The Hlderlin

As well as it is capable of making to shine to it, for times, dims to it. It revigorates its autoconfiana, at the same time in that it is capable to absorb its lucidity. These opposites are necessary to keep the person in balance, so that it can reach its objectives of coherent form, with moderation. That one that does not fear to dare to conquer its objectives is taken by an enthusiasm and an intense passion, that its desire signals it how much to be able to be true. Therefore, it does not have to think about giving up, exactly that the too much people consider an adventure. The dream of each one must be understood and be lived by the person, independent of the opinion of the others.

To have the desire to reach its objectives, to believe them, to create strategies for atingiz them is basic to be able to dare. Thus, it will be able to open hand of the mesmice life that is accustomed to live, perceiving that how much bigger will be its belief in what it desires and itself, greater also will be the possibility to become it reality. To make the difference, as much in its personal, professional life, in its relations, are necessary that you dare. It is not only plus one in the way of a multitude, either only you, but knowing that to give credit themselves and if to search what it is considered, could be a control point for many, that they will also search to dare, in order to conquer a better life. ' ' The man is a god when he dreams, but a beggar when reflete' '. The Hlderlin poet was very happy in this rank, therefore the human being instigates to reflect on its position front to the life, being invited to leave it the beggar condition, being shown to it that the base for any change is the reflection, is to think.