Weight Loss

Another great Aristotle more than two centuries ago, said: kill the extreme. He himself professed moderation in all things, and thought it the basis for success in any business. With this approach today, he would have been very successful instructor gym. That moderation weight loss program allows the fastest and most important, irreversible effect. Trying to force weight loss leading to the opposite result – you get even fatter. Paradox? Not at all! This is the fundamental law of evolution. Argue in nature is useless.

It is better to take it as an ally. You know the main law of survival? You can not starve. Otherwise affected cells, and with them the genetic code. Well violation of the genetic 'chain' of times and is the death of the species. So, when you're losing weight swings, you come to grips with the cosmic forces of evolution. They taught millions of years your body to store fat in case of lack of food.

In advance we can say that the battle will not be easy. Your body is trained on a variety of natural surprises. Such a simple measure of how banal reduced calorie diet, it does not smell out. Moreover, the body hint that it has a long 'hunger strike', and he takes a perimeter defense that can not cope with it and American special forces. Believe me, there's no journalistic exaggeration. A couple of hours of hunger, and the body begins to roll out the heavy artillery in position – firmly locked inside all the reactions that go with the flow of fats. More – more. Organism puts out the light. No kidding. In the language of science, this is the mechanism sverhadaptatsii. It's about slowing down all processes within the organism, in other words, about the kind of lethargy, reduced power consumption which aim at a minimum. Agree, it is reasonable. Festive illumination is inconsistent with logic of economics. Moreover, the body prefers to play safe. You reduce the calorie content of their diet by 25%, but the rate of exchange crumble immediately by 35-40%. It is clear that only as reduced growth and fat burning (this is one of many metabolic reactions). At this point Pedal bicycle ergometer at least to blueing, to sense all the same will not happen! That's great! And you had thought: I will have enough and train hard, and that's losing weight. How can that be? Read the blog about diets, figure and nutrition. In the full article "Philosophy of weight loss' you will learn how to lose weight and to always look your best!