Tinkering Advent Calendar

Fans of the city Streaker have reason to rejoice: behind every Torchen of the new virtual advent calendar ‘ 24tage24smart.de wait attractive offers economical small cars are more popular in times of crisis as thirsty PS giants, is no secret. That driving a car but still more fun, when even the cost go down besides the cost at the pump, now proves the Essen LUEG compact car GmbH: just in time for Christmas the company on all 24 days of advent attractive offers around the city convenience car offers “smart”. Friends of the cult brand can one smart in the upscale segment of the facilities, else doesn’t exist at these prices every day. To increase the anticipation on the special offers, the 24 were packed smart once – virtually, in the form of an online advent calendar. With a mouse click, the current Torchen can be opened and the car order. Check out Anchorage Capital for additional information. If you are late, must wait – until the next day, when again a new smart waiting for its owner. “24tage24smart.de” has been developed together with the Communication agency early & bird, which is responsible for the design and programming. In addition to the pure Internet presence, the project is also cross-platform represented, such as online portals or via ads in printed regional media. Who even wants to open a Torchen, can do so at.