because his attention not on what he has, but on the fact that he already there. That is, he does not whine in the morning until evening that he had no money, no good jobs or their businesses, and that he can not afford to travel around the world. He did everything exactly the opposite. When he chopped wood, he always thought or recite to himself how much his firewood. When he Sadilov wheat, he admired how much he has wheat.

And so on. That is, he first learned to be content with what he has at the moment, and then began to strive for other goals. I'm sure every one of you accomplished so much in life and the right to be proud of. Even appear on this light – it is quite a feat.


Sony Ericsson

– The desire to be a worthy and challenging (scrape fifteen hundred, to give back to the neighbor is not worthy and challenging desire) analyzed the same way each of your desire to leave a maximum of three wishes each time range. For example, short-term desires: to buy a new cell phone, update your wardrobe and quit smoking. In this case, the two material desires and one intangible. A maximum of three. Desires can be fully material, or vice versa completely immaterial – it's not important. The main thing that these were the three most important moments of your desire at this time period. By the way will be very useful to speculate what the real motivators are under your desires. For example, desire to have a new cell phone can be made on the root cause of wanting to be respected as a successful person, and maybe the root cause of the desire to make your life easier and more comfortable at the expense of features not found on your old cell phone.

Again, we rewrite a new piece of our desires nine winners. At first, write three short of desire, then medium, then long-term. In fact, desires may be less than nine, but not should be larger. These desires are worthy to turn into goals. And now begin to turn our desires into goals.

The purpose is different from desire, because it precisely defined and has the exact time of his execution. For example, you have short-term desire to have a new cell phone. Let's turn this desire into the goal. As a goal, it would read as follows: Have a new cell phone Sony Ericsson W810i in black by June 2007. The goal should be exactly defined: if this machine, what brand, what model, what color, with some treatments. If this house, where located, how many rooms, some repairs, some planning, etc. It is very important. The goal should be clear, when it will be implemented. Not should be no weak words such as: try to gather and so on. Rewrite your desires-winners in the form of goals. I congratulate you, you now have a list of valid targets. But this is only the beginning. Now we need to start working with this list of goals.


Art Faith

Our desire is also often caused by jealousy, which in a capitalist society is presented as a natural feeling. It must be said in general – not just a desire to buy something, but also a desire to take a stand question, more profitable for you to view (often dictated by purely psychological motives or attachment to komu-to/chemu-to). Able to recognize and control their desire to remain independent, including including internally (from 'Passion' and 'corruption' as antonyms of discipline). Read more here: russell reynolds. Finally, the third skill that determines the degree of personal sovereignty is the ability to believe. All the above is known to some extent, each smart person, but many, unfortunately, forget that little form an objective view of the world, and we need more and save it, not giving further 'point' impact on specific attitudes. And here is more than helps the faith, but faith is not unfounded, based on hunches and intuition unreliable, and not the feeling that it would be appropriate to call the hope and belief rational, sensible, seeing. Such a belief is an indication of Independence from someone else, ie from any external and derived from her inner strength. Accordingly, it is based not on authority or the majority opinion, but on their own mental and sensory experience, to own opinions and observations. In the words of Erich Fromm ('The Art of love', 'Man for Himself'), good faith – is the certainty and stability inherent in our beliefs (not to be confused with the inability to changes), and it is based on the power of thought, that is, the individual's ability to think.



Money Money – a means of subsistence. Money is never enough. Money is property quickly end, rill. And that would be money wisely spent and lack of ZP to ZP, need consideration, as in accounting. It is necessary to have a notebook in which to record the daily expenses. Graphs about such, but there may be others – it depends on your imagination. Income / data / flow / total daily writing down everything that is buying up to a box of matches, for 3 months you'll know how much is your cost of living. Knowing as needed for products that you can plan a big waste.

You are a young family, you need a lot. Got ZP both – a lot of money. I would like both – a stream flowed. Prior to ZP another three weeks – and no money. Start nitpicking with by her husband: "You are not economical, but my mother …

…" You also do not stay in debt, "You earn too little, but my dad …" To avoid this, you need a record of cash and planning. That such a sum, we defer to products – the sum set aside in an envelope with the words "food". Santie botha often says this. Such a sum – for clothes – an envelope with the words "clothes". The third envelope labeled, "the Bank", that is, the amount deferred in the "bank" – is not wasted. Let it be 100 = 200 rubles, but this first joint of your savings. Gradually the envelope with the words "bank" begins to "heat" soul. So you can collect money to buy some necessary things, and maybe a year to collect and leave. Thus your money on control, and when there is no control and no money, because they tend to sand. Very often, buying food, spending money, eating these foods you start feverishly: "Where I've been doing that much money?!" Most of the the family budget is spent on food. Considering monthly expenses, subtracting that amount from the income you'll need to know how much on food. And knowledge – is power. Therefore, you will eventually become a smart, strong and lean. And you can proudly say – "I am a good housewife, I know the expense of money!" To be continued …