It is not uncommon to appear somebody saying that a research such or which arrived the conclusion that psychoanalysis valley in such a way how much placebo. Whenever I hear this I am of certain curious form. I do not know if these cited research exists, but this article to be able to continue, we go to assume that yes. First so that exactly if this using placebo? It will be for some pain of the soul? It will be for some suffering of the citizen? It will be for some badly to be of after-modernity? It will be for belly ache? At last, always it is of it are that therapeutical action if this speaking. These same questions send to one another one? so that it serves psychoanalysis? Now it follows a personal reflection very? for nothing! Or better, psychoanalysis simply does not serve. If to serve for something, is not psychoanalysis. If to bring some profit, is not psychoanalysis. If it cured, then decidedly it is not psychoanalysis.

If it informed some newness to the patient, then it is not psychoanalysis. The psychoanalysis not cure, does not add, does not inform new features, it does not decide, it does not remove, not of. Psychoanalysis is an experience that when it finishes, nothing surplus. Track does not leave. If to be track was not psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis does not decide suffering? if it decided, was not psychoanalysis. This is the great mystery of the psychoanalysis? it can be transmitted, but she cannot be insured, possessed.

It possesss nobody it. Each one speaks from its clinic, but not OF the psychoanalysis. The psychoanalysis simply Is psychoanalysis. Therefore, it cannot be compared with psychology, psychiatry or placebos, for this its only character? it cannot be apprehended? but lived deeply.