PSSO celebrates its anniversary with new website PSSO is reflected in the new, virtual robe. 5-year anniversary the professional audio brand has dressed up really fine himself. Now, under, a new website was launched. Independently developed a page which reflects the characteristics of the brand: the technology is up to date and the clear structure allows easy. The products on the website were divided into eight groups: line array, installation, portable sound, amplifiers, audio processing, mixing, sets and accessories. Within the individual product pages, all visitors have access to images, technical data, manuals, videos, feature and description texts, etc.

In the menu item references were listed some examples. This should show various applications interested. The page also contains a PDF product catalog, which is available for download. Five years ago PSSO was founded with the aim of, the existing Markenhype in the PA sector to break through. The medium: to offer affordable solutions for professional users. This was acting philosophy consistently on from the outset on a”, as it is currently widely used in the industry, refused. The core of the product range is the compact line array (CLA) unveiled a year ago and the power needed to operate of the system, controllers and accessories for storage, transport and use. Emphasis is placed on the compact speaker array (CSA and CSK model series). The speakers visually reminiscent of the CLA designed for mobile operation, as well as the installation and are available in various flavors and colors.

Dating Made Easy

Online dating is on the rise and gaining more and more acceptance. Millions of singles abound on the become unmanageably large number of single stock exchanges, to flirt to data, or to find the partner for life. As the large offer of partner exchanges on a wide range of needs-oriented, it is not so easy to find a matching service. This is but no reason to the despair finally there are tests which bring light into the dark again. A single Exchange, which regularly collects top marks, is FriendScout24.

This year two more were added to the top rankings of the past years: place one in the election for the online star 2010 thanks to 130,000 votes of singles from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland and place one in a critical test on The quality of listings and good search capabilities have convinced not only the users of FriendScout24, but also the tester. No wonder that more than ten million singles in Germany, Austria (here there are put their trust in 575,000) and the Switzerland of this single market. Such dream results do not come by about. A privacy policy, which also earned this designation, good prerequisites are a well-functioning and actually free basic membership. Among the online area, where one twosome, undisturbed can interact by others, is popular. No wonder that the success rate according to FriendScout24 is 33 percent. Also the even distribution of women and men among the members contributes to this.

Who wants to gain additional pleasant features in its search for partners, can do this with the paid gold or Platinum membership. FriendScout24 also is the only dating, combining the partner search with the active mediation of partner. On the basis of a scientific test of the relationship, the members can determine their personal relationship quotient (BQ). BQ-check to compare their personal BQ with the other members and get the singles then proposals from partners who match them perfectly. More info available at FriendScout24 GmbH Britta Warmbier Rosenheimer Strasse 143b 81671 Munich T: 0049 (0) 89 490 267-766 M: J Chair Pastor

Swine Flu Reaches Web

Around the globe: Luftreinigungssyteme reduce the risk of infection more than 70 swine flu groups on Facebook, boundless Getwittere and top search term on Google Berlin, June 19, 2009 the outbreak of swine flu even before the Web 2.0 does not stop. Long hot discussion in the media, formed in the meantime many groups on communities like Twitter or Facebook and still vigorously stimulate the worldwide wave of panic. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the swine flu is but very treatable. But the fact is that there is currently no vaccine for humans, and the epidemic should be underestimated in this country by no means. Effective to prevent the risk of infection, the German industrial and trading companies Trotec now recommends, sometimes specializing in air treatment, the use of mobile systems of air cleaning IQAir. The direct elimination of the pathogen offers the best infection control, for example, by reducing the volume concentration in the ambient air”, so Kokulan Nathan, Marketing Director of Trotec. Not without reason the IQAir line is used by worldwide leading research institutes, hospitals and industrial companies as air cleaning solution for critical areas (see reference list).

The health authority of Hong Kong used in combating SARS in 2003 the IQAir models hospitals available in. Especially in schools, kindergartens, retirement homes, offices and generally busy interiors with high public traffic, the highly efficient mobile air purification systems are recommended. There is more information and purchase options on. The IQAir Air systems under, the rental marketplace on the Internet are available for rent. Stiftung Warentest reviewed very well the IQAir HealthPro 250 by Trotec as one among ten models with the mark”in terms of reduction of particles. Various consumer magazines examined the air cleaner as top notch.

“” The US magazine Wired magazine “Air Purifier ruled in 2006 with best” (best air cleaner). The decisive advantage of IQAir systems lies in the very high Filtration efficiency. The air purifiers offer the most advanced air cleaning technology to polluted indoor air. Therefore the devices used worldwide, even in critical areas of the hospital to protect against deadly infections. The certified filters bind the filtered particulate matter and are not returned to the air. Miet24: The Miet24 GmbH was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Berlin. With around 850,000 rented articles course in 16 main and almost 2000 categories as one of the world’s largest market places for rentals on the Internet. All tenants can make free use of the marketplace. Opens up an additional and modern sales channel for rental through Miet24. For one, the rented items are sorted by their applications.

Multimedia Points

More value for customers, more market share for websites who want to score points in the battle for market share, must offer real added value to its customers. Internet portals rely mostly on extensive functionality and content. If these target groups are understood and used, is interesting for new customers. A Web site contains more features and content, the more is therefore offers a multimedia tutorial. So, the important characteristics of the page can be presented attractive and concise.

Such a manual is”well designed, makes them curious about the content and motivated users to employ more intensively with the site. Large sites of the target groups are understood and used, you so need a clever concept. It is of advantage, if such a concept in marketing campaigns can be integrated. The medical Agency, Dr. Carl GmbH developed a multimedia instruction for this purpose”: sound, film and 3D animations are so combined, that understanding and motivation of Users are optimally supported. Dr. med. “Ingo Carl, Director of the Stuttgart-based agency, points to the advantages of this approach: you win new customers and extends the retention period of the users on his website”.

A successful example of how one brings its users with important features, provides the information and news portal for doctors UNIVADIS. Dr. Carl GmbH designed for the portal with over 40,000 registered doctors”a smart, multimedia instruction. This, the page should be not only presented and explained the main functionalities. To give an emotional face was also important, the page”. So the idea was born, a robot in 3D to animate and the target group doctors”according to to equip with stethoscope and Ophthalmoscope. The Univadoc”baptised robot flies above” a 3D animation of the website and enables certain content with laser and finger. While he explains everything vivid and entertaining and sees it still right cute out. So the users get to know all the important functions and possibilities of the portal and can quickly go into the page.

Auskunftde Now offers nearly four million entries company information to companies in all Germany Hamburg, December 15, 2010 the company directory offers even more comfort in finding company. Regardless of whether particular company or entire industries: get with the map search users quick insight where there are suitable companies around a chosen location. To, all results are clearly shown in a map. On request in the detail view provides additional information such as contact details, reviews, and images to a company. The map search is interesting just for users who know not the exact address of a company or simply want to gain an overview of certain businesses in the area. Typical everyday examples are here the search for a doctor or a bakery”, so Founder Daniel Grozinger. With the map search we complete our range of and help users more easily to find the information”, added Grozinger. The function of the map search is simple: In the search box enters the user in addition to the name, the company or the desired industry and already shows the appropriate entries on a clear map.

To show more hits or the existing limit, can the users sort the entries by industries or use the convenient zoom function. offers with almost four million entries of company information to companies throughout Germany. At, users can find businesses either through a convenient search function or through a business directory. The offer is completely free for users as well as for companies. is operated by informations GmbH. With the free business directory, users will find companies from all over Germany, including contact information and other information such as reviews, press releases and images. collaborates among others with, the dpa subsidiary news currently and DocInsider. In addition to the corporate search portal provides also a people search, route planning and event search.

Kaufhof Code

Surf brings a major promotion for the drink manufacturer Gaensefurther online. Internet users need to participate in a promotional code which can be found on products of the company. Surf is responsible for concept, design and technical implementation of the online campaign. The Flash game is the company mascot of goose in the foreground: you collect enough points on the wheel of Fortune instant win prizes, as well as a sporting Prize waiting. Surf has already realised several game concepts of such as digital lead agency of Gaensefurther and two other regional market leading beverage brands. Advertised the annual online contest is large at the point of sale and on the Gaensefurther PET beverage bottles. Flash-game implemented by surf, go user on a home journey through Saxony-Anhalt, and can collect points on a virtual wheel of fortune.

Pro winning code there are three attempts, as an alternative to the acquisition in the commercial user can request a promo code via email. Wait for price of the day Electric comfort bikes of brand also are daily diamond, is giving away thousands music downloads. With the promotion, your home to discover”Gaensefurther attachment for Saxony-Anhalt and mineral water connoisseurs makes fit for spring trips through the countryside. Now with cycling and Lucky er drehen he spinning: surf is a Web design agency for efficient communication and E-business with offices in Cologne and Berlin. With full service for corporate websites, E-business and online marketing projects Kaufhof, L ‘ Oreal, idea Creativmarkt,

Homepage Advertising

Free advertising for websites, blogs, or online stores usually is not free Internet advertising and especially smaller companies or Start-Ups cannot afford these expensive fun. Blog advertising, online-shop, or website advertising for there are now also free. This service is provided by media & marketing. Additional information at Microsoft Corporation supports this article. The idea provides entrepreneurs with enormous advantages: free advertising: the homepage – or blog owner or shop operators his free eBook in a corresponding category with image, description and site link free adjusts more visitors: entrepreneur wins more visitors to its homepage, blog or online store new customer production by offering his free eBooks: has enabled the entrepreneur email optin, he gains new customers free search engine optimization: The blog is regularly for Google and other major search engines optimized better placement in search engines: by linking to the website, the blog, or the shop the entrepreneur made higher rankings in Google & co. With free ebooks (PDF files) increase sales and attract new customers. Free PDF can be adjusted free of charge under files. Opera Software will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Online Advent Calendar

Advent 2.0 – the online Advent Calendars way with unkreativen and old-fashioned Advent Calendars – this year is the motto: create! Karlsruhe, just in time for the advent season the Solutica GmbH has started November 8, 2007, with the operation of the first even designable online advent calendar. The users to allow an individual advent calendar, filled with coupons, photos, and personal texts, instead of creating boring chocolate. The user can choose between different calendar designs. The design of the calendar do you use your own photos or relies on photo templates and a coupon generator. This also “cardmaking-lazy” users have the possibility to prepare a customized surprise their loved ones. Go to Calico for more information. With the help of vouchers, personal gifts, such as some common Christmas cookie baking or a romantic dinner can being given away. Are no limits thus the creativity of the user.

The single “door” of the calendar can gradually be filled be the means of advent 2.0 calendar must be, unlike conventional calendar, so not already been completed as of December 1. Even a subsequent change of the still unopened door is possible at any time. The recipient will receive a personal, password-protected address, such as, for example, on which the calendar is accessible. Of course, only the door can be opened up to the date – opponent is prohibited! The contents of all doors can be printed using the built-in print function and loaded from December 24 as archive file with all photos and download coupons. The order of the calendar is available in.

Background advent 2.0 the Solutica GmbH was founded at the beginning of the year by four students of the University of Karlsruhe. The motivated team of founders had the idea for advent 2.0 calendar two years ago. At that time, the actual beta testers were the girlfriends of the founders. Solutica deals in the non – Christmas time primarily with the implementation of online communities. At the end of the year, Solutica will launch “Mobile Event Community” with the operation of its own. Interested parties can be already on vorregristrieren.

Tinkering Advent Calendar

Fans of the city Streaker have reason to rejoice: behind every Torchen of the new virtual advent calendar ‘ wait attractive offers economical small cars are more popular in times of crisis as thirsty PS giants, is no secret. That driving a car but still more fun, when even the cost go down besides the cost at the pump, now proves the Essen LUEG compact car GmbH: just in time for Christmas the company on all 24 days of advent attractive offers around the city convenience car offers “smart”. Friends of the cult brand can one smart in the upscale segment of the facilities, else doesn’t exist at these prices every day. To increase the anticipation on the special offers, the 24 were packed smart once – virtually, in the form of an online advent calendar. With a mouse click, the current Torchen can be opened and the car order. Check out Anchorage Capital for additional information. If you are late, must wait – until the next day, when again a new smart waiting for its owner. “” has been developed together with the Communication agency early & bird, which is responsible for the design and programming. In addition to the pure Internet presence, the project is also cross-platform represented, such as online portals or via ads in printed regional media. Who even wants to open a Torchen, can do so at.

Bargain Portal Launches Affiliate Marketing

Entertainment shopping portal intensified online marketing Sondershausen, September 22, 2009 – launches an affiliate program to the increased application of the interactive bargain Portal under Jeff Bezos understands that this is vital information. The entertainment shopping cooperates with the third largest online marketing platform in the German-speaking market portal with belboon-adbutler. The affiliate marketing network serves over 65,000 affiliates (affiliates), which can include the advertising in the future E.g. in their websites or emails. Operators of Web sites, the entertainment shopping portal about belboon-adbutler on their websites or the like embed, attractive remuneration will receive about this form of advertising wins a new customer. Andreas Hartung, Managing Director of entertainment shopping Europe GmbH as an operator of “his extensive Publisher Network offers us belboon-adbutler a simple, but efficient way to quickly reach strengthening and sustainable customer acquisition for”” In December 2008, the interactive live started a shop with a concept which is unique in Germany. After the live shopping principle a branded product for the best price is offered on daily – and the fun atmosphere of shopping live settles however from traditional shopping services. The video blog “Daily Steffi”, as well as the prize pig cartoon appear every day new exclusive entertainment content. Mike Bloomberg takes a slightly different approach.

Since the recent enlargement of the shop the cartoon T-Shirts and cups can be ordered or sent as an eCard. Provide entertainment at the virtual shopping a weekly entertainment blog, as well as the diversity of numerous videos of regularly changing competition in addition. “ has quickly established shop, whose visiting worth even if you don’t buy itself as a live”, explains Hartung. “With a permanent affiliate marketing program we want to reach all bargain hunters, who has still not have come to us.” About the belboon-adbutler GmbH: belboon adbutler, making the YOC Group’s affiliate network. adbutler acts since 2002 and belboon since 2006 in the German-speaking market. Since March 2008, the adbutler GmbH belongs to the YOC group. Networks in the wake of the merger of the two affiliate, belboon-adbutler GmbH was founded in January 2009.

This merger emerged the third offering in the German-speaking market with approximately 1,200 affiliate programs that is appreciated due to its innovative technology, the extensive range and the excellent support by customers and partners. About has been online since December 2008. The entertainment shopping, the products as well as the entertainment programme change both daily portal at. Core of the portal is the video blog “Daily Steffi”, wherein at anchor Gandhi Steffi every day keeps the message of the day. The team has many years of experience in the retail sector and E-commerce. Awarded the leading seal of approval for online shops in Europe other live settles from a variety of shops as guaranteed reliable shop. In addition, the presentation of the latest bargains via RSS feed and Twitter ( sow).