However, the stars are formed from cold dust and interstellar gas. Elementary particle: electron, proton, neutrino, the photon is stable for at least 10 degrees in the twentieth years, indicating a reluctance to break up into particles of energy quanta. Stars, these huge fusion reactors, flood the surrounding space of all energy ranges. Are stable for billions of years. The distance between stars can be a spherical surface, around most of them, with an energy level that existed on Earth.

In the presence of planets in these places, really the origin of life. Deviations from the natural process emphasize the artificial impact on everything that happens. The classic example in the frame of reference, when the passenger rides on a train. With respect to a passenger car is at rest, and the switchman saw that the passenger moves speed trains. Argued that the right and the passenger, who believes that he is at rest, the rights and switchman. All depends on the system.

Causes dissatisfaction with the fact that the passenger, and rides, and is at rest at the same time. Come to the reference systems in terms of approximation to the truth. Then it turns out that a human cog, because it takes into account the momentum of the passenger traffic, and in the frame "car" that momentum is simply discarded, although passenger possesses them, even when at rest relative to the car. Conclusion: The closer to the truth is the system of reference, which is global and farther from the truth reference system, which is locally.