Sony Ericsson

– The desire to be a worthy and challenging (scrape fifteen hundred, to give back to the neighbor is not worthy and challenging desire) analyzed the same way each of your desire to leave a maximum of three wishes each time range. For example, short-term desires: to buy a new cell phone, update your wardrobe and quit smoking. In this case, the two material desires and one intangible. A maximum of three. Desires can be fully material, or vice versa completely immaterial – it's not important. The main thing that these were the three most important moments of your desire at this time period. By the way will be very useful to speculate what the real motivators are under your desires. For example, desire to have a new cell phone can be made on the root cause of wanting to be respected as a successful person, and maybe the root cause of the desire to make your life easier and more comfortable at the expense of features not found on your old cell phone.

Again, we rewrite a new piece of our desires nine winners. At first, write three short of desire, then medium, then long-term. In fact, desires may be less than nine, but not should be larger. These desires are worthy to turn into goals. And now begin to turn our desires into goals.

The purpose is different from desire, because it precisely defined and has the exact time of his execution. For example, you have short-term desire to have a new cell phone. Let's turn this desire into the goal. As a goal, it would read as follows: Have a new cell phone Sony Ericsson W810i in black by June 2007. The goal should be exactly defined: if this machine, what brand, what model, what color, with some treatments. If this house, where located, how many rooms, some repairs, some planning, etc. It is very important. The goal should be clear, when it will be implemented. Not should be no weak words such as: try to gather and so on. Rewrite your desires-winners in the form of goals. I congratulate you, you now have a list of valid targets. But this is only the beginning. Now we need to start working with this list of goals.